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Investigation - Distarter of Astral - Chapter 8 by Bolcurut full book limited free

Chapter 8: Investigation

A few hours earlier, in the village Takjaya, the Forensic Team, escorted by two teams from the AAT Squad, was carrying out an Operations Investigation of Crime Scenes in the village.

It had been a week since that incident had passed, but they had yet to find any clue as to the cause of the Astral Beings appearing in the village. And now was the last day of their investigation in hopes of finding a clue there.

"There's nothing here."

"It's the same here too."

"There's something here."

Hearing the man's words, several people immediately approached him.

"You found something?"


"What is that?"

He turned to them, then showed him something he was holding and said, "Snake."


Frightened by it, some women immediately ran away in fear, and some men immediately pushed the man into the fields.

"Feel it!"

He tried to stand but the python snake wrapped around him.

"Help me!"

"That's why you played with snakes."

He tried to reach a trouser pocket. And after getting what he wanted out of his trouser pocket, he put his stun gun into the snake and electrocuted them, and passed out without killing them. After that, he came out of the wrong and pressed a button on his uniform, and made himself clean again after the rice fields polluted his body.


"It's bad, captain is coming here. We have to escape!"

When his friends suddenly ran for no reason, he immediately turned to the side and saw a woman walking towards him.

Realizing his presence there, he immediately panicked with a nervous face looking here and there to find shelter. But sadly, he was too late to hide.

When the woman arrived in front of him, the woman gave him a sharp look and made him straighten up immediately.

"If you don't intend to search, you just go home!"

"I'm sorry, Captain." He gave his a sign of respect, but the look on her face still made him panic and nervous and even had to hold back his pee.

The woman continued on her way again after seeing what her members were doing earlier.

The woman who has long black hair is Karin Nakano, a Team 1 captain of the AAT Squad.

Even though currently the members only have 6 people to investigate this place, she can still lead her members better than the other captains. Even so, what she did to her members—no, not even anyone else—would have terrified that person when she came face-to-face with her.

Having a firm attitude in leading even though her face was quite beautiful, others would not dare to approach her. Rather than having trouble with her, most people prefer to run away from her. That's why she rarely talked for a long time with other people even though many people wanted to approach her because of her beautiful face.

Karin Nakano is also a descendant of the chairman of Wlynina, the Nakano family, an organization formed to overcome the Astral Beings in this world. She is also the most intelligent girl in Wlynina Military School at this time.

Her principle, "Goal number 1!" So, what she was aiming for right now, she would definitely choose it first over her other business. Her goal was to exterminate the Astral Beings from this world.

After arriving at a crossroads, Karin stopped and looked here and there with a calm face and her brain kept thinking.

"Hmmm... yesterday, if I'm not mistaken, this path is the right one." Karin stepped in and chose the path on her left.

What she chose was actually a road leading to the rice fields, which meant that she chose the wrong path.

She was aiming for a residential area and returned to her doubts, but because she was so forgetful sometimes, she would never return to her squad.

"Nakano-san, you're going the wrong way, it's not the road that leads to the housing."

But luckily, a woman suddenly came and told her.

"Oh…" Without the slightest bit of embarrassment, she turned and walked over to the woman, who was a member of his squad.

After she approached the members, the members said, "Nakano-san, it's getting dark, can we rest for a while?"

"You guys rest, I don't. I still have to find out about Astral's appearance in this village."

"OK. Then, let's go over there." Pointing a path to Karin, the members started walking, and Karin followed behind.

What made Astral appear here?

That's what she's been thinking all the time since this operation started. Confusion was always in her mind. However, Astral's presence in this village is still questionable.

If Astral appeared because Astral wanted to kill a human who possessed Spiritual Energy, then who had it? Why can't we detect his presence? Is that person dead? Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While walking, Karin kept thinking about it. What she knew was that suddenly a large number of Astral Beings were attacking a place, so that place must have strong Spiritual Energy.

Karin knew that humans who possessed Spiritual Energy, Astral Beings would aim for her first so as not to become a threat to them. Astral beings did appear frequently in this world to kill humanity, but their number would not be as large as that.

All the information Shiva gave her, it didn't give the slightest hint of who possessed the Spiritual Energy. So with what Karin heard, it gave her nothing.

At this rate, it would be pointless to investigate this place. Not finding a single clue for 7 days 6 nights here was something Karin didn't expect. Yet so far, she has always done her job well.


The member of her squad named Mori turned to Karin and asked, "Yes?"

"Where is Shiva at the moment?"

"Ah… she is currently in the hospital. Today, she asked the commander for permission to visit her sick friend."

"Oh, the man who survived."

Since Shiva had explained that her friend did not look like he had any Spiritual Energy, Karin did not suspect Shiva's friend. But even so, she had secretly visited her friend Shiva's hospital when her friend Shiva was fast asleep and checked whether the person had Spiritual Energy or not. And the result, apparently not.

"What's the matter, Nakano-san?"


After arriving at the road to the left and right of the rice fields, the two of them saw two men arguing.

"The porridge is stirred!"

"Not! The porridge is not stirred."

They argue only because of the problem of how to eat chicken porridge when they know that the menu is chicken porridge.

Mori who saw the behavior of the two men immediately panicked and turned to Karin, and Karin looked annoyed with them.

Before Karin and Mori approached them, they suddenly pushed each other and caused chaos there.

"Hey, you guys..."

Before Karin stopped them by telling them to stop, a trash can fell from their fight and forced Karin to stop her words.


When they heard Karin's voice near them, they immediately stopped and slowly retreated backward to escape without looking at Karin. They hid their faces so Karin wouldn't know.

And they were lucky right now because it turned out that Karin wasn't looking at them but at the trash can.

"Why, Nakano-san?" Mori asked her, but Karin didn't answer and instead kept staring at the trash can.

After a while, Karin walked over to the trash can and picked up a drink can that was on the ground.


Mori approached her and asked once again, "What's the matter, Nakano-san?"

Karin showed the drink can to Mori and said, "Look!"

Mori took the drink can from Karin's hand and immediately looked around the drink can. After realizing something, Mori suddenly gasped and said, "This drink can didn't... expired 10 years ago."

"No, that's not what I meant. Yes, it can be like that too, but... forget this." Karin pointed her finger at the drink can and said, "Try to write this carefully."

What Karin and Mori saw was a red "DIE" written on the drink can.


"Yeah, this drink can is the weapon of that Astral Being named Sakata."

With a confused face, Mori looked at Karin and said, "That means..."

When Karin had just opened her mouth to say something, suddenly in front of her a bald and big man appeared there.

When the man arrived before Karin and Mori, he said, "Nakano-san, we have to go back to the city now."


"Astral has appeared in the city, and the place where Astral appears is Wlynina Hospital."

Hearing the words of the 2nd Team Captain, Karin immediately ran without saying anything.

After arriving at the residential area, Karin met the members of Team 2.

"Hurry up and call Shiva! She's in danger."

"OK." Quickly, the person immediately ran away from Karin.

Because Karin is usually a forgetful person, she doesn't realize that Mori has a communication device that can contact Shiva. So, without her knowing it, she made a mistake and instead asked someone else to do it.

And to make matters worse, in her uniform pocket, there is a communication device that can contact her team members.

After successfully catching up with Karin here, Mori and 2nd Team Captain immediately approached Karin.

"Why?" asked Mori.

"We must contact Shiva now as she is in danger."

Hearing this without knowing anything, Mori immediately took a communication device from her uniform pocket while saying, "I'll call now."

Karin turned to Mori and said, "You have it?"

"Yes, I have it."

"…" Karin was silent for a while, then she said, "I see… Hurry up and call Shiva!"

She didn't feel ashamed of herself at all, even though she did embarrassing things because she forgot that actually all squads had communication tools that were shared by the central team.

After a while, when Mori put her earphones in her ears and tried to contact Shiva, and Mori said, "No answer from her."

"... As expected, the signal must be interrupted." Karin immediately walked forward while shouting, "prepare the ship to go there now! We're going to city. Get all your stuff, don't get left behind!"

A shout like that made the two teams immediately clean up and tidy up their equipment.

But after that, suddenly a boy stood in front of Karin and said with quivering lips, "I've contacted her, but no answer there."

What that person did earlier was pick up the communication device he had left behind, then contact Shiva, then return to Karin's presence.

"Oh..." Pretending not to know anything, Karin immediately walked away from him, and he immediately breathed a sigh of relief because he was afraid of Karin.

"Ah, thank goodness, for I don't get angry anymore."

And as it turned out, the man was the man who had shown the snake to his friends. He arrived here earlier than Karin because he passed through the rice fields so as not to meet Karin. It could be said that he took shortcuts that troubled him himself.

After all the items were cleared and tidied up, the two squads immediately entered the flying battleship that would take them back to Redoom City. And inside there, Karin was seen sitting while continuing to pray.

"Shiva, be careful, that creature is an Astral S-rank. Don't die."

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