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Chapter 20: DWDSS Chapter 019 - New Body and Fusions

DWDSS CH 19 – New Body and Fusions

Reino returned his consciousness back from his inner mind and saw that the arguments between the people out there were calming down slightly after having argued intensely and some even had small scuffles. He did a headcount and found that there were eight of them, one of whom had the look of a leader as he had better gear on him and was standing behind the arguing group watching them as a tiger would look at jackals.

'That must be the one in charge of this group. Well, let's start the party then!'

Reino deactivated the Poltergeist transformation of his own volition. He immediately was transformed into his default humanoid body. His height of more than four feet with the body of a young teen boy and his chocolate-brown eyed handsome face framed by his long wavy red hair. He was dressed in the black jacket, black bodysuit, black pants, and black boots outfit he bought in the previous world.

The people arguing stopped arguing seeing him. One of the younger ones suddenly walked towards him angrily. "Oi! You bastard, where did you come from?! Which group sent you--"

He couldn't even complete his sentence before a hand pierced his chest, tearing through his heart. The rest were shocked as the body of the guy who was screaming a few moments before, slid down Reino's hand. Someone screamed and all hell broke loose. They all rushed towards Reino, except for the leader who was concentrating on something with his hand extended out. Feeling slightly weird at the leader's actions, Reino decided to finish this quickly and not drag it out.

Reino quickly took a stance to enable him to respond to all attacks. His left leg was extended out forward with his left hand extended diagonally downwards. Similarly, his right hand extended diagonally upwards to the back and his right leg was in a partial crouch. The moment the attackers were in range, Reino quickly spun and sent his left leg out, knocking the first three off their feet.

"Marma Arti!" murmuring softly Reino sent a few choice fingers jabs at the downed attacker's throats, finishing them off. As the remaining attackers slightly slowed on seeing this, he swiftly moved towards them while keeping his stance in a half-crouch and sent a flurry of finger jabs at their vital points. A barrage of finger shadows erupted, striking the vital points of the unprepared attackers, resulting in near-fatal damage. Three more were knocked down in this attack.

The final attacker was the leader himself. When Reino turned to him, he saw that the leader was covered in a blue-colored aura barrier. When he saw that Reino was looking at him, he smirked at him with confidence.

"Hahaha. You thought you have won? The fight has just started. Without a Demon Spirit, you are nothing! So, what if you are strong, I sense no spiritual fluctuation in you. Piece of trash fighter kid, you can't defeat me if you cannot break through this barrier, while I can leisurely attack with energy blasts from in here." Saying so the leader again stated to concentrate energy into his hand, forming small energy balls.

'Tico what is that?'

'All Demon Spirit users have unique abilities granted to them by their merged demonic spirits. The aura shield's power and those energy balls show that this guy is definitely a Demon Spiritualist and most probably has some sort of water affinity spirit beast he has merged with. This is great, if you kill him and merge with his energy, you will be able to adapt to this world's laws in a very short amount of time.'

'Alright then' Reino thought excitedly. The next moment, however, his smile dimmed slightly. His opponent had fired off a few of the energy balls and they were pretty fast.

'All right, time to test out my skills.' Reino thought as he sprinted towards the energy balls. He dodged the first that was aimed at his head with a simple sidestep. The next two came almost at the same time, so he had to take a leap while twisting in the air to pass between them. Just as he touched the ground, the final ball was almost upon him. using the momentum of his landing, Reino did a quick roll on the ground, bypassing the energy-ball.

Before the leader could grasp what happened, Reino had rolled up to his leg and attacked with a few jabs. The first few broke a part of the energy barrier, the next few jabs attacked points of the leader's knees, ankles, hip and thigh joints. The leader completely lost all sensation below his waist and instantly crumpled to the ground. The leader panicked as he watched one of his two legs get destroyed so easily.

He had no choice but to take out some lifesaving treasures to save himself. He was now afraid of Reino terribly as he was nearly out of energy after using the barrier and firing off those energy balls. He took out two talismans that had been rolled and tied into a cylindrical bundle and inserted his energy into it before throwing it at Reino.

Reino suddenly felt a crisis as he tumbled and leaped backward rapidly. The moment the talisman roll struck the place Reino had been a few moments before, an enormous explosion took place. The shockwave of it made Reino tumble back a bit more but he avoided any serious injury.

Angry at the near-fatal attack, he forcibly summoned a bit of his cultivated energy to boost his body as he leaped towards the injured leader trying to crawl away. Showering him with Marma Arti strikes, Reino took the leader's life before the leader realized Reino had attacked.

'Good Job Reino.' Tico said cheerfully 'and you also better keep this lesson in your mind. If you get overconfident then even an ant that you overlooked can take your life.'

"I will keep that in mind Tico. Now, what do I need to do to complete the quest?"

'Don't worry, you have done your part, now it's my turn.' Tico said

A nearly transparent ripple spread out of Reino and covered all the bandits he had defeated. Within moments they were transformed into weird glowing particles of light and were absorbed by him. as soon as the final particle was absorbed, he felt something melt and rebirth inside of him.

[Quest Complete]

[Received Forbidden Spirit Technique – Take Over Fusion (Allows Monster, Demon and Godly Spirits to take over a living body)]

[Received Body Cultivation Art: Invincible Asura Body]

'It's done Reino, both of these arts are pretty great. Especially Forbidden Spirit Technique – Take Over Fusion, it can allow you to combine your summoned demons with living beings weaker than them or corpses to create humanoid beings that will retain powers of the summoned demons. They will also be able to cultivate on their own and will be completely loyal to you.'

'Also, if you acquire a few auxiliary skills such as Blacksmithing, Inscriptions Rune Mastery, Puppet Making Technique, etc, then you will be able to create terrifyingly strong puppets and then infuse those puppets with your summoned demons to create demon spirit infused puppet army that can work independently.'

'However, before all that, I recommend you summon a certain spirit. You have just unlocked the qualifications of a few special summonses who have agreed to help. These summons all have their own ego and have some supremely useful skills.'

"Alright," Reino replied, "Which summon are you recommending?"

'Sarasvati, a Godly spirit of knowledge and arts. Summoning her will allow you to unlock the skill and demon fusion functions of the Necronomicon. Plus, that is not even why I recommended her to you. She is literally one of the goddesses of wisdom. She will be able to help you create a cultivation technique uniquely suited to you.'

"Okay do it, summon her."

Most of Reino's energy was suddenly swallowed up by the Necronomicon. Reino panicked at the occurrence that had never happened before.

"He what is happening Tico?"

'Ah yes, I forgot. Unique Spirits like Sarasvati can't be simply summoned by shop points. Firstly, because they have an ego, they need a strong contractor to sustain them. Second, Unique spirits like her are automatically attuned to the world the moment they are summoned. So, in a way, right now you only have her. All your other previously bought spirits are all sealed up in the Necronomicon.'

"Hmm, she nearly sucked me dry you know. If I had known I would have meditated using the Tang Sect Arts before summoning her."

While he was arguing with Tico, the summoning process finally got over. He was stunned by the gorgeous female that appeared before him, with light caramel skin and wavy raven-colored hair. Though her physical body was of the same size as him, she was well proportioned like someone in her mid-teens.

Most surprising were the four ethereal hands that appeared to be emerging from her back, unlike her regular two physical arms. The four ethereal handheld three translucent objects: a book, a long peacock feather quill and a musical instrument called Veena. Seeing Reino looking shocked at the ethereal arms, Sarasvati waved her small dainty hand and the ethereal arms disappeared.

"So, you are Sarasvati?" Reino finally asked

"Yes," Sarasvati said in a voice like a soft musical note "and No. I am an aspect of her, the true Goddess Sarasvati. You can call me a divine seed of hers or an avatar or clone. I hold her powers, but at a much lower capacity than her original of course. Anyway, spirits like me, we are fundamentally unable to be your subordinates. Our contract will be of equals, not a master-slave one. Do you agree?"

"Yeah, that is totally fine with me" Reino agreed instantly "I will be glad to have a friend like you."

"Friendship, I don't know at this point, but maybe in the future. Right now, we are partners. Oh, and as a gift for my new partner, I have already used your Necronomicon to initiate a few needed fusions for your skills and demon summons. You should probably check out them now."

"Tico show me," Reino asked excitedly

'Coming right up!'

[Currently, these Demon Spirit Summons are available:

Four Riders of Apocalypse (White Rider – Conquest - Sword, Red Rider – War - Spear, Black Rider – Famine – Blade Whip, Pale Rider – Death - Scythe)

Bird of Famine – Jatayu

Death Deity - Anubis

King of Beasts - Divine Conquest Lion

Beast of War - Berserk White Tiger

Poltergeist King - Pisache

Treasure Seeking Beast - Greed Carbuncle]

[Currently, these Fused Skills are available:

Unique Authority [Guiding Sage 'Tico']

Unique Authority [Necronomicon]

Unique Authority [Doppelganger Spirit Aura]

Indestructible Turtle Body (Inactive)

Time Acceleration

Divine Senses

Spatial Manipulation

Spiraling Energy Spheroid

All Abnormality Resistance]

"These skills have all of the specialties your previous skills had and more." Sarasvati explained "Anyway, now is not the time to go crazy over your new gains. As Tico has already explained, you need a cultivation technique. For that matter even I do, now that I have a proper body. It is going to be interesting to see how it will go. Anyway, let's go to the nearest civilization. We can probably gain more information there. Plus, with our talents, I am sure we can get what we want without much trouble."

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