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54.16% Dimensional Restaurant in Marvel (NOT DROPPED ON PAUSE) / Chapter 11: 11:Special Effects of dumpling

11:Special Effects of dumpling - Dimensional Restaurant in Marvel (NOT DROPPED ON PAUSE) - Chapter 11 by GenesissElbey full book limited free

Chapter 11: 11:Special Effects of dumpling

I don't really know if im able to do more today but here you go


The change became more and more intense. In the blink of an eye, Thor's whole body bulged. His physique was larger than before, and a layer of thunder as thin as a veil wrapped around his body.

"Thor!" "Brother!"

Thor's sudden transformation shocked, Odin, Frey, and Loki causing Loki to throw away the spoon in the process.

"Don't worry, he's fine."

At this moment, Mu Qiu slowly walked in with a few more dishes and explained what was going on, "It's just the special effect of the dumplings."

Odin was relieved when he heard Mu Qiu's explanation and told Frigga and Loki to sit down.

At first, the transformation seemed to be chaotic a cause for concern.. Now, if you look closely, Thor wrapped in lightning doesn't show the slightest pain. It's as if he couldn't feel it at all

"Manager, what are the special effects of the dumplings?"

"Sweet food is a cause for a good mood. You would feel happy after eating dumplings." Mu Qiu placed the dishes on the table one by one, answering Odin's doubts. "The dumplings will inject vitality and strengthen into your body, the reason why Thor is like that is that the forced injection of vitality increased his physical capacity, basically making him able to exude more strength than before"

"Your right". Scanning Thor's whole body with divine power, no problem was found, and after listening to Mu Qiu's explanation, Odin nodded in agreement

Thor was indeed having no problem, in his perception using his divine power, he could tell that Thor was indeed getting stronger.

This was probably the accumulation of potential in his body, it seems as if the dumplings made by the store owner forcefully unearthed that talent

After all, Asgardians live a long life that means they have a huge growth potential, and over the years that potential if not tapped into would just accumulate.

Looking at Friega who was still a little worried, Odin took her hand and signaled to her that nothing was going to go wrong.

As for Loki, seeing that his father looked relaxed, he no longer worried, he picked up the spoon thrown into the bowl earlier and starts eating again. He also wanted to try to get stronger.

The Ancient One, who observed the whole process, was also very intrigued by the effect of the dumplings. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The sorceress faced the pressure of utilizing taboo knowledge and the temptation of the demons and devils in different dimensions every day. This might just help her out and solve her problems.

The rice dumplings can make people feel happy and soothe the spirit. This is a first-class aid to the sorceress, which can greatly reduce the possibility that she would fall into temptation.

The dumplings also strengthen their physique. Martial arts courses are practiced every day. A strong physique is just as important to the mages as a strong spirit.

'So ... let's have a try as well.

"Mr. Muqiu, give us each one dumpling please."

"... Okay." It took half a minute for Mu Qiu to respond to the Ancient One's order. Seeing the situation he probably won't be able to leave the kitchen today.

After finally making the meal for the sorcerers, Odin's family came, he then made the dumplings for Odin's family, and then the sorcerers ordered again.

Wu Muqiu made a slow gesture to the sorcerers, retreated into the kitchen, and began to rub dozens of dumplings.

To be honest, today's situation increased the need for a waiter, Tony needed to hurry up with the robot.

But waiters who fit the requirements are hard to find!

Dingling—— somebody else arrived, as Mu Qiu was thinking about Tony, Tony wearing a custom suit pushed the door and walked in.

"Huh, there are a lot of people today!" Looking at the lively scene in the restaurant, Tony raised his eyebrows, slightly surprised.

He hadn't seen anyone else in the restaurant the few times he was there. He thought that only a few knew about this place!

Alas, who are these people's actors?

Tony looked at the dozens of people in yellow robes, and then looked at the other four in robes and armor, a little confused.

Ignoring the yellow-robed people their clothes were very ordinary, but the clothes of the four are different. They weren't ordinary at all, meaning they shouldn't be ordinary people.

Alas, are ordinary people or not, It's not my business. Uncle Tony is here to eat, not to do business.

Tony, who was still in thought, apparently forgot that he still belongs to the ordinary people.

"Mr. Mu, a steak set, and a glass of whiskey with ice ..." Tony sat in the position he was in last time and looked at Mu Qiu's rice dumplings while ordering.

Considering his appetite, Tony didn't dare order too much.

I can't finish eating too much, It's just torture to smell the scent at all.

"Wait." Mu Qiu with an indifferent face.

"Don't come here go research robots at home, Didn't I give you the GT robot, why would you come here and not research it first?"

"..." Tony shrugged his shoulders not caring at all, he took the kettle on the table and poured himself a glass of water.

"Is your business, done or is it still running ?" It's boring to keep making dumplings. Mu Qiu needed a topic to pass the time.

" don't speak on business today, besides I'm here to eat." Tony didn't really want to speak on business as he never really cared for it"Eating out every day, regardless of the company's affairs, that's what's needed, maybe I should even start fishing"

"Fishing! You have patience." Mu Qiu narrowed his eyes and squinted at him.

I thought it was going to be a sharp knife, but the iron pestle became a needle.

The patience of the scientists seems to be good. Tony must really be grinding to the end.

"..." Tony rolled his eyes silently.

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