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Chapter 17: Chapter 17

"This card has my private number. Remember to call me when you change your mind," Vernon said with a sneer on his lips.

Chloe gave him a stern look, "You're a bastard, Vernon. Just like your brother."

Chloe sidestepped Vernon and walked away from the CEO's office.

Vernon turned around and watched as Chloe entered the elevator and finally left for good. He scoffed, "Just like my brother? Sister-in-law, I can be a lot worse."

Diamond, his secretary, slowly approached her Boss, who didn't seem to be in a bad mood after that woman named Chloe left.


"What?" Vernon responded curtly, his eyes still staring at the elevator.

"You sure you want to let her go? Isn't she…"

"Don't worry. I am her last savior," Vernon said. His relaxed gaze turned darker as he finally shifted his eyes at his secretary, who got terrified of him. But the smirk stayed, giving the impression of the devil already snared a maiden into his trap, "She will come crawling back to me. Just make sure you prepare the room."

Diamond knew instantly what Mr. Phoenix Gray meant about 'the room.'

She nodded obediently and did what she was told to do.

"Understood, Boss. I will prepare it."

Honestly, Diamond was also terrified of Mr. Phoenix Gray. She had been working with him for almost two years, so she naturally knew many things about him, and it wasn't pretty.

She had cast away all of that idea of romance with her Boss. She focused on her job because Mr. Phoenix Gray paid her really well, twice the amount compared to what a secretary in other companies usually gets.

But other than that? Nope, she didn't want anything to do with his activity. She didn't even understand how those women could throw themselves into a villain's embrace like Vernon Phoenix Gray.

'Who the hell wants to have a deal with the devil?' Diamond thought.


Chloe stomped her feet as she left the office building. She was pissed off and felt humiliated.

"I might be desperate, but I didn't come here only to be looked at as a prostitute! You bastard, you're just like your brother!" Chloe yelled aloud and flipped off in front of the building. She checked her phone and found out that she had gotten an email from two companies. They were offering a job as a secretary and receptionist respectively.

"See? I will get a job soon, so fuck you, Vernon Phoenix Gray!"

Chloe ordered an Uber and headed straight to the company that offered a job as a secretary. She hit the end of the age limit since they only accepted women from twenty-five to thirty-five years old.

'That means I have a chance!' Chloe thought positively.


She walked into the receptionist and asked about the interview. The receptionist brought her to their CEO's office.

But when Chloe opened the door, she saw the old CEO sitting in his chair, seemingly thinking about something heavy.

Chloe excused herself and sat in the opposite seat because the old CEO didn't seem to respond at all. He just continued staring at her with a troubled gaze.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Lawson. I'm Chloe Carlson, one of the candidates for the new secretary," Chloe introduced herself. She expected the CEO to start the interview, but he asked a different question instead.

"Your name is Chloe Carlson or Chloe Gray?"

"Huh?" Chloe thought he heard it wrong. "Mr. Lawson, how did you know about—"

"Answer me. Is your name Chloe Gray?"

"T—That's my ex-husband's surname, Sir."

"Ah, I see," the old CEO sighed. "Your application is rejected. You may leave now, Mrs. Gray."

Chloe was astonished by the sudden rejection. She hadn't even started the interview yet!

"Mr. Lawson, why did you suddenly reject my application? We haven't started the interview. Please give me a chance!" Chloe begged. She was at her wit's end right now. If she didn't get any job today, she might not be able to feed Mackenzie next week.

Mr. Lawson looked pissed. He clicked his tongue, "Because your surname is Gray. I just got a call from the Gray, telling me to reject your application or I will face the consequences."

"Seriously, a powerful family like The Gray wants to bully my small company over a woman like you. Get out now before I get into trouble!" Mr. Lawson yelled. He got up and walked toward Chloe.

He grabbed Chloe's arms and dragged her out. He pushed Chloe out of his office roughly. Chloe lost her balance and fell to the floor. She looked up, and the door was slammed, ensuring that Chloe didn't think about a second chance.

Mr. Lawson's secretary saw everything, but she was glued to her seat. She also didn't dare to help Chloe because this was the first time she heard Mr. Lawson getting that angry.

"M—Ma'am, I suggest you leave now. I don't think Mr. Lawson is in the right mind now," the secretary advised.

Chloe didn't respond. She just got up from her ground and hobbled as she left the office. She sat on a bench to rest because everything was shocking for her.

Chloe was still trying to process what just happened as the realization hit her when she got an email from the other company. She was supposed to have an interview today.

Mrs. Chloe Carlson; Mrs. Chloe Gray;

Due to a sudden change of decision from the HR Department, we have to regretfully reject your application to work as a receptionist in our company.

We also implore you not to come to our office today, and this is a direct order from the higher-ups.

Thank you, and good luck with your application.

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