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62.5% Digital World, Animated Adventures / Chapter 5: Chapter 4: New Friendships.

Chapter 4: New Friendships. - Digital World, Animated Adventures - Chapter 5 by Yuma_Skumo full book limited free

Chapter 5: Chapter 4: New Friendships.

*A week later…*

The institute organized the first day of return as a day of rest, in this way the new students could adapt and get to know the place more and at the same time get to know each other.

Dalina was in the cafeteria with casniel, they were both planning who to meet first.

Dalina: What about the quintuplets? -Dalina looked at Casniel- they are curious, moreover adding the fact that they always wear that cap.

Casniel: Just because of that? -Caniel looked at her doubtfully -or because they look muscular.

Dalina: They would say that you are jealous-dalina let out a laugh at Casniel's face-just joking silly.

The two continued talking for a bit until they were interrupted by someone.

?: Excuse me for interrupting… -He was one of the new guys, his hair was dark blond, almost brown -Could you tell me where the invention club is located?

Casniel: Go up the stairs to the second floor, turn right and count three doors-casniel pointed his pencil at the stairs near them-there you will see the club.

?: Thank you… -the boy seemed to remember everything- I'm sorry to bother you.

Casniel: Not at all-casniel smiled-by the way, my name is casniel-casniel pointed to dalina-and she is dalina.

Dalina: It's a pleasure-dalina showed the boy a smile.

¿?: Nice to meet you ... I'm hayrer-the boy smiled-it's pronounced hayrer but it's written hyrer, just in case.

Dalina: Well, thanks for clarifying it. Hayrer-dalina giggled.

Hayrer: It's a pleasure ... -hayrer smiled-if you'll excuse me, I must go see that club. See you later.

Hayrer walked away from the table leaving Dalina and Casniel alone again.

Casniel: Well… all this-Casniel scratched the back of his neck-I never finished introducing you to my friends. Surely several will want to meet you.

Dalina: Oh really ... -dalina let out a laugh-it's true that we missed that, let's go then.

They both got up from the table and picking up their backpacks, Casniel led Dalina down a path.

......…. ......…. ......….

Casniel introduced dalina to the rest of his friends. Kenxy, the fanatic of fashion and military exercises; Vlalith the fan of parties, reading and fashion and of course his sister Belimir, the lover of poetry, reading and parties; Ethel, the fanatic of art and medicine; Avan, the lover of fencing and nature; Elarah, the martial arts and reading enthusiast.

Casniel toured the clubs with dalina introducing her to more people, one of whom was Buhin, the lover of martial arts and magic.

Casniel wanted to introduce him to other people but they weren't at the institute this time, so they both went back up to the roof.

On the way they passed the stairs and Dalina looked at a sign that caught her attention.

Dalina: The cooking club ... -dalina looked at casniel-don't you have a friend there?.

Casniel: Right ... -casniel rested his hand on Dalina's shoulder, leading her to the club.

When they entered the air it had a sweet aroma, it was like a mix between chocolate and vanilla.

Dalina: What a delight… -dalina was concentrating on the smell.

Casniel: Without a doubt ako was enthusiastic ... -casniel giggled at the gaze of dalina-ako is the head of this club, you could say that cooking is his greatest passion.

At that they heard a hiss coming from somewhere in the kitchen, when they found the source a boy was taking a tray out of the oven.

Casniel: Ako friend! -Casniel approached the boy -How are you?.

Ako: Casniel! ...- Ako left the tray on a rack to cool down-it's a pleasure to see you, but you're accompanied! -Ako looked at dalina-it's nice to meet you, I'm ako.

Dalina: It's a pleasure ... -dalina smiled-without a doubt you defend your talent.

Ako: Oh thank you-ako smiled-would you like to try some? I have several cold ones.

Casniel: I can't tell you that non-casniel let out a laugh.

Dalina: And I'm dying to try some! -Dalina kept a smile.

......…. ....... .........

To say that ako's food was good was an understatement, everything was worthy of a banquet of kings or even gods.

Dalina walked calmly, twenty chocolate vanilla cookies are not easy, apart from the fact that ako offered different variants.

Ako: I'm looking for the best combination-ako said with a smile-that's why it's good to combine.

Dalina: He will kill everyone in the institute for having a sweet tooth ... -dalina covered her mouth to avoid making a rude noise-sorry.

Casniel: Don't worry, his father was the same according to what I heard-Casniel was helping Dalina down the stairs, the last of the moment would be going up-for that reason he was able to approach his father.

Dalina: Was he shy? ...- Dalina allowed herself to be guided.

Casniel: Just like Buhin's dad… -casniel let out a sigh- in fact, they went to the same club when they were studying I think.

Dalina: Oh I see ... -dalina smiled-I'm glad they became happy.

Casniel: I think the same with my parents… -casniel had a saddened look.

Dalina: What's wrong? -Dalina gave him a worried look.

Casniel: Eh? ... it's nothing ... -casniel shook his head-just ... I was thinking about the stories of my grandparents, from my dad.

Dalina: If you don't want to talk, that's fine-dalina take Casniel's hand and intertwine it with hers-you don't have to tell something that is painful for you ... unless you think it's time, then I'll listen to you.

Casniel smiled at her and squeezed her hand, they both continued walking through the halls to see if they found any new students.

.......... ...… .. ......….

* While… In a mansion in the Greater City *

¿?: And if they are not accepted by others? ...- a lilac haired man with cream colored horns almost light red walked from one side to the other.

Three other horned men watched him while one without horns had a tic in his eye.

¿?: Enough! -The black hair stopped the turns of the lilac film-sky, they will be fine ... but they better not find out that they have given them some tactic to defend themselves using force-this time the man looked at the another three-because then… I'll sleep in my old room.

The four horned individuals gulped, they knew that her husband was very capable of carrying out their threats as they learned it the hard way.

¿?: Come on darling ... you know we don't incite violence-a light blue haired man kept a nervous smile-also, they are more like you in character.

¿?: That's true ... -the black hair moved away from them -but still, I don't want my children to make enemies for some nonsense. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

?: They won't… -a purple haired chuckled-using your head is part of being one of us.

¿?: They had better ... -the black hair left a chaste kiss on the lips of each one-I would hate to have to punish them for that.

Have you ever heard the expression ''Prevent than regret '', thank goodness that these four men listened and said nothing. They only reminded them that they should hide their horns from others.

.......... ......… .. .........

* In an apartment in the Old City ... *

?: Why should he go? -A man with black horned hair looked at his brown husband-my father can give him better studies.

¿?: Your father can't give him friends-the chestnut raised a hand-and before you say something, his lackeys or his children don't count.

¿?: Come on love… he can't go there -the horned man sighed- our son doesn't know that city.

¿?: That's why I got him a guide ... -the brunette covered his ears, preventing what would happen.

¿?: What you what!? ...- The horned man began to walk around the apartment.

¿?: It is not up for discussion ... -the chestnut finished putting notebooks in a bag-benry! Come down son !.

A young man with dark brown hair wearing glasses came down the stairs.

Benry: Here I am dad… -the boy took the backpack that his dad gave him.

Dad: Your guide will be here in a few minutes ... -his dad looked at the kitchen-do you remember what I told you?.

Benry: Yes! -Benry numbered with his fingers-number one, not to alter my emotions so as not to give away my powers. Number two, not using my powers to do homework. Number three, keep my horns hidden with my hair.

Dad: And number four ... -his dad arranged his hair-have fun and enjoy.

Benry: Yes dad ... -benry looked to the sides-what about my father ?.

Dad: He ... still doesn't agree very much-his dad sighed-but don't worry.

The sound of the doorbell interrupted the small talk, the brown man went to open finding six people.

¿?: Benry cousin! -A yellow haired boy with purple tips greeted Benry.

Benry: Cousin Kung! -Benry gave him a hug -What is everyone doing here?.

Kung: We are your guides-kung smiled-we will also go to the institute.

Benry: Really? ... That's great! -Benry smiled and looked at his dad -How did you do it?.

Dad: A magician never reveals his tricks ... -his dad left him a kiss on the forehead-now they must go, they are already very late.

Benry and the others left the apartment for Central City.

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Mientras el hombre de cabello castaño pensaba en cómo controlar a su esposo, una idea se formó en su mente y con una sonrisa caminó hacia las escaleras.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">¿?: Bueno ... ahora que Benry no está en casa -el hombre subió los primeros cuatro escalones- me voy a probar la ropa que compré el otro día.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Mientras subía dos escalones más sintió que los brazos lo rodeaban, el pelinegro lo cargó al estilo nupcial terminando las escaleras.</font></font>

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">¿?: Decir que tendríamos tiempo para nosotros habría sido suficiente cariño ... -los ojos del pelinegro se tornaron de un color brillante.</font></font>

...... .. ....... ......… ..

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Esta historia continuará ...</font></font>

Yuma_Skumo Yuma_Skumo

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