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98.79% Dragonborn Saga / Chapter 572: Glutton Free

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Chapter 572: Glutton Free

- Shout Out to all these amazing people…

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@michael crandall



The sound of something soft hitting against metal echoed in the surrounding space, each hit was followed with an amount of force that would break the back of a mammoth but the weird material of the floor withstood it very well.

Blood splattered across the place as the next hit came down and pieces of living flesh started to fly then join up together like liquid quicksilver. Nefertiti would hurriedly jump in, collect those pieces of flesh in a glass container, then escape before the next hit lands.

At the center of the scene, the body of a young man was simply kneeling down from exhaustion with blades, spears, arrows and all manners of metal fragments were sticking out of it. With his normal arm, he held the last piece of strange flesh from his other arm and slammed the ground so hard that a mountain would split.

Eventually, that piece of flesh flew off and Nefertiti collected it in time before it would jump back on Jon.

"This motherfucker is troublesome as fuck."

Jon held his body remembering the senseless pain he just put himself through.

The Fifth Deadly Sin, Gluttony. Probably the most troublesome of the bunch. He can't imagine creating Envy or Sloth to be as unruly as Gluttony.

"Hooman! All gathered!"

Nefertiti showed up in her human form standing beside Jon while holding a large glass jar reinforced with dwarven metal on its ends with a living lump of flesh trying to break free from inside.

Jon took the jar and held up his middle finger.

"Fuck you!"

Jon threw the jar away then literally removed a blade that was going through his torso as he clenched hard from the pain.

"You shifted your organs again?" Nefertiti asked.

"It was a risk I was willing to take." He replied with a cool wink.

Unamused, she pulled out a spearhead from his shoulder.

"OUCH! NO, YOU SHOULDN'T!" He howled from the pain-causing her to panic and stab the spearhead back where it was.

"…" The pain was even more mind-shattering but Jon kept it in and smiled telling her to move away and leave it to him.

As soon as she took cover far on the other side of the room, Jon stood up and focused his inner energy in his core before slowly expanding it and…


A strong shockwave came from inside as every single piece of weapon piercing him flew out like bullets and his body recovered at a rapid rate.

His overflowing vigor manifested into steam rising from his diabolical muscle structure as he started cracking his joint to relieve the tension.

"This body of yours isn't immortal yet?" At that point, Xikil approached Jon with caution.

"Eternal, not immortal. Immortality is a Soul thing but Eternal bodies are ones that never experience degradation in their genetic mutations. So unless completely destroyed beyond recovery, my life will never be extinguished." Jon explained.

"Hmmm… isn't that Immortality?" Xikil didn't seem to get it.

"In a way… maybe. Immortality itself is when you are impossible to be extinguished even without a body and your soul reaches a degree of invincibility that is beyond what is possibly describable. This thing you call Immortality of the Daedric Creatures is basically being stuck in a circle of reincarnation that is fashioned for lesser souls that are easy to manage and manipulate."

"This sounds confusing." Xikil tried to scratch his chin with his metallic fingers but his metallic skin caused the scratch to make a spark.

He looked between himself and his head then looked at Don.

"I told you. Easy to manipulate. I just gave you an unbreakable body and I thought you can hold your damn ground against a Dragon only to find you being tossed around by a damn vampire."

"What? This damn body you gave me is as painful as sleeping with a Daedra from Apocrypha and the vampire that tossed me around is a Vampire Lord no less."

"No excuses! I am starting to rethink my investment in you. Don't you feel ashamed?" Jon acted as if he was wronged all of a sudden.

"Wha… You shameless mortal! You made me do all those horrible things. There is no human as evil as you are. An innocent Daedra like me was…"

"Shut your damn mouth! Never try to sully my good name!"

Jon kicked Xikil out of his sanctuary and returned to taking care of his body.

His cunning action, to put the blame of being useless on Xikil before the latter finds some trouble with him for the reforging process he made him go through, was a textbook bad boss move. Still, he gave Xikil a formidable defense ability and two Dragon Horns, through that, he created the perfect meat shield. The two dragon horns have a use that only Jon was aware of but he kept to himself for the time being.

Still, the Million Septims question is… What in Oblivion happened between Jon and the Vampires… in Oblivion?

Jon wanted to take on Harkon in a 1v1 but Harkon seemed to be insisting on making it an honorable 1000v1 which Jon instantly agreed to.

Seeing a horde of vampires attacking him from left, right, up, down, ahead and from the back; Jon used the power of [Gluttony] and preyed on the Vampires before they could prey on him.

In truth, his appearance when he combines himself with [Gluttony] is like nothing in this world. His outer appearance was extreme even for a vampire and [Gluttony] was very strong in comparison to any known metal. It withstood the blows of any army but like all living things, it has a limit to its stamina.

The flaw of [Gluttony] is its hunger to devour Jon himself. Back when Jon was captured by the Forsworn and was offered to the Briarheart Grove, he escaped by feeding on the grove rather than making the grove feed on him. The accursed Briarheart trees were already mature so they couldn't cope with Jon acting as a parasite on their powers but only a small immature part of the tree managed to evolve thanks to Jon and leached on him becoming a parasite on the parasite.

This small parasite sealed away most of Jon's abilities and couldn't be removed except by the interference of a Daedric Prince, the thing which compromised Jon to the Vampires of Volkihar and led to the early awakening of Serana. In order to escape, Jon used the parasite to sabotage the energy of the Vampire's realm.

Serana was aware of Jon's plan and assisted him against her father. Her father's long life dream would turn every creature in the world against the Vampires of all clans and kinds the way how things happened 2000 years ago with the All Flags Navy when the Sloads of Thras tried to kill all life on Tamriel with a plague.

In truth, the only reason Serana asked Jon to escape was never a mutual interest but rather to foil her father's plan. Even Jon knew that.

What Jon didn't know till yesterday was how Serana got attached to the Briarheart Parasite. This takes him back to that moment.

That moment when he was surrounded by vampires and being attacked from every corner like some boss monster which was actually true judging by the things he did. Not only did [Gluttony] give him powers similar to a Vampire but it has a Beast Form of its own. It still had the same suppressive force which sealed away his Magic and Aura but it had an alternative array of magic channels to it. If Jon used it right, he will access some powers that are not humanly possible. In truth, this upgrade was unexpected to Jon but still a welcome one.

"What I don't understand is how it could become so Vampiric. I knew Gluttony would not perish easily since it had parts of my living soul in it and I would be able to recover it even if it was turned to dust but I never thought someone would be able to influence it other than me." Jon said and turned around, "How could you do it?"


Beyond the unbreakable enchanted glass cell, a terrifying monstrosity of a young woman banged on it with her harm. Her body was naked, full of scratches and her face was turning hideous with her body becoming grey and rigid.

"Give it up, Serana. It won't break!"

*Bang* *Crack*


As the glass broke, it started to slowly recover once again which made her more infuriated.

Serana was indeed captured and put in a test cell. It may sound odd but the one that did the most damage against the Vampires yesterday was not Jon but rather… her.

The moment Jon ripped that crimson dress of hers caused every bloodstream in her body to be ripped with it. She did something to herself using [Gluttony] and once it was separated from her, it didn't take long for her to fall into hysteria and start raging out.

The trance she went into was so strong that she kept running towards Jon like a madwoman and Jon kept avoiding and killing Vampires as he escaped from her in Gluttony's Beast Mode. She didn't even differentiate between her allies and attacked her father when he tried to stop her. Lord Harkon entered his Vampire Lord Form immediately and summoned a [Forbidden Sun] to attack both Jon and Serana but what he didn't account for happened next as Jon used both Serana and Harkon as a distraction for one another and opened a portal to escape before pulling Serana into the [Haven Cube].

He traveled from Coldharbour to the Myriad Realms of Revelry and from there to Quagmire then opened various portals and escaped in a random one to find himself in some strange Realm of frozen wastelands, he kept expanding his escapes through various portals until he returned back to Coldharbour as it became all empty. From there, he opened a portal back to Nirn.

With Serana being uncontrollable, she seemed to have grown tired inside a room with sealed glass that can't be broken as it perfectly redirects all the shocks it receives.

"So, Cute Little Fangs, can we please…"


She was not in the mood to be spoken to especially with someone as way too chill as Jon.

"I just wanted to say…"


No matter what he says, she seemed to have been overwhelmed with some sort of insanity. Jon recovered the Sealing Jar which [Gluttony] was trapped in and observed it closely.

The strange living lump of flesh was frantically moving trying to do anything. It would turn into liquor blood for some time then it would become some silk-like fiber in the next. In truth, it is highly unstable.

Jon observed both Serana and Gluttony. Gluttony is a parasite that makes Serana as a host but if the host shows such symptoms, it can only mean…


It was the truth that Jon didn't even get to fathom in a second or two of realization. He kept looking at Serana who was banging her forehead on the glass until it broke and actually injured her just as she became injured and blood seeped down from her forehead.

Jon watched her as she slowly saw her blood on the glass and started licking it like an animal but from what he could tell from her expressions, it didn't even make her satisfied at all.

In his Cube Space, Jon had plenty of things. Basically, all his tools and secret notes were stored in here. He hurriedly started going through his late belongings and recovered a Blood Potion, something as good as a human for Vampires.

He tried to offer a bit of the potion to Serana in a cub but her reaction was…


She raged and raged and didn't calm down and until she noticed [Gluttony] sealed in its Jar not too far from her glass cell. She kept focusing on it as if trying to say something. Jon observed her as she focused almost too hard before breaking into frustration once again…

"It doesn't listen… IT DOESN'T!"

"This…" Jon observed her closer and tilted his head, "Fascinating!"

A Daughter of Coldharbour, the highest rank a Vampire may ever attain and to see her reduced to a mere junkie, even Jon couldn't help but have a moment in that suffering she was going through.

"Hey!" He snapped his fingers to gain her attention.

Frantically, she moved her eyes towards him then her body almost instantly before glaring at him murderously.

"You… YOU!" She banged her arm against the glass once again and spoke, "GIVE! IT! BACK!"

"It doesn't want to come. It doesn't want you anymore… it wants… me." Jon replied apathetically.


Her expressions turned disheartened as Jon could almost read all the sadness on her face.

"Cute Little Fangs… Serana… I am truly sorry."

She was having an existential crisis of sorts. Jon could understand why in fact, he knew some of her suffering, some of the things she doesn't usually say.

She is just a big child with fangs and claws. Another broken soul.

"Alright, why don't we try this one out?" Jon said as he brought another cup and started filling it with the content of the Blood Potion.

"No… No, no, no… It doesn't work… it doesn't work anymore… It makes me sick."

Serana now can be the first Vampire ever seen to reject the blood. Her sight was miserable to behold.

"Don't worry, I'm just gonna try something that may give you… a little boost." Jon said as he finished pouring the blood into the cup.

He then slowly hovered with his finger above the cup and a small wound opened up on the tip of his finger without even the need of using a blade. A small amount of his blood started to gather around his finger and slowly and carefully, dropped into the cup of blood.

The sensation around his single drop of blood was insane. Jon has reached the pinnacle of humanity in terms of the physique so his blood is insanely powerful.

He slowly carried the cup, put it in the hatch under the glass shield and bypassed it towards Serana.

"No! It is not going to work… It is…"

She kept saying so and holding her head in pain but the moment she felt the scent of blood, her instincts rushed in and before she could even realize, the blood was running down her throat.

Seeing her react in that fashion, seeing herself react in this fashion, it was both of a shock and a romance to Jon.

"My! My oh my oh my!"

Jon crouched down in front of Serana who was on all four looking at him in astonishment.

"What… what just happened?" She asked.

"It seems…" Jon touched his lower lip while thinking then turned around for [Gluttony] which was still sealed, "It seems that this little shit can reproduce the effect of my blood. While my blood can take over the minds of lower vampires, a Daughter of Coldharbour can become… addicted… if she was exposed to it for… let's say… a year?"

Jon raised a very mind-boggling question but he was sure this was the right answer. He recovered [Gluttony] inside the Jar and raised it in front of Serana.

"Looks like we have to get you… ahaha… Glutton Free!"


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