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16.09% Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler / Chapter 14: Your Worst Nightmare...

Your Worst Nightmare... - Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler - Chapter 14 by Nine_Clouds full book limited free

Chapter 14: Your Worst Nightmare...

--- Chapter 14 ---

"Ehh? What!" Bibi Dongxue shouted with a dumbfounded expression.

"How." She added as there is no way someone could absorb a spirit ring this fast.

"Uh... I don't know." Yunlong replied with a weak smile on his face.

"When I tried to absorb the slime's spirit ring, my handkerchief suddenly reacting and absorb it." He added because he doesn't know why [Mortal Sin: Gluttony] active when he tried to absorb the spirit ring.

[You have finished the first spirit ring quest]

[Rewarding a random skill...]

[You have gained Alchemy]

'Hmm? New Skill: Alchemy.' Yunlong thought as his mother frowned.

'Something is weird, but I don't know what's weird.' Bibi Dongxue thought as she remembered her son's abnormality in these years.

'Yunlong is different. He's a genius who will stand on the top of others.' She added in her heart as she sighed while looking at the floating purple spirit ring on the white handkerchief.

Bibi Dongxue calmly shifted her gaze to her son before asking, "I see... Then, what is your first spirit skill?"

'That was fast.' Yunlong commented on his mother's shock recovery speed while staring at Bibi Dongxue, who is curiously staring at him.

"Mm, I will show you my first skill." Yunlong nodded his head as he raised his hand.

The white handkerchief suddenly twisted into a tube, but instead of wrinkled, the cloth's end fused like a separated liquid.

"My first spirit skill... Fluidity." Yunlong stated as his handkerchief is flowing like water in the air.

"This skill makes my handkerchief gained a unique trait, which makes it like a fluid. It's also making my the cloth agile, can change its shape.'' He added as the handkerchief in his hands transforming into a mini lance.

"It's a versatile ability, huh." Bibi Dongxue praised with a nod, but Yunlong's explanation is not over.

"Mother, punch this handkerchief," Yunlong smirked at her while the white handkerchief is floating in front of his chest.

"Okay..." Bibi Dongxue replied while pulling her fist a little before punched the handkerchief at a fast speed.


Bibi Dongxue's punch got silenced by the handkerchief, which is still floating in front of Yunlong's chest.

"Shock Absorption." Bibi Donxue said with a surprised expression.

"Yep, when the handkerchief is still in its fluidity state, it will reduce the effectiveness of physical blows by absorbing the shocks of the enemy attack," Yunlong said since he becomes pretty annoyed when his attack was not effective against the slime earlier.

"It can only absorb 90% of the shock, and I can't absorb a non-physical attack, though." He stated, which makes Bibi Dongxue nodded her head.

"Well, the stronger my opponent is, the less shock absorption effect will be."

'Well, the golden lightning and power enhancement make it effective, though.' Yunlong thought because when he used the golden saint dragon arm, his attack seems effective working on the slime.

"Do you want to see more, Mother," Yunlong suggested as his handkerchief is flying back to his hand.

"There is more?" Bibi Dongxue asked with a curious expression on her face.

The fluidity and shock absorption are already impressive enough, but to think there is more than these.

Yunlong calmly raised his handkerchief into the air as it starts enlarging into the size of the blanket.

'I can only increase its size around five times larger than the original size, huh.' Yunlong commented while gripping his hand, which makes the blanket twisted into a white lance.

Since Yunlong already touch the handkerchief before, He then used his [Hardening] skill on the cloth, which makes it shone with a black luster.

"Strike." Yunlong makes the lance flew at a fast speed toward a tree.

*Bam!* *Cracks!*

The tree got destroyed into smaller pieces by the white lance as the only remaining is only a pile of wood chips.

"Pretty good, right." Yunlong grinned as he feels proud of his application on his handkerchief martial soul.

"It's not just good... It's amazing!" Bibi Dongxue stated as her eyes glued on the lance, which is formerly a white handkerchief.

'To think a trash martial soul like a handkerchief would have this potential, no... It's because Yunlong!' Bibi Dongxue thought while shifted her gaze to her son.

'In the first place, no one ever thinking to cultivate a trash martial soul because they always thought a trash martial soul is worthless.' She added in her heart while shifting her gaze to the destroyed tree.

"But now, in front of me... I have seen something that changes that." Bibi Dongxue muttered with a smile on her face.

"Yunlong! How long did you already plan this?" She asked her son, who is shaking his head.

"Not too long, to be honest," Yunlong responded while laughing.

"Because I just get this idea a few hours ago when I awaken my martial soul." He added, which makes Bibi Dongxue happy in her heart.

'He's my son...' Bibi Dongxue thought while feeling happy because of just how amazing Yunlong is.

'Well, of course, he's the one who can make my heart warm after all...' She added in her heart as she hugged her son into her bosom.

"Mother?" Yunlong tilted his head while staring at Bibi Dongxue.

"Just let me hug you for a moment." Bibi Dongxue replied as she tightened her hug.

"Okay..." Yunlong responded as he also hugged her.

Two of them hugged each other for a good few minutes as they could feel an unusual connection between them.

"Mother..." Yunlong said while staring at her.

"Yunlong..." Bibi Dongxue said while also staring at him.


A sound of explosion suddenly come into their ears, which brings out a frown to their face.


Bibi Dongxue's lips twitched as she shifted her gaze to the explosion's sound direction.

'Someone dares to interrupt my special moment with Yunlong.' Bibi Dongxue coldly thought.

"Mother, let's check it." Yunlong suddenly said as he can see five entities cornering two entities in his system map. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Let's go." Bibi Dongxue indifferently responded as a faint cold aura is comes out from her body.

'Ah shit! Mother is annoyed,' Yunlong thought while staring at his mother, and he feels a little bad for the person who makes that explosion.

They then moved at a fast speed toward the explosion sound's direction and when they arrived.

Yunlong could see a woman protected by a little girl who had a sword in her hand.

"Four Spirit Kings and One Spirit Emperor..." Bibi Dongxue stated while staring at the five black-clothed men standing in front of the little girl.


[Name: Save the mother and the daughter]

[Objective: Kill the assassins (0/5)]

[Description: Save the mother-daughter duo from five assasin]

[Reward: 20.000 Sp, 1x Random Cultivation Arts, 1x Random Pill Recipe]

"Uh... Accept," Yunlong muttered as he saw one of the assassins dashed toward the little girl with a fire spark on his right hand.

"Eh, Mother?!" He added as he saw Bibi Dongxue appeared in front of the assassin, who had a fire spark on his hand.

"Who the fuck are you!" The assassin shouted while staring at Bibi Dongxue.

Bibi Dongxue is calmly staring at the man as she opened her mouth and said, "Your Worst Nightmare!"

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