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Chapter 3: Derail 7!

Both space pods broke through space, it wouldn't be hard to use a scouter to see these two escaping pods. Funnily enough, both Kayn and Kakarot's Battle power were so low that the Scouters didn't even pick them up.

Everyone's scouter would go off if it was someone who was somewhat powerful or stronger than them. Even if anyone managed to pick up their power levels on the scanner, who would care about such weakling?

As they flew off into space, Kayn looked out the pod's window toward Goku's Pod. He saw Goku looking right back at him. Goku waved at Kayn with a weird smile on his face, but Kayn didn't mind and waved back.

Kayn sat back in his seat, he was flying through space, so how could anyone cope with being stuck in a pod for a year? Simple, it was a special tool in these pods that was meant to put you in stasis. So, the journey wouldn't be boring nor would you go hungry.

"I guess with me being a kid and all, I'll receive no action until I get stronger, it's whatever. They set both our pods to earth, this should be interesting." Kayn grinned and turned on the stasis machine, it would awaken him once he was at his destination.

He could set to when he arrived at his destination or he could have it wake him up at a certain period of time, like a timer. Kayn just wanted to sleep for now, so he just set to when he makes it to his destination.

Goku was doing the same thing, he seemed to be smart before hitting his head. Time passed quickly while being stasis, and six months had already gone by!

Suddenly, both Goku and Kayn's Pods shook, it seemed like minor turbulence at first but this was different.

This was a Space Storm!

Kayn's space pod was knocked off course, his destination had completely changed, it wasn't earth anymore! Goku's pod made it through the storm in one piece as it continued to head towards its initial destination.

Kayn was in stasis so he didn't know what was going on, he wouldn't be able to understand what it was anyway. His pod continued to some unknown destination, he passed many planets on his journey.

He remained in a deep sleep and time passed again and again. But, a planet eventually came into view, it was his destination. The planet looked similar to earth, but some places on the planet looked dark.

Kayn's space pod broke through the atmosphere with great speed. The pod was lit up in white light when it flew through the sky. Kayn had become aware that his destination was close, so he woke up.

Seeing that he was going to slam into the ground, he pushed a few buttons and the pod slowed down. Before crashing into the planet, it stopped and hovered over the ground, slowly landing.

Kayn didn't want his space pod to suffer any damage, he knew these pods were durable but just in case. Kayn looked out the window, he saw green vegetation everywhere, like trees and bushes. "I finally arrived on earth, this should be where Gohan will come and find us."

Kayn stretched and waited in his pod, but no one ever came.

"Okay, that doesn't make sense." Kayn started to think that his space pod may have landed on a different part of the earth.

After thinking about this, he opened the pod door and stepped out for a look.

"I'll need to find Kakarot first, then we can do things from there." Kayn jumped back into his pod and opened a compartment. Inside this compartment was food, water, repair tools, and what he needed most right now, a scouter!

"Nice! I like the color of it!" The scouter was red and black, his mom had packed the food and water while his dad put in the scouter and tools. Goku never went back to his pod, so this was probably why he never got these things. This was probably due to the memory loss he suffered after falling off that cliff.

"Haha! I'll let him fall off the cliff, it seemed like it'll be a better idea!" Kayn grinned then turned on his scouter. But he turned off quickly soon after, this thing was something that was being tracked!

"I need to take this apart first, then I can scout the area for any threats!" His power level had gone up, but not by much. His current Power level was only 35, it was still stronger than the average human here, he thought.

Kayn closed his pod door and sat in his seat to take the scouter apart. Once he opened it, he saw the piece that was meant for tracking, blinking constantly. Kayn had no idea how he knew this was the espionage, but he was sure of it.

He crushed it and began to reassemble the scouter back to its original state. Of course, he used the tools Bardock had packed for him to do all of this. These were just in case his ship suffered any damage, he also had some screws and other things in the compartment as back up.

Kayn attached the scouter to his face and over his eye. "Oh, yeah, this scouter must look good on me, I love it!" But the scouter would become useless once he learned Ki senses, sadly.

Kayn once again stepped out of his space pod, he wore the typical Saiyan armor that Goku wore in the latest Broly movie as a kid. Honestly, Kayn didn't like this armor one bit, but it was all he had, no packed clothes for him!

With his scouter, he scanned himself first to see if it was working. The readings came up as a solid 35, so it was working perfectly. "Now, let's see what we're dealing with on this planet, at least in my surroundings." Kayn jumped on his space pod and began to scan the area for life.

Beep Beep: 10

Beep Beep: 12

Beep Beep: 30

Beep Beep: 100

Beep Beep: 50

Kayn was stunned for a second, what was with these power levels? "I'm not liking this one bit, this could be a problem!" Kayn frowned, he ran into such powerful existences this fast on the earth of all places.

Happily, they were quite far away or things would turn troublesome quickly, but there was one that was kinda close. Kayn wanted to know where he was on the planet earth, so he began to run it on the system in his space pod. He wasn't expecting it to know anything, but he gave it a shot.

Planet Name: Derail 7

Danger Lv: Mid Class

Assigned To: N/A

"What!?" Kayn's face changed, this wasn't earth!?

"How did we get separated? What happened?" Kayn sighed deeply after knowing this. Kayn brought up the footage and fast forward it to see what went wrong. This pod had a lot of things a normal pod wouldn't have, just where did Bardock get this thing from?

"Are you kidding me!? It was a turbulence problem that caused me to change course!" Kayn didn't know it was because of a space storm, so he assumed it was simple turbulence.

"Time for me to leave, forget this!" Just when Kayn was about to leave.

[Ding! Mission Unlocked!]

Mission Name: First Contact!

Mission Objective: Kill the strongest existence on this planet!


⭑Senzu Beans (x10)

⭑13,000 System Points

���Battle Power Card (+1000) <Meaning Power level

Note: This is an optional mission, you don't have to do it!

"Mission unlocked?" Kayn looked at the sudden mission, the rewards seemed too hard to pass up.

"Damn it, this mission is too good, I can't ignore it, but how strong is the strongest being on this planet?" Kayn didn't fully scan the planet, he stopped the minute he saw a battle power of 50.

Kayn got out of his pod and scanned the planet fully, this time. His scouter was pretty good in quality, it could read power levels as high as 20,000!

Many numbers popped up that made Kayn worry a bit, he had never fought before. Eventually, the highest number showed up, he had set it this way and that was to find the highest power level!


"The Battle Power of this planet's strongest existence is 3,600!" Kayn sighed, he had no training equipment, he had nothing!

"I'll have to figure something out, the strongest power level close to me is a Battle power of 50!" Kayn pulled out the remote to his space pod, as he walked away, it hovered and followed him closely.

It was fortunate that he didn't run into any super strong creatures yet, but he was even more fortunate when saw an empty cave. Kayn slowly and gently had the space pod settle itself on the ground within the cave.

He walked outside, Kayn needed to train in some way. He began to recall the Kamehameha Technique from the show. Goku learned it from watching it once, this should be so for him as well.

"I have a power level of 35, so I hope I can do this much." Kayn formed the Kamehameha's hand movements while chanting the name. Suddenly, a blue light formed in his hand and he shot it off into the forest!


A little explosion took place, causing a little dirt cloud to form.

[Ding! Congratulations, you've learned the Kamehameha Techniques!]

Of course, he could have bought it off the system, but he could process and learn things like this without spending a dime. He also wanted to save some points until he really needed to use them.

"Let's check and see how my status looks now, so I can understand how this works."

|Status Page|

Name: Kayn

Bloodline: Modern Saiyan

Age: 3

Battle Power: 35

|Passive Abilities: Zenkai Boost|

|Techniques: Kamehameha: -F (5)|

|Transformations/Multipliers: Oozaru (x10)|

|System Points: 5,000

"F-Rank, huh." Kayn nodded as to understand, but suddenly, the bushes nearby began to shake. A silhouette jumped out of the bush and landed some ways away from Kayn.

Kayn looked towards what it was cautiously, his heart was beating fast but he stood his ground. What he saw was a brown-haired ape that stood at the height of 5'6, it eyes stared viciously at Kayn while it clenched its teeth.

"Wow, there! I'm nothing like you, we may both have a tail but don't get us mixed up!" Kayn could see that the monkey was looking at his tail. The Monkey didn't care as killing intent was still shown in its eyes.

Kayn scanned the monkey with his scouter, the reading showed that it had a Battle power of 50! "So, it was you I saw on the scanner earlier, hehe, you made a mistake coming to fight me!" The monkey couldn't use Ki so he still had the advantage.

The monkey wildly swung its arms in the air and yelled hysterically, then it rushed Kayn with eyes filled with madness.

Monster_Paradise Monster_Paradise

Enjoy guys, I'll be spending a lot of time on this story.

Happy Reading!


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