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Chapter 4: First Adventure

The sun haven't even risen Yurnero already awakened from that wild night he just had with Lyralei. He swiped Lyralei's hair and decided not to awake her yet she just got her virginity taken so she must be a bit tired than usual. Yurnero left the bed and get dressed and started to do his morning training so that his skills won't easily rust but instead remain at it's peak. He went to the back of the house and started to do swings as he was doing it you can see the release of black waves as he swipe his sword the Kantusa and is really worthy of being a legendary Black Grade Equipment. After an hour passed, Lyralei was now awake and felt that her vag*na just got a beating last night from Yurnero's monstrous rod. "I didn't expect that an intercourse is quite painful but also tempting to try because of the pleasure it does" she said. Just as she was about to tug Yurnero she noticed that he ain't there anymore, "now where did that brute go now? Don't tell me he dumped me after getting what he wanted?" said Lyralei. But this thought is dispelled when she sensed the familiar aura that only Yurnero can release.

Lyralei left the bed also and proceded to get dressed and went straight to where Yurnero is doing his workout."Hey!" shouted Lyralei, Yurnero got startled and also shouted "what!!". "How dare you left me alone" she said. "I don't what to wake you up because I know that you just got a beating last night" smirked Yurnero. Lyralei's face suddenly turned red as she heard about what Yurnero have said about her but it really did hurt when Yurnero did her. "So what I'm not the one who keeps cumming last night, bleehh."said Lyralei as she let out her tongue towards Yurnero." Lyralei?"asked Yurnero," what"she replied. "Can we go the forest or the guild to pick up some quest I want to go on an adventure" he said. "Yes we can but first lets grab something to eat before going out" Lyralei replied.

They returned to the town square and proceded to eat at a tavern but suddenly there are a group of men that is eyeing Lyralei with lustful and dirty eyes. Lyralei just brush it off because small fries like them is nothing but the case is different for Yurnero because right now Lyralei the Windranger is already his woman hr can't just back off after what happened. Suddenly Yurnero walked towards the group of lascivious men anf started to talk, "keep your eyes to yourself if you don't want them to be gouge out from their holes" he said coldly without regards to the group's terrifying appearance. "Huhhh the hell are you talking about you dipshit!" yelled one of the man but as soon he said this he saw what seems to be a glittering necklace around the neck of Yurnero that symbolises that the one he is talking with is an Adamantium Class Adventurer. The man suddenly felt chills running down his spine as he was thinking what would happen to him if this man in front of him really did make a move, he already know the outcome he would suffer or worst even die.

"Uhmm... Esteemed Sir I'm sorry for doing such an act towards your lady I hope that within your kind heart you'll forgive me" the trembling man said. This act suddenly surprised the other men because they know that their boss is a Gold Class Adventurer a high rank person but suddenly he's begging like a dog in front of a man they don't even know or even heard of. One of the men blurted something but he didn't even finished what he was supposed to say that he is already flying away after being punched by their leader without warning. "Boss, why did you do that to one of our brothers?" said one of the men, "can't you see that I'm talking with an Adamantium Class Adventurer interrupting our conversation definitely must be punished. The group sucked in cold breath because they have never met any adamantium adventurers yet but they can't believe their eyes they just offended one. The surrounding people also overheard their conversation and looked with respect to Yurnero because adamantium adventurers are rarely seen throughout their town. "If you do what I'm going to tell you then I will treat this like nothing have ever happened" said Yurnero. "Whatever you ask I will do it!" said the boss of the gang. "Then go take the most dangerous quest the guild has to offer and take it alone if you won't do it I will be the one to kill you" Yurnero said while releasing a ton of pressure towards the boss. The gang boss suddenly take a deep breath because he knows that quest that can likely kill the adventurer are A rated quest and above even he himself a gold rank adventurer can only take at most C rated quests. The quest rates are S being the highest, A, B, C, D, E being the easiest. "Uhmm.. Sir the request of yours i can't do it because i will die" said the boss. "Well do you want me to kill you then, if you take the quest you can still live but if not you'll certainly die if i will face you" Yurnero said.

The gang boss gritted his teeth he already knows what would happen if he don't follow his request he would literally die. Faced without a choice the gang boss decided to take the most dangerous quest the guild has to offer, after that commotion Yurnero and Lyralei picked a table and decided to order. After they have eaten they now proceded to the guild to take a quest what greeted them is Ana the Receptionist. "Ooh. Ain't it Mr. Yurnero and Ms. Lyralei what can I do for you today?" she said. "I want you to give us a quest that is almost at the same rank of the two us" Lyralei inquired. "Well let me see if i can find something fit for Adamantium and Platinum Class."she replied. After a few minutes Ana came back with a scroll and told the duo about it.

The quest is Goblin Slaying but this is not as easy as it sounds because not every goblins are small fries some also began to evolve and be stronger than normal goblins and they're a pain because they always work together making them hard to deal with especially when they are inside a cave or underground. Lyralei also wanted to laugh but she held it when she heard what Ana have said. Yurnero just took the quesy and proceded to head on because he is itching for a fight. "Hey wait me you brute" shouted Lyralei. After that Ana went to see Davion to report that Yurnero is going out of town to do a quest.

In front of the gate, "I can't wait to test my skills again" Yurnero said eagerly he can't wait to unleash Kantusa making his hands tremble just by thinking about slaying creatures."Why are you so fired up Yurnero?" said Lyralei, "It's because it has been a long time since i have drawn my sword and if i won't participate in a fight my pride and skills as a swordsman will be wasted" he said. "Aren't you a valiant man" said Lyralei as she giggles. Just as when they're outside of the gate and disappeared unto the forest someone is following them it is a group of people and if Yurnero and Lyralei can see them they'll clearly remember them they are the gang that lusted after Lyralei. "Now let's see what can only a single adamantium adventurer can do against us 10 gold class and 1 platinum class will see who will obey who" said the angry boss. "Sir if we successfully kill that man I will handsomely reward you guys for your troubles". "You better be killing a class like him ain't children's play even we the Shadow Corps can't take it easy" the black cloaked man said.

Without Yurnero and Lyralei knowing there is already a storm brewing on their very first adventure together. After that the group followed and trailed them hoping to catch them off guard and kill them swiftly the threat of an adamantium adventure is huge even with a group their size.

Notes from the Author:

Guys thank you for the votes, I hope that you'll continue and read my work. Good day.

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