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2.68% Divine Brilliance / Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Sword Talisman Seeds

Chapter 33: Chapter 33 Sword Talisman Seeds

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Less than a hundred steps from the mountain path, the three of them returned to the carriage.

The huge rain was becoming more and more intense, the storm wrapping up the area rapidly. The carriage, even with its spirit formation, was unable to fully stabilize.

However Yin Yang's face didn't have the gloominess and worry from before. Be it his expression or his actions,it was like he had got over everything.

Zong Shou got off Chuxue's back and stood at the entrance of the carriage, feeling like all the muscles and bones in his body were about to fall apart. The deep sense of exhaustion was striking him deeply. He suppressed it and didn't rush in to rest. Instead he turned around and asked Yin Yang, "Uncle Yin doesn't regret? The moment we leave this Pill Spirit Mountain, it will be too late to turn back."

Yin Yang had said similar words to him on the mountain path. Now Zong Shou was the one asking in return. Yin Yang made a clear and definite reply, "Since you aren't afraid of dying, then why should I be? Even if we are to walk into hell, I am willing to follow you in!"

Zong Shou kept silent, turning towards Chuxue and smiling widely, "Xue'er, it seems I have underestimated you. What happened to you these last three years in Gantian Mountain? Let's not talk about Zong Yu, why does even this Zong Ling like you so much?"

Chuxue's face turned red, like steam was rising from her head. She stuttered and tried to explain, but found Zong Shou pinching her cheeks playfully. "Forget it! You are loved by everyone. Hehe! Just let Zong Ling be jealous until his death. However, you not leaving me and being separated from me during this life; those words, I will remember them clearly!"

The first few sentences he said in a joking manner. For the last sentence, his tone was really serious.

Chuxue was startled, but when she regained her senses, Zong Shou had already stepped into the carriage.

The moment he returned to the carriage, Zong Shou laid face flat on the ground, his four limbs spread wide like a starfish,his meridians and muscles constantly cramping up.  

The pain was even worse than the last battle against Zong Yu and Burning Sword Wu Wei. Perhaps because he had adapted to this body, he didn't faint like before.

"If I went all in to one-versus-one someone, I wouldn't even last fifteen minutes with this body!"

Laughing bitterly, Zong Shou suppressed the pain and exhaustion and sat up once more, back to a sitting posture where his five hearts faced the sky, connecting with Heaven and Earth.

He took a look at his dantian.

He sucked in a deep cold breath. His calm was nearly lost, his face interchanging between green and white, filled with happiness and shock.

"Those cold currents from before were actually these things…"

Within his energy sea Foundation Chakra, there were eighteen more sword shaped qi that were flowing around in his Foundation Meridian.

They should be foreign types of true qi however they behaved like fish to water with the qi within his meridians, no conflicts, actually merging with one another and not separating.

His will could even move them to a certain extent. However they could only be moved within his body and not moved outside.

There were also small threads of intent hidden within, sharp and overbearing, however they were reserved such that one couldn't feel any sharpness.

Towards this sword shape qi as well as the aura they revealed, Zong Shou was really familiar with them.

"These sword intent is most likely the Cloud shocking god destroying sword intent.So it seems like that legend is true!"

Within his body was the Lingyun Ancestor's secret legacy-Cloud Shocking God Destroying Sword, the eighteen sword intent spirit seeds with all the secrets. Sword power, sword strength, sword qi, sword sharpness, sword rhythm, sword strength, sword sense, sword soul, sword spirit, all the secrets and methods to use were all included in the form of seeds.

As long as he looked to it everyday, nurturing and developing it everyday, he would be able to truly grasp it. He would be able to practice this Lingyun Sect secret sword technique easily in the future.  

Legend had it that when Yan Fei Bai that late bloomer had made himself famous, he had grasped a portion of the sword intent which was why he was invincible in Donglin Cloud Continent. Even some ascended experts needed to hide and avoid this junior who was only at the Earth chakra Realm.

Many people were guessing where did this martial arts intent that exceeded his personal cultivation Realm come from.

Some people guessed that it came from the Lingyun Sect ancestral hall, that martial arts shrine. Some people guessed that it was from the First generation of eighteen sword puppets that Yan Fei Bai had taken down. The evidence was that in the other four cloud islands and four continents, disciples who destroyed the small Heaven sword formation had all grasped the Cloud shocking god destroying sword intent.

However this had always been a guess and wasn't proven.

However at this moment, Zong Shou's first thought wasn't surprise but he sighed instead.

Lingyun Sect's Sky Sword platform wasn't only on Pill Spirit Mountain. On all five cloud continents and four islands, there were similar formations. Even those twelve god talisman stone steeles were the same.

Their situations were similar to that of Donglin Cloud Continent, unable to be broken in ten thousand years.

However just two years later, after Yan Fei Bai, in just a short ten years, all nine puppets and stone steeles were either forcefully broken or talismans successfully copied. Within Lingyun Sect, there was the rise of numerous experts, shining out from their generation.

Looking out at the entire Cloud World, many experts and standouts of the generations appeared, the winds blowing and experts were as common as clouds. Close to ten thousand years of martial arts accumulation had totally exploded before the spiritual energy wave arrived. And the God Emperor era was truly an era that belonged to the strong.

Today him breaking the formation and copying the talisman might be like a legend, unbelievable. However if he did it tens of years later, not many people would be shocked by it.

That was because too many people would be able to do that. The number of so called talents then were like stars in the galaxy, uncountable.

After sighing, Zong Shou started to investigate these eighteen sword intents as well as their pros and cons to him.

Using his experience from the last life, using his will to touch them over and over, only two hours passed did he confirm that there was an 80 percent chance that the Lingyun Ancestor didn't do anything funny to these spiritual seeds.

The reason why he said it was 80 percent was because there were more all rounded and definite ways to confirm it which were ones Zong Shou couldn't use. As such he couldn't come into contact with the deeper layers of the sword intent.

Once he relaxed himself, a crazy joy appeared on his face.

He didn't mind the Absolute Cloud Shocking Sword. Even the Cloud shocking god destroying sword intent from the Lingyun Ancestor was decent in Zong Shou's eyes.  

At this moment, these sword intent spiritual seeds were like hot coal in winter.

Using his will to control, he caused all the sword intent qi to flow around the breathing and Foundation Meridians, into all the holes and acupoints.

As expected, everywhere they passed, all mutated and impure true qi were broken and taken apart by these eighteen sword intent spiritual seeds. Easily and simply, either digesting or excreting them.

The only thing that gave him a headache was that these sword seeds were also absorbing the purest true qi within his body at every moment.

Naturally this was something that he had expected. If he was right, this Cloud Shocking God Destroying sword intent would appear stronger and more apparent as he cultivated qi to charge and open his meridians.

"The small Heaven sword formation puppets were the eighteen Cloud Shocking God Destroying sword intents. Then the warm current from the stone stelae are the spiritual seeds of the God Talismans?"

Zong Shou turned his attention back to his soul. As expected, around his soul ocean twelve Runes were rotating around.

Identifying them one by one, all twelve of the Words were there: Sky, Earth, Yin, Yang, Gold, Terra, Water, Fire, Wood, Wind, Thunder and Luck, the twelve God Talismans!

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