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Dungeon Master : Tale of a Monster Dungeon Master : Tale of a Monster original

Dungeon Master : Tale of a Monster

Author: Northsouth

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Chapter 1: chapter 1




"wake up my child. "


"yes you. my newborn child. "

who are you?

"i am Matera, Mother of Dungeon

i have assign a place for you. i also has prepare some Knowledge to help you. but before i give you the knowledge, i need you to choose who you want to be.

So, what will you be? "

Wow, thousands of shape and form appear i front of me.

what should i choose?

"you can choose whatever you want. take your time and choose your body wisely. "

choose my body?

as i focus to a body, a name and explanation appear in my mind.

'Human body

no special trait

adaptable to most environment.'

what is that mean? I don't understand what have appeared in my mind.


a surge of knowledge appear in my mind that explain about human body. 

this is a body of human race.

they have no special feature that enhance any abilities. 

but their mind is prepared to adapt to almost any environment. this body have an ability to learn and adjust its environment to its own advantage.


then i focus on another body.

'Elven body

magic based body

improve magical ability based on its birth environment. '

a body that have built in ability for magic and extra improvement in using magic based on its birth place.

an elven body that born in a cave will be very good with earth magic, for example.

sounds fun!

then i focus on another body again.

"Tentacruel body

extra intelligent body equiped with extra limbs but with no physical ability at all.

weak in all environment. '

what a weird body.

big brain in a head and tentacle for limbs with no 'body' parts.

it just head and tentacles.

but it will be super smart.


i keep looking on the list of body.

be it intelligent body, beast body, even inanimate body, i look it all.

but among all of it, there is not a single one that really fit in my mind.

they all lack of something. like all of them is incomplete pieces.

Then i decide to ask Mother of Dungeon.

Mother of Dungeon, is this all the body that i can choose?

"yes my child. this is all that i have for you to choose. "

hmmm hmmm

all of it is lack of something. but what it don't have, they have it in other body. Then an idea comes to me, why don't it all combined so i can have all the advantage!


Mother of Dungeon, can i have pieces of some of the body and combine it together for my body?

"that.. is the first time for me.

tell me which body is it and i will consider it. "


i want elven body for its magic, Human brain for adaptability, Steellents bone for extra solid frame, Rubberent for flexible but strong muscle, Diamands skin for defense,...

"that is a lot of body to combine.

but i must admit it will be the perfect body with almost no disadvantage.

sadly i cannot grant you such body, for being of perfection is against my own rule.

but i will grant you a combination of three body for your creativity.

choose well, my child."

just three?

it will be very difficult.

Mother of Dungeon, can you tell me what i will do with my new body. i feel that i need to know what my purpose is before i choose my body.

"your purpose will be revealed when you choose your body. "


I wait for some time but, no more explanation?

okay. so it will be body for the unknown.

Hmm this, and this, then this. 


Mother of Dungeon, i want my body to be a combination of Dragon and Elven. a half beast half elven shape and i wish for the brain of Klaiss, extreme intelligence brain only being that exist but cannot be touched physically.

"your choice is granted.

now hear my command!

you will descend to the world with only one purpose.

to build a tower so high it reach the sky and beyond.

now go! and may you live your life to your best to serve me.

Matera, Mother of Dungeon"

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