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Dragon of Time Control Dragon of Time Control

Dragon of Time Control

Author: Tangsong Yuanming Qing

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Chapter 1: Reincarnated as a Dragon

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At night, Yang Jian was reading a novel. He was lying on the bed, leaning on the pillow with his phone still charging.

Suddenly, the surroundings dimmed and his vision immediately fell into endless darkness.

When he woke up in the darkness, Yang Jian's mind was almost blank.

After opening his eyes with some difficulty, he discovered that his vision was very blurry. He saw that everything around him was covered in chaotic shadows, and there seemed to be noisy and miserable sounds from time to time.

"Am I dreaming?"

Yang Jian suddenly shook his head and his consciousness gradually became clear.

Before Yang Jian could understand and observe his surroundings, the large white split-image in his vision fused together and gradually gathered into a shape that made him tremble in fear and almost jump.

This was a cold and white ferocious beast. On its back was a pair of enlarged bat wings with visible fascia. It looked tough and powerful.

The white scales on the surface of its body that resembled ice crystals were very smooth and beautiful, reflecting a sheen of sparkling light. Apart from that, these scales were arranged tightly and orderly, layer by layer, without any gaps. It looked to have a powerful defense.

In Yang Jian's eyes, it was very huge. Just by lying on the ground lazily, it was like a thick building.

The pressure assaulted Yang Jian, causing him to forget to breathe.

The white beast stared at him with its cold vertical pupils, as if waiting for something.

At the same time, Yang Jian's body trembled, and then he was stunned, his eyes blank.

At this moment, a large wave of memories surged into Yang Jian's mind and fused with his own.

This memory flow was very majestic and contained all kinds of knowledge that Yang Jian found unbelievable. The sensation came and went quickly. In just a few seconds, Yang Jian returned to his senses.

'Dragon inheritance… I've turned into a White Dragon… The white beast in front of me is my White Dragon Mother.'

The large amount of knowledge and information he had just received made Yang Jian understand his situation.

At the same time, the White Dragon Mother's vertical pupils stared at this baby dragon that had just broken out of its shell and felt a little puzzled.

The White Dragon was the smallest existence among all the dragons. Baby dragons that had just been born were usually only the size of adult wolfhounds, and they were even slightly smaller.

However, this baby dragon of hers was the size of an ordinary lion or tiger after breaking out of its shell. It was relatively large, and the muscles contained under its scales were much stronger than ordinary baby dragons. This appearance could usually only be reached a few weeks later.

In addition, unlike ordinary young White Dragons, although the scales on the surface of Yang Jian's body could reflect light in a large area, similar to pure white ice armor that was like a mirror, there were some fine black scales on his neck that were incompatible with the entire body.

This circle of black scales formed a round ring. It looked indescribably charming.

Could it be that he had become a brainless dragon beast… At this moment, the White Dragon Mother was already impatient. Frosty air sprayed out of her nose and landed on the ground, condensing into a translucent ice crystal.

She stared at Yang Jian coldly, and a dangerous gaze gradually appeared in her light yellow dragon eyes.

Opposite him, Yang Jian was immediately shocked. A series of cadence syllables quickly came out of his mouth, "Garen Aurelia Wallibel… Goslar Digasol!"

This was his True Dragon name.

Being able to say its true name after it was born meant that this new baby dragon had obtained the dragon's inheritance. It did not become a brainless dragon beast driven by its instincts and did not have to be expelled or killed by its biological mother. It could have a relatively safe period of growth.

Although he looked a little strange, since Yang Jian had said his true name, it meant that he was indeed a True Dragon. The danger in the White Dragon Mother's eyes gradually dissipated.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep lazily.

After saying his true name, Yang Jian tried his best to shake his head, and there was an obvious hunger in his stomach.

Turning around to look at the shattered eggshell beside him, Yang Jian lowered his head and ate the pieces mouthful by mouthful.

"It tastes good… It's cold and a little like chocolate."

The eggshell of a dragon contained many nutrients they needed and inorganic things that could accelerate the growth of bone scales. It was the first meal of a baby dragon after it was born.

After Yang Jian discovered that it tasted good, he shook his head and bit on the chocolate-flavored eggshell lifted by his tail.

After eating, the baby dragon carefully sorted out his memories and secretly sized up the White Dragon Mother lying not far away from him.

No matter how many times he looked at her, he was shocked by this ferocious and beautiful beast. His body was even smaller than the White Dragon Mother's head.

'The White Dragon Mother is still considered small compared to other dragons.' Yang Jian thought silently.

At the same time, he saw his appearance through the refraction of the light on the White Dragon Mother's scales.

In the middle of his eyes was not the light yellow color of the White Dragon Mother, but a pair of resplendent platinum dragon eyes. They were bright and dazzling.

If it was in a group of dragons, it would undoubtedly belong to the most beautiful child.

There were many different colors in the eyes of dragons. They were pitch-black, slightly yellow, brown, blue, dark purple, and so on. However, platinum was quite rare.

In addition, the limbs under Garen were thick and muscular. Due to the fact that he had just been born, the white scales were even smoother and more translucent than the ones on the White Dragon Mother's body. There were no rough traces at all, and they were reflecting light like a mirror. The pair of dragon wings on his back was wide, and the fascia was as tough as a sail. The wingspan was slightly longer than his body.

The ratio of the height of his standing body and body length was about 1:6. His entire body was relatively long and muscular.

At the same time, Yang Jian saw the thin ring of black scales on his neck.

"I was born with my own black necklace? It looks quite good."

Yang Jian was stunned and did not think too much about it.

After all, there were all kinds of dragons in the forest. When they were born, some mutations would occasionally happen. It was only a circle of strange black scales, so it was not a huge mutation.

This kind of mutated dragon was recorded in the dragon's inheritance. They were called mutated dragons.

Mutated dragons were mostly much weaker than ordinary dragons, but occasionally, they would mutate into abnormally powerful individuals.

'I hope my mutation is positive…' Yang Jian thought.

After seeing his appearance clearly, Yang Jian lowered his head and stared at the sharp and cold upper dragon claws. He repeated his long true name in his mind.

"The name Yang Jian will disappear with the past."

"In the future, I'll be Garen, a White Dragon called Garen!"

At this moment, Garen's mood was relatively complicated. On the one hand, he was a little uneasy because he had arrived in a brand new world. On the other hand, he was excited because he had seen a beautiful corner of this world from the dragon's inheritance.

Dragon, Undead, Giant, Elf, Spellcaster, Elemental, Demon, Abyss, God…

"I'll take it as it comes."

Garen took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he slowly opened them again, his mind had already calmed down greatly.

Being able to reincarnate as a dragon and not pitiful a low-level monster like a slime or goblin was actually already very lucky.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Some subtle cracking sounds attracted Garen's attention. He turned around and discovered that the sound was coming from the complete dragon egg beside him.

He saw the dragon egg the size of a millstone sway slightly. At the same time, cracks appeared on it and quickly expanded.

The baby dragon inside struggled very hard. A few seconds later, it finally broke out of its shell.

Unlike Garen who had been stunned on the spot for a long time, as soon as this new baby dragon came into contact with the outside world, it let out a childish dragon roar and said its true name.

"Hill Rose Vanessa… Rebecca."

Hill's voice was young and soft, giving Garen the feeling of a loli.

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