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Chapter 1: Prologue

A young man walked through a devastated city, once a bustling metropolis. 

This was his home and birthplace, now destroyed and filled with death.

He strolled, followed by a tanned woman with rabbit ears, her body filled with bloody wounds and scars, not much worse than the young man in front of her, who seemed no more than 23 years old.

"How many died today?" His solemn voice resounded across the destroyed road, filled with broken cars and cracked stone walls.

'I am a mere ant fighting a hurricane!' The young man lamented in his mind.

The young man walked in tattered clothes and dirty unwashed hair; since the world ended, he might not have washed more than five times in total, being months since the last time.

His weak, unsteady feet stepped forwards, supported by the quiet but devoted rabbit woman, her gentle amber eyes watching the young man's every movement as her right arm seemed limp, unable to move fully.

"Are there still survivors?"

A scream sounded as if to reply to his question, followed by wails of despair and terror as the buildings around him exploded into dust and flame simultaneously.

The young man felt his heart breaking, filled with despair as a single tear slid down his cheek; too much had been lost, and he couldn't take it anymore, his spirit almost broken.

"The demons finally found our final bastion of hope..." resounded the young man's voice, drowned out by the explosions and raging fire, only the solemn rabbit behind him placing a hand on his left shoulder with eyes filled with sorrow.

"Will I scream like that in my moments before death?" 

"Will I abandon all I love like that man?"

His eyes narrowed, watching a man screaming as he dashed away at high speeds, ignoring his family as they were ripped into pieces, his wife outstretched hand shooting into the distance as it was severed.

"I can't blame him for running... What else could he do?"

Moments later, the man's death cry sounded as the demon brutes ripped him apart; running was never an option to survive.

The young man with long hair, now grey and tattered from stress at the young age of 23 and felt rage inside him that smouldered; these demons killed everything he held dear over the years.

'Yet what can a weak tamer do against such powerful enemies? I cannot even get revenge the cute pets they killed... How can I ever be reconciled with this form of death!'

This young man's name was Zell Delacroix; he was born in this world and now watched as it crumbled beneath the Demons' might.

'Since it's over anyway, I might as well try to get a hit on them. Make them bleed!'

His steps were unbalanced; one leg seemed to be disabled as it dragged slightly; the girl beside him was named Rika. She was initially a beast pet in the form of a blaze rabbit; once reaching level 20, she evolved into a humanoid form and served him since that moment, sacrificing her body and heart for him.

Zell found a cute girl who hid between a gathering of rocks and seemed to have been abandoned by those people. Her twin tails and white wings filled with dirt and debris as she looked at him with a dull look. 'Wings? Is this girl a demi-human or something?'

"Rika, let's protect her. We will take one last stand together."

Although he said this, he planned to let Rika be returned to a safe world by cancelling the pact before she died.

Rika, his first companion, the first pet he tamed and raised into a humanoid. A woman he grew to feel affection for beyond that of a master but couldn't forgive himself for those tainted feelings.

'I cannot let her perish here!'

The demons began approaching as a pentagram appeared under Rika's feet; the magic connected the broken rocks into a flat surface.

"Rika, I grant thee eternal freedom by the terms of our contract. Return to thy forest and live a peaceful life in a new world! I, Zell Delacroix... Release you from your service!"

Rika's eyes filled with tears as she spun around, looking at him as her silver-white hair flowed through the air like a blizzard of snow; her amber eyes seemed to beckon him to stop and keep her beside him as she reached out.

Since it was the end, he decided to be honest with his feelings. 

"Rika, I love you!" His voice sounded in the area, echoing the rocks and crushed buildings.

Suddenly, the wind was howling, and a black flash shot through the air.

A massive club smashed into her body, shattering the pentagram and sending her bloody body flying into the air and crashing onto the ground with a loud thud as she rolled across the floor like a piece of dirt.

His beloved rabbit died so quickly and crushed his last sense of reason.



Self Hatred...

Zell's mind broke from the sudden loss, feeling inferior, useless and in deep anguish. 

His despair quickly transformed into a burning rage, anger endless fury as his tears seemed to turn into black flames as he shuddered, raising his right hand towards the bastard that hurt his beloved, blood seeping from his cracked skin, no longer caring.

Zell's lips trembled as they opened, emptying his broken heart as he glared at the demon brute that watched him, and mocked him with a huge smile filled with sharp teeth.

"Rika....everyone...You're all gone... God!"

His eyes became dull, lips trembling as he forced his shattered heart to keep beating. No matter how impossible it felt! There was still someone to save...

"Rika... I..."

The young man shook his head, then turned towards the little girl with a fake smile filled with confidence. Scars, dirt, and wounds ruined his handsome face.

"Little girl, I don't know your name. But I will fight until you can at least escape… So! Run!"

'Please... Let her death mean something!' 

His heart begged and couldn't let Rika's death come to be worthless; even if he died like trash on the side of the road, he would never allow the woman that supported his fragile self this far to be discarded like trash!

'I will make it mean something! The 

invincible demon brutes! I will make you bleed, even if my body and soul crumble into nothing!'

A burst of flames swirled around his body. The brute demons, numbered over a dozen, rushed towards him with their sharp teeth, drooling mouths, and enormous weapons that could crush him instantly.

"Let burning wings of raging flames grant my will! [Flamra]!"

Zell burned his own life essence, into a single flame, one filled with his hatred, anguish and bitterness.

But also the desire to avenge Rika and his hidden feelings for her.

With the flick of his wrist and snapped fingers, his flames swirled in a disk, tearing through the demons' wings.

Black blood sprayed into the air as it howled in pain, snapping its fierce eyes towards the ant that managed to damage its body.

"Hahahahahahaha! Look at that Rika! These fuckers can bleed!"

As they approached, the ground shook, and his boots vibrated.

But he smiled…

"I'm coming to you... Rika..."

Because he saved the girl and would soon join his beloved Rika.

He achieved his goal as the flames died out in their turbid winds. His middle fingers raised towards the demon brutes.

"Fuckers! Try flying with no wings! I swear to get my reve…."

The demon sliced across Zell's neck with a force that crushed his skull into dust. In anger, the demons tore apart his corpse.

Moments later, divine brilliance shot down on them in a massive barrage. A woman with eight white wings and a sad face stood in the light.

"Very well. You saved my sister's life! Achieve your heartfelt desire! May the Lord protect thy soul!"

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