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65.51% Distarter of Astral / Chapter 19: First Friend Here

First Friend Here - Distarter of Astral - Chapter 19 by Bolcurut full book limited free

Chapter 19: First Friend Here

We walked towards Wlynina Military School together. Fujita Tobi also explained some to me about the school system, without me asking. He said that the school only consisted of 2 classes, 1 and 2.

Class 1 is Rookie, while Class 2 is Elite. What distinguishes it from Class 2 is the tie it wears. Class 1 wears a white tie, while Class 2 wears a blue tie.

This school has an age limit of 15-16 years. If you successfully pass the exam and your abilities have been measured, you will be promoted to Class 2, provided that you have reached the age of 17.

I and he are rookies who just want to enter that school to learn to fight and learn many things. Meanwhile, Shiva and Karin are Elites who have passed the test and their abilities have been measured. So, Fujita and I are in a different class with them.

And again, after I made it to Class 2, which is Elite, I will be put into the AAT (Astral Attacking Team) Squad, which has 2 divisions, namely Division 1 and Division 2, which consists of 15 teams in each division. And Division 1 and Division 2 have 1 person as a commander to lead the division.

I didn't know that the system turned out to be so complicated, and I didn't know what division Karin and Shiva belonged to, but I did know that Karin was Shiva's captain. All I know is that I entered this school by force.

So, what Fujita told me, without me needing to ask him, I just knew that the rest didn't. In fact, I also don't know how many students will join the school.

I've seen a lot of people wearing the same uniform as me on this street. By seeing them on this street I passed, I had a feeling that Fujita and I weren't the only ones joining the school.

"It seems, the number of students who joined the school this year is very large. Can I get a girlfriend?"

Hearing his voice, who was beside me, I turned to him and saw he was watching the girl who was wearing the same uniform as me with a serious look.

"Hey, don't you look at women like that, it's not good. What if you get hit later and called a pervert?"


He just laughed with that stupid face. He really hopes to get a girlfriend there, full of a million hopes. But judging from his face, I'm sure there will be one woman who wants to be with him. However, his face is neither ugly nor handsome, so maybe he will get a girlfriend there later. My prayers as his friend are the best.

"Yare, yare..." I smiled and started walking.


You could say I was lucky. How could I not, I can find friends without looking for them, because he was the one who came to me. Even though he is stupid and a victim of bullying, I will still be his friend because he is my first friend here.

A bond of friendship means a lot to me. If I was without them, I would be lonely lamenting this life full of wounds. Behind this figure of me, I have a wound so deep, that I need entertainment from a friend. I'm grateful to have met him, and he comforts me every time I walk to school with him.

It doesn't matter if my friends are smart or stupid, I will still be friends with anyone and maintain good relations, even for Shiva and Karin who has enslaved me though.

While walking, Fujita opened a chat.

"Yeah, I can't wait to learn and fight Astral to show off my skills to the ladies."

"You keep thinking about women."

"Of course, I really like women in this world. Without them, I wouldn't be able to live in this world."

"No, shouldn't it be that without oxygen you can't live? Why be a woman?"

"Even without oxygen, as long as there are women, I will still be able to live."

"Are you stupid?"

"Yeah, I'm really stupid to be close to women. I have approached many people, but they turned away from me just because they felt sorry for me."

His words made me feel sorry for him. He was very honest with himself to me, even telling me how difficult it was for him to survive when he was a victim of bullying. I thought he shouldn't have told me about this, because it must have been really painful.

"What can you do then? You should wait for a woman to come to you, not you to come to her. If you are like that, you will find a woman who really loves you for who you are."

"Really?" He suddenly approached his face towards me.

"Um... maybe." I pushed his face slowly. "Keep your face away from me!"

Seeing that many people were looking at me because he was suddenly like that, I was a little embarrassed to stare at them. So, I decided to walk quickly and leave him.

"Wait!" He followed me until he was beside me. "Do you already have a girlfriend?"

I nodded slowly. "Do not have."

He suddenly put on a straight face, which meant he was making fun of me.

"Heh... what a pity, you don't have a girlfriend, Akio-san."

Seeing her like that, I patted her head once.

"I should be the one who said that." I walked and he stopped holding his hand and looked up.

When I turned to him, I saw him say, "I'm sure, I will definitely get a girlfriend and become strong. Mother, I will be strong. I will definitely make you proud."

Those words from him nodded slightly because he said "mother". Did he no longer have a mother because he was killed by an Astral Being like me?


He turned to me after I called him.


"You still have a mother?"

"Of course."

"Oh, I see." I walked and he followed until he was beside me.

"So what?"


I thought he had the same fate as me, his parents were killed by Astral Beings, but he didn't. It's good that he still has a mother because if he doesn't, his suffering will be greater than mine, already being a victim of bullying and even losing his parents as well because of being killed by that Astral Being. If that's the case, I'll feel more sorry for him than myself.

"Tell me, what did you want to say just now?"

"It's nothing."

"Ah..." He grumbled.

"Why are you even grumbling, huh?! I told you, it's nothing."

"Tell me what you wanted to say earlier. I'll treat you later."

"OK." I agreed quickly without a second thought. "In fact-"


Hearing the sound of the bell so loud that I could hear it, I stopped what I was saying.

"What sound is that?"

"Damn, we're late it seems." He suddenly ran away from me.

"Oh, wait! What's really going on?"

He stopped and turned to me. "That voice… the sound of the entrance bell coming from that school. We must not be late so as not to be punished. I heard that if you are even 1 second late, you will be severely punished. At school it has penalties, I found out from the internet. So, we have to hurry." He turned and ran again, I followed behind him.

Obviously, the sound of the bell was so loud, even though the distance between me and the school is still not close. I've confirmed my distance from the school on the map on the cellphone that Karin gave me, and it's still 100 meters away from me. So, what was heard in my ears, I thought, was a bell that had a loud sound that reached the surroundings of the school.

"Actually, what school has a bell to ring out here? Does that mean it's time to start working or studying?"

When I had run up to 25 meters, I saw the school.

"Wow, that's huge."

I was surprised by what I saw from the school. The shape is so big that it has 3 buildings, each of which has 3 floors, which surrounds the front yard of the school which is so big and wide. And in the schoolyard, there was already a sea of ​​people standing there in the same uniform as me. Possibly, the people who were there reached 500's of people. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Oi, hurry up!"

Hearing Fujita's voice, which turned out to be he had reached the school fence and while holding the guard's hand from closing the gate, I immediately ran quickly.


"Hey, get your hands off mine!" said the guard to Fujita.

"Do not want! Don't close this fence, my friend is still out there."

Seeing Fujita who kept preventing the guard from closing the fence, I felt that he really cared about me. He is the perfect friend for me. I'm glad I got to meet him at the bakery.

"Fujita... you are..." I said as I continued to run and saw Fujita.

After successfully crossing the fence, I jumped and Fujita also jumped for joy because I managed to get past this obstacle.

"AH… I made it."

"Hurray, we're not late."

However, this joy was only momentary, because in front of us there was already a man in a suit and also a very scary face welcoming our arrival.

"You two are late. I will punish you."

"But… but the fence hasn't been closed yet, has it?" Fujita said, avoiding being punished.

"It does not affect. Look, what time is it? You're already 1 minute late, so you'll get the punishment you deserve."

Ah, my efforts turned out to be in vain, I even got my first friend involved in this matter.

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