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Chapter 2: 3 Years Later!

Luke looked around curiously, he was pulled out of the exit wound by some ugly green alien. Unreal, it was an actual alien, this was so crazy! "It's a boy, grabbed the scanner and check his Battle Power, it shouldn't be much anyway." There was disdain in the alien's voice as he passed Luke to his mom.

"Gasp! It's a boy, this is great, but why does my stomach still feel like this?" The woman was Gine, she was quite excited about having another kid, but she felt her stomach grumbling some more.

"Hmm, well, well, it looks like you have another one on the way!" The alien shook his head, it was just too many of these damn Saiyans!

"Ah! Really, twins! I'm having twin boys!" Gine almost fell out of her bed in excitement.

"Quiet woman! It's not easy doing our work with you yelling like that!" The alien was annoyed seeing how happy she was, he disliked Saiyans and looked down on them.

Gine grew silent but she still smiled nevertheless. Another alien came over and scanned Luke's Battle Power and found that it was merely 15!

"Bwahahaha! What the fuck is this!? This thing's Battle power is this low! Lady, you may as well grief this baby, it's too weak!" Both aliens roared in laughter, but Gine Ignored them, she had experienced this with her first son years ago.

"Oh, goodness! I love this job, it's easy and always gives me a good laugh!" The purple grinned.

"Phew, okay, lady, tell us what you'd like to name the guy?" The alien finally stopped laughing, but as soon as Gine wanted to reply to his question she felt a pain in her stomach.

"Oh, it's the other kid, it's coming out!" The alien quickly put on his antiviral face mask to get the next kid out. After about 2 minutes, they were able to get the other kid out of Gine's exit wound.

"Wow, it's another boy!" The alien held the boy up for Gine to see, he was wrapped in a towel. Gine now had 3 sons in total, this was the dream for her, to have many kids. Sadly, she didn't have many interactions with Bardock since he was usually out on planetary missions.

The purple alien scanned the other newborn soon after. "Oh, dear lord, this baby is even weaker than the last!" The Battle power of this baby was 2, what in the world?

"Lady, are you trying to kill me through laughter, what kind of kids are these!?" Both aliens broke out into a burst of hysterical laughter. Luke really wished he could blast these two into nothingness right about now!

Gine didn't seem to mind, she just ignored these aliens and took her other child into her arms. "Oh, goodness, hurry up and name them so we can register them to the system." The purple alien held what appeared to be an I-pad in his hand, but it obviously wasn't.

"I'll name my first son Kayn and my second will be called Kakarot!" Gine said in a firm voice. With those words, Luke heard a notification.

"Okay, they've both been registered. We'll be taking them to their pods now, so hand them over to us." The aliens smiled coldly, he had long noticed her infatuation with her kids and wanted to take them away.

"Can't I just be with them a bit longer?" Gine asked hurriedly.

"Nope! They have to go into their pods now!" The alien came over and took both Kayn and Kakarot from Gine forcefully. Gine was visibly annoyed and wanted to say something, but she could visit them some other time.

Moments later, both Kayn and Kakarot were placed in Baby Saiyan pods next to each other. "This going to be a boring life, but it's nothing I can do. I'll just sleep, sleeping isn't anything bad, after all."

He was newborn, so he didn't have much stamina in the first place.

Elsewhere in the medical chambers.

"I must be seeing things, did this kids Battle power say 10,000!?" The blue alien was shocked when he scanned the Saiyan, how was this possible? Many other aliens came over and saw that it was indeed 10,000, they were dumbfounded.

"We'll have to report this to King Vegeta if this is true." Some other alien scratch his head, he believed his brain was failing him.

"No, No, Scan him again, it can't be possible!" The Purple alien refused to believe it, just no way it was possible! The aliens ran another scan, they were praying inside that this wasn't so.

"Phew! I was scared nearly to death! It seems his true Battle power was only 10 this whole time!" The aliens all laughed with relief and joy.

"Take him to his pod, there is no need to report anything, we were wrong this whole time!" The aliens quickly listened to their superior and took the Saiyan baby to his pod.

Kayn's pod area.

Author Note: I will be calling him this for now on.

Time passed as Kayn slept in his pod, nothing in particular was going on. After 24 hours, he finally woke and looked through the green glass of his pod. Kayn didn't know it, but his mom had come by to visit them twice in the last 24 hours.

Kayn had received information when he was born that there was a system store he could buy from.

He called out to the system in his mind in order to view it.

⭑System Shop⭑

⭒Ki and Aura Coloration Practice's

⭒Bloodline Evolution

⭒Energy and Combat Techniques


⭒Training Equipment

"Nice, so this is the system. I can buy a few techniques, perhaps." But after thinking about it for a bit, he wouldn't even be able to train them so didn't waste his system points.

He had 10,000 system points, but he didn't know what it was worth to the system. All he could do was sleep for now, but he started to feel hungry. Eventually, some aliens came in with food, they would take Goku and Kayn out of their pods to feed them.

The aliens were females, but they didn't have any disdain in their eyes when feeding them. In fact, the quite liked this job the most, they were getting paid for it to. This continued over the years, but Gine would come every day to visit the 2.

Gine would take them out and feed them some time, this was also to bond with both of them. Over the years, Kayn even saw Bardock who could barely visit. Kayn was overjoyed to see the real Bardock as he was to see Goku and Gine.

Of course, how could Raditz be forgotten, he also came along but he seemed much different from the show. Raditz seemed to love his mom a lot, Kayn could see that he was a mama's boy!

Raditz mainly liked to brag a lot to his mom about his achievements and she would congratulation him and encourage him. It would take a lot to join Vegeta's squad and to be hand-picked at that.

Kayn came to the conclusion that Raditz may have a decent battle power and something to strive for. But after Planet Vegeta was destroyed, that all came crashing down and he remained weak up until he died.

He took on a new personality when he was exposed to Nappa and Vegeta's personalities, he became cold and detached. This could have also been another reason why he was never able to grow, he had no dreams like Vegeta nor did he care about his race as Nappa did.

Raditz just stop caring in general, he never advanced and would die for stupid reasons that could have easily been prevented. He could have easily killed Goku and Piccolo but he wanted to convince Goku to join him but he never did.

Eventually, Kakarot and Kayn turned 3 years of age, he still spent most of his time in a pod. Kayn recalled something, this place would soon meet its destruction! It was currently year 737 so the destruction of this planet was on the horizon.

During his time in the pod, Kayn had already decided to look like Cumber/Kanba! This meant his physique was changing and his hair was growing faster and longer. It was painful at first, but the pain ended fast once all the changes were implemented.

To him, Gogeta was to overrated but he was still Kayn's favorite fusion. Gogeta would make an appearance in the future and he didn't want to look like that when the time came. He wanted to look like something new, something unexpected.

Kayn never bothered to purchase anything from the system during his time here, there was no point. He spent all his sad time in this pod doing jack sh**, so why waste his points now?

On some other day, Bardock and Gine both rushed here to pick Kakarot and him up to bring home. Bardock facial expression was distraught as Gine carried Kayn and Bardock carried Kakarot back home. The aliens didn't care, it was less work for them so they allowed it to happen.

Kayn was 3 years old but his speech wasn't so good, he could barely speak any good sentences.

"I just feel it, I don't why but I know something bad is going to happen." Bardock just had a gut feeling, why else would Frieza call the Saiyan's back?

"Maybe its nothing, maybe you're just imagining it, it could be nothing!" Gine didn't think it was a big deal.

"Just to be sure, I'm going to send them both away." At this point, Gine is carrying both Goku and Kayn in her arms. Bardock quickly brought over 2 space pods for the two to leave the planet.

"Shit! I can't save my parents, what a pity!" Kayn sighed to himself, it was nothing he could.

Gine was reluctant to do this, but she was convinced by Bardock. They both told Kayn and Goku how much they loved them, and that they would pick them up if it was a false call. Kayn thought for a moment and bought an item off the system for 5,000 system points.

He gave it to Gine before they were both launched into space, it was all he could do.

Their destination was Earth!

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