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1.22% Dungeon of Pride, Laplace / Chapter 9: Chapter 9- Dungeon Creation

Chapter 9: Chapter 9- Dungeon Creation


Name:- Simon

Race:- Demon Baron

Titles:- Demon of Pride [Incomplete Fragment 1/5]

Level:- 87

HP:- 8,017

MP:- 14,410

Strength:- 861

Defence:- 961

Agility:- 1035

Magic:- 1235

Endurance:- 948

Luck:- 574

Skills:- Language Comprehension, Analysis, Flame Magic Mastery, Wind Magic Mastery

Amalgamation skills:- [Flame-Wind Magic]

Inherent Skills:- [Dungeon Creation], [Main Menu], [̶A̶n̶c̶e̶s̶t̶r̶a̶l̶ S̶y̶m̶b̶o̶l̶ I̶g̶n̶i̶t̶i̶o̶n̶]̶


Lying on the ground, Simon was staring at his [Status Window]. His level rose from 17 to 87 which was quite a big leap, but he did not think as such considering what he had to go through. Another thing of note was that his [Fire Magic Mastery] had evolved into [Flame Magic Mastery].

Mana in this world can take five basic forms:- Fire, Wind, Earth, Water, Electro and four rare forms:- Light, Dark, Space, and Time.

These magic are further divided into three tiers:- Novice, Intermediate and Advanced. Flame magic is the Intermediate form of fire magic and Infernal magic is the advanced form of Flame.

When one learns more than one branch of magic, they have a slight chance of gaining enlightenment in [Amalgamation magic].

Amalgamation magic is the product of adding two or more attributes of mana together. Only a small number of people in this entire world have access to this magic. His [Flame-Wind Magic:- Flare Sun] is the outcome of him adding wind magic to his fireball, altering the magic in the process, making it much more potent and destructive.

"Sigh this [Ancestral Symbol Ignition] is very taxing for my body, not to mention the skill had gone into a long cooldown after one use," Simon observed while gritting his teeth as pain and exhaustion assaulted every corner of his body.

"I should rest here for a while and move when I recover some of my strength." Unable to move his body even the slightest, it was the only thing he could do right now. Fortunately, for the rest of the night he wasn't attacked by any other wild monsters. 

Early morning Simon debated whether to climb the mountains on the other shore of the river. He thought of flying there, making use of his magnificent wings.

However, to his disappointment, no matter how much he tried, he couldn't take off of the ground, so he finally decided to swim to the other shore.

The mountains were quite tall and it took quite a while for him to climb up to its peak.

The forest looked quite vast from up here, its end could not be seen. From his memories, Simon knew that he was in the Ghastly Winding Forest located on the borders if the Demon Continent.

Currently, he was on the east side of the forest where the tall mountains were located, the presence of monsters was the weakest on this side. He could sense moderately strong monsters on the north and south side of the forest, and the most ferocious ones on the west.

The presence of the monsters on the western side of the forest was so strong that it gave him goosebumps. Simon made a mental note not to wander there carelessly.

Now that he knew where he is, he immediately started making future plans based on the memories he inherited. First of all, he needed to secure a place for him to live in, a safe place he could call home.

From the moment he arrived here, he was being persistently hunted down. It can be said that he was on edge all the time. Therefore he needed a base from which he could commence all his operations; fortunately, he was given the perfect inherent skill for that.

[Dungeon Creation] the inherent skill of all demon nobilities. It creates a special dimensional realm for its user using the demon core. Once activated it becomes a living entity connected to its master. The dungeon cannot be moved once created and will grow together with its master.

If the master dies, the dungeon will also collapse, and if the dungeon core is destroyed the master dies.

The Demon Continent is mostly a barren piece of land, unsuitable for the cultivation of most of the corps, making it an unfertile land for the living being.

Surviving in the demon continent is quite harsh than most other continents, due to these factors, the demon nobilities in the demon continent use their demon cores to set up dungeons.

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