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Chapter 55: Monster

Chapter 55- Monster

"Y-You damn monster..."

Barely standing on his feet, Bai Yun Feng's voice trembled as he spoke, unable to keep his usually calm demeanour, looking around at the disastrous situation.

Next to him were Dong Qing Han and Fan Hong, both lying on the floor with several bruises on their body, unable to stand up as blood dripped from the cuts they had received, which made them both groan in pain, with fear apparent in their eyes.

Just how did this happen?

These three were the Young Masters of their respective forces, and they were practically invincible within their Cultivation Realms, but the three of them were defeated while fighting a single opponent of a Cultivation Realm similar to theirs.

They couldn't even last a few minutes, even after using the Artifacts bestowed upon them by their forces, something they considered life-saving treasures.

"Even after using Earth Grade Artifacts, this all the so-called Young Masters from powerful forces are capable of?"

Standing at a distance from Bai Yun Feng, Su Mu looked at the three Young Masters with a smile, as if their miserable conditions had nothing to do with him.

Placing the tip of his sword on the ground, Su Mu leaned on the hilt of his sword, making sure to strengthen the blade with his True Qi so it won't break.

Otherwise, it'd be embarrassing if the sword were to break while he was leaning on it.

"You bastard!" Bai Yun Feng couldn't help but shout at Su Mu's blatant disrespect, and he turned towards the six Immortal Ascension Realm cultivators that had accompanied the three Young Masters, his eyes asking for an explanation as to why they weren't helping him, but he never received any answer.

Little did Bai Yun Feng know, the six Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivators were being pressured by Meng Wuya, rendering them unable to even move a muscle, and all they could do was watch as their Young Masters were beaten senseless by Su Mu.

At this moment, the conflict has escalated far more than anyone had anticipated, with all the Sect Elders of the High Heaven Pavilion being present, along with those who have arrived from the outside.

"You came here intending to court my woman, but from the looks of it, you never thought about the consequences of your actions." Su Mu looked at Bai Yun Feng as the smile on his face disappeared, and soon, a hazy blue glow appeared around his sword.

Su Mu had already announced his relationship with Su Yan when the fight began, so there was no need to keep an act.

"Hey, isn't that the skill Young Master Su used to kill that Sixth Order Monster Beast?"

"Does he plan on killing them with this?"

Hearing the murmur of the crowd, Bai Yun Feng shuddered, understanding that there was only one way to escape from this situation, and he said.

"Brother Su, if we had previously known that Lady Su Yan had such a capable man protecting her, we never would've even dared to set foot in the High Heaven Pavilion, much less be so rude towards Lady Su Yan. I'd personally apologise for our actions, so why not end this conflict now? Naturally, the Bai Family would compensate you well." Bai Yun Feng decided to lower his head and apologise for now because he knew that as long as he could make it back to the Bai Family, they would definitely seek justice for the humiliation he had suffered today.

With such an apology, no one would be able to simply kill their opponents, not when each of them was backed up by their respective forces.

Su Mu ignored Bai Yun Feng's words, calmly walking towards the latter as the hazy blue glow around his sword increased, becoming more apparent.

"Y-You bastard... I apologized... Don't you have any honour?" Bai Yun Feng took a step back, stumbling to the ground while looking at Su Mu with fearful eyes.

"Honour?" Su Mu chuckled. "In a battle, honour is something that holds you back."

'But killing these idiots wouldn't do as much good in setting an example, not to mention that they're already dead.'

With those thoughts in mind, Su Mu contacted Meng Wuya through his Divine Sense.

{Old Man, release those Immortal Ascension Realm guards when I attack.}

{Why? Do you not plan on killing them?} Meng Wuya asked, slightly confused.

{I've injured their Divine Souls, so even if I don't do anything, they'll die a painful death within a few months, and I need to set an example better than a few True Element Realm trash.} Su Mu replied.

Killing them in a single strike would, in Su Mu's book, be considered merciful.

A few months of suffering was the least he would give them.

And since their fates were already sealed, Su Mu decided to use some other people to set an example.

{Very well.} Meng Wuya replied.

"Wait... Don't... The Bai Family wouldn't let you go..." Bai Yun Feng stuttered, moving back without even getting up from the ground, and he had long since passed the place Dong Qing Han and Fan Hong were, but Su Mu only walked towards him, ignoring the other two.

"Let's end this quickly. After all, I have quite the important people waiting for me." Su Mu said as if stating a fact.

On the other side of the ground, Meng Wuya nodded to himself after hearing Su Mu's words, confident that the latter was talking about him and Ling Tai Xu, High Heaven Pavilion's Sect Master.

{Even with your usually disrespectful attitude, at least you know the basic manners one must show towards-}

Meng Wuya's words were cut short as Su Mu interrupted him.

{What are you talking about, Old Man? The important people I was referring to were Mei'er and Jiao'er.}

Su Mu had said that in such a natural way that Meng Wuya almost coughed blood in surprise.

Since when did a Saint Realm Cultivator like him become so easily swayed by words?


Standing a few steps away from Bai Yun Feng, Su Mu raised his sword, ignoring the Young Master's desperate pleas and threats, and after he was done wondering enough Sword Qi into his sword, Su Mu waved it towards Bai Yun Feng.

Just at that moment, Meng Wuya released the pressure that had been keeping the Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivators in place, and the moment they were released, they all rushed towards their Young Masters, making sure that they were alright.

The two guards belonging to the Dong Family ran towards Dong Qing Han, while the ones from the Purple Fren Valley ran towards Fan Hong.

And naturally, the guards belonging to the Bai Family moved in front of Bai Yun Feng, intending to protect him from Su Mu's sword strike.

"Young Lord please have mercy!"

The two of them stood between Su Mu and Bai Yun Feng, knowing that no matter how powerful Su Mu's strike was, he couldn't damage an Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivator while depending on a Martial Skill.

One of the guards raised their hand towards Su Mu's sword, trying to catch it, and the moment the sword touched their hand, Su Mu smiled.



At that moment, regardless of their strength or status, everyone who witnessed this scene was utterly shocked, with disbelief apparent on their faces, including Meng Wuya and Xia Ning Chang.

Two 3rd Stage Immortal Ascension Cultivators were killed by a True Element Realm Cultivator in a single strike, not even giving them the slightest chance to resist, or to run away.

Watching that horrifying and unbelievable scene, only Su Yan's face remained unchanged, knowing full well that Su Mu was capable of such a thing, but even then, she couldn't help but smile slightly when he publically announced their relationship, which made her very happy.

"And there goes another sword." Su Mu watched as the blade of his sword disintegrated into dust, leaving him only a hilt with nothing attached to it.

"Y-You demon..." Bai Yun Feng could barely keep it together, feeling the hot blood of his guards all over his body as he kept trembling all over.

After looking at Bai Yun Feng for a second, Su Mu casually tossed the hilt of his sword towards him.


The moment his head came in contact with the hilt, Bai Yun Feng passed out.

With this, Su Mu was done here.

Killing two Immortal Ascension Realm Cultivators should be more than enough as an example, and he doubted that anyone would bother Su Yan while he was away from the High Heaven Pavilion.

Ignoring the people who were petrified while looking at the corpses of the Bai Family's guards, Su Mu walked towards Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, and he said.

"Let's go."

"Don't you have a meeting with Sect Master and Treasurer Meng?" Su Yan asked.

"I'm sure they'll need some time to clean up the trash piled up within the Sect." With a light chuckle, Su Mu looked around the crowd that had gathered around them.

His words weren't loud, but they were directed towards the various people staying at the High Heaven Pavilion as guests, and everyone understood what he was talking about.

Their stay within the High Heaven Pavilion was now over.

"Very well." Su Yan nodded, turning towards Xia Ning Chang. "Little Sister Xia, are you alright?"

"Ah. Yes, I'm fine, Elder Sister Su." Xia Ning Chang stuttered, coming back to her senses.

"Well then, let's go." Su Mu said, gathering his True Qi as his body started levitating mid-air, followed by Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, and soon, the three of them flew towards the Black Wind Mountain.

Before leaving, Xia Ning Chang made sure to give her master, Meng Wuya, a nod, indicating that she won't be coming back to the Sect for a while, and that he was not allowed to visit her until she does.

Just as Meng Wuya's heart was filled with disappointment, his eyes met Su Mu's who casually waved at him with a smile, knowing very well what the old man was thinking.


"After I nodded at him, Master looked very angry. Maybe I shouldn't have done that?"

Standing outside their wooden house, which has improved a lot ever since Su Mu left, Xia Ning Chang looked worried, wondering why Meng Wuya looked so angry.

"I wonder what happened?" Su Mu looked as if he had no idea why Meng Wuya was so angry.

Su Yan knew what was going on, but before she could say anything about Meng Wuya's suffering, the wooden door shot open, and from within the house, Hu Mei'er ran towards Su Mu, jumping on him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

With how enthusiastic Hu Mei'er was, her hug caused the two of them to fall to the ground, with Hu Mei'er sitting on Su Mu's stomach.

"Su Mu!"

After hugging him for a good while, Hu Mei'er finally let go, bringing her face above Su Mu's face, and he smiled at her.

"Jiao'er, just because I haven't seen you for a few months doesn't mean I won't recognise you."


"She is Little Sister Jiao'er?"

Both Xia Ning Chang and Su Yan were surprised at Su Mu's words, contrary to Hu Jiao'er, whose face started turning red, embarrassed at her childish act of trying to impersonate her younger sister.




Again, it's a cultivation novel, not all chapters can be relevant (like the previous one), tho I think the problem was the release rate cause if I uploaded more frequently, that wouldn't have been a problem.

But yeah, covered it in one and a half chapters, going forward with the plot from tomorrow.

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