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33.33% Douluo Dalu: Big Brother Of Tang San / Chapter 1: Tang lin!

Tang lin! - Douluo Dalu: Big Brother Of Tang San - Chapter 1 by Tang_lin full book limited free

Douluo Dalu: Big Brother Of Tang San Douluo Dalu: Big Brother Of Tang San original

Douluo Dalu: Big Brother Of Tang San

Author: Tang_lin

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Chapter 1: Tang lin!

"Xiao San, I'll go up first to train! You too hurry up!" - Tang lin said as he ran out of his house.

During this time, Tang lin discovered that he had not arrived in this world empty-handed. When he turned four, he felt a new memory pop into his head. Not an ordinary memory, but… A divine technique.

[Divine exercise of the Golden Dragon!]

..Tang lin, unlike other people, didn't hate Tang San. Everything he did in his previous life wasn't so wrong. Even the leader of the Tang sect didn't blame him in the end and even said that if he were still alive he would be his successor.

And the time they spent living together allowed him to see Tang San's care for him, so he didn't hate him!

Leaving his house, he found some brats who tried to bother him on the way. But everyone was beaten into panda-eyed and toothless as he went on his way calmly. 


After beating up those idiots, I continued on my way to a big mountain where my brother and I always farm. When I got there, a satisfied smile appeared on my lips as my eyes landed on the spot where I tend to farm.

  Any human looking at this would surely break out in a cold sweat!; the mountains where my eyes rested were over 100m high, even an adult would find it impossible to climb with bare hands.

Without waiting for time to pass, I jumped up and hooked my little hands on the rocks jutting out of the mountain wall before starting to climb...

When I got to the top, I felt my face wasn't red at all, and I wasn't panting at all. As if this were something as simple as walking. I could only feel the cool breeze ruffling my silvery blue hair and the fresh morning air.

I sat cross-legged on top of the hill, and closed my eyes, entering a meditative state. Soon, a pure golden morning energy began to slowly enter my pores. Then I started inhaling through my nose, exhaling gently through my mouth; continuous inhalations and gentle exhalations which, in the end, became a splendid cycle.

Afterwards, a small trace of golden Qi began to condense in my mouth, which soon began to turn into a golden liquid. But there wasn't much Qi, just a holdover from the beginning of the day where the Qi was at its purest, before it faded when the sunlight began to lighten the land.

After a long time, I opened my eyes again. And as expected I still hadn't broken any of the bottlenecks, I already knew that I need a spiritual ring so I can break it so I wasn't discouraged.

Taking a small vial out of my pocket, I opened my mouth and spat the golden liquid into my mouth into the vial before capping it.

No, this was no ordinary saliva.

It was called the saliva of the Golden Dragon. The second skill of the Golden Dragon divine exercise.

Its functions were varied, it had vital force, something that helped in the creation of plants. It worked like a divine remedy for wounds. And it accelerated the growth of herbs and plants.

The first skill of the Golden Dragon's divine exercise was an internal strength technique. But for some reason I couldn't drive this force out of my body.

I had some hunches as to why this was happening, but it wouldn't confirm until tomorrow.


When I came down from the hill it was almost seven in the morning, I made my way home again. Even though I didn't hate Tang San, I wasn't very friendly with our father Tang Hao.

A titled douluo who did not know how to raise his children. Maybe if we weren't people who came from other worlds with certain basic knowledge, we might already be starving.

Just because he couldn't protect his wife, he abandoned his life and made his four-year-old son cook for him while other kids were playing at this age.

I won't say I hate him, I just don't like him. He could have at the very least offered some knowledge to your child or started training him sooner. [Even if Tang San didn't need to]

…{Aut/ I don't know if it was really like that. But that's what I understood.}…

Arriving home, a smell of rice assaulted my nose. I knew how to cook, but Tang San cooked better than me, so we took turns. One day he cooks and another day it's my turn! That way we could balance our training. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_56808243229424906">!_56808243229424906</a> for visiting.

"Oh brother! You're already here!" - Tang San smiled slightly when he saw me.

I said yes and sat down in a chair.

"I hit some boys who came to bother me today...I believe old Jack won't mind, will he?" - I asked as I watched him cook

Tang San gave me a helpless look before heaving a sigh. It's been a few days since he's been stopping his brother from doing this, but it looks like he couldn't do it today.

"Brother, don't you think you're too petty for hitting people who are ridiculously weaker than you?" - Tang San asked me with a sigh.

I looked at him and smirked. "Nah! Now they'll learn not to mess with me anymore!"

As we talked, our Father came out of his room still looking sleepy. The smell of alcohol soon permeated the place, covering the delicious smell of rice. And seeing that, my once-joyful smile suddenly closed.

Tang Hao felt it. He knew he had done a lot of things wrong by not taking care of his children as he should. But, they were so smart that they didn't seem to need much help with things; so he didn't really care what they did.

However, it seems that her first child didn't like her methods. When he started to become independent, he started to close his face to people, and just talked normally with his younger brother.

Tang San also noticed the awkwardness between the two. Looking at his brother who pretended his father wasn't in the room, he sighed inwardly.

"Brother, the food is ready!"- After a few moments Tang San screamed.

  I normally walked to the kitchen and took rice from my plate and filled it. But the moment I saw Tang San serving our father who was lying on the table with a liter of alcohol beside him... My appetite disappeared!

"Xiao San, I'm not hungry! You eat more, you need to grow faster!" - I said as I touched his head with my hand.

Tang San was a few inches shorter than me, so sometimes I made fun of him for that. But when he got angry I ran! In several fights between the two of us, he beat me most of the time. Of course, that's because he could use powerful attack techniques and I couldn't!

By mocking with a smile, I left the house under the gaze of both.

Walking through the village, I saw old Jack twenty yards away coming towards me with a smile.

"Oh old Jack, Good morning!" I spoke in a respectful tone, something that made old Jack smile even brighter.

I felt his gaze move up to me before he spoke with a tone of anticipation. - "Xiao lin, tomorrow the spiritual master will come to awaken the spiritual soul of the village children! Then I will stop by your house to tell your father about it!"

I already expected something like this, but I still had to show a certain expression of spirit. " Alright Old Jack, so go quickly try to convince my father! " - I spoke with an excited smile.

"Yes, yes! I'm leaving!" - He replied happily as he passed by my side.

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