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Chapter 25: Chapter 24

It has been three days since the war of Heaven had ended and it was safe to say that information regarding the War of Heaven and the War with the Titans had spread to all the other factions. Due to the power and skill shown by Zadkiel when fighting against the Titan's he had gained a few titles due to it.

Then being: Guardian of Heaven, Slayer of Titans, God's Most Trusted Angel, Angel of Combat, Heaven's Strategist, Wrath of God, General of the Angels, Defeater of Gaia, Angel of War, Bane of Lucifer. But the one he was identified with is the title of King of Salt due to his use of it. (A/N: Titles can be in other languages but since I don't know you guys can help me by suggesting more titles from other factions and Hebrew ones since this is an angel. I will appreciate the help.)

Of course the inhabitants of Heaven are aware of it and if the angels are anything to go by their are okay with the titles since they agree with them. Currently Zadkiel is in his room with Lilith as he is combing her long hair as she is humming. He had just finished his duties and has some free time so he decided to use it for this.

"Big brother, I have a question to ask you?" Lilith said to him suddenly.

"Hmm? What is it?" Zadkiel asked curiously.

"How did you managed to beat the Titans and the Primordial Gaia so easily? I know big brother is very strong but they are deities aren't they. So they should be stronger than even archangels right?" Lilith asked him.

"While that is correct and even archangels should have problems fighting against them, angels also have another thing that helps us." Zadkiel calmly said to her.

"What is it?" Lilith asked him.

"Our connection with our father strengthens us and gives us more power and he can also give us more power when he deems it necessary." Zadkiel said to her as he combed another section of hair.

"That's really helpful." Lilith said with an awed look

"Yes, but we angels have another ability that gives us an advantage over Gods." Zadkiel said catching her attention.

"What is it?" Lilith asked curiously.

"As you know, God's are being who have raw power and a great connection to that power." Zadkiel said to her.

"I don't understand." Lilith asked confused.

Zadkiel just smiled before he told her to sit on the bed as he sat beside her.

"Let me try to make this more simple for you. Take the Primordial Hydros, you know what his powers are don't you?" Zadkiel said to her.

"He has power over Primordial water right?" Lilith said to him.

"That's correct." Zadkiel said with a smile.

This caused Lilith to have a proud expression as she puffed her chest which caused her breasts to bounce in front of him but he wasn't that affected.

"But here is the difference between us Angels and Gods. Unlike us Angels, Gods are both with their connection to their power." Zadkiel said to her.

"So, the Primordials and other deities are born with their powers correct." Lilith said to him.

"That's right they have a strong connection because of it. Due to that, their abilities regarding those elements or that power are much greater in strength. Also, they have an intuition so to say on how to use said power as well. Their affinity with that power is very great as well. For example, Hydros has much greater power and proficiency in using Water than all other God's with only other God's sharing the same connection as him having the ability to match him in power." Zadkiel said to her.

"So that's why God's are so powerful. They already know how to use their powers from the start." Lilith said in an awed tone.

"Yes, an we Angels don't have that connection but it is however an advantage for us rather than a weakness." Zadkiel said to her with a smile.

"There is?" Lilith asked confused.

'But how could it be an advantage?' Lilith thought to herself confused.

"I'm sure you're wondering how it could be an advantage. Well, while their connection to their element or power gives them a stronger affinity to it, that also comes with a disadvantage." Zadkiel said to her.

"What is it?" Lilith asked really interested.

"While their connection gives them a stronger affinity to that power it also stops them from gaining a power that might be opposite or antagonistic to their affinity. For example, Hydro's connection to Water gives him a greater affinity to it but that also means that he cannot use any powers that are fire in nature since it is antagonistic to his very being." Zadkiel said to her.

"Okay. So since his connection is to water he can't use and learn how to use fire. Is that it?" Lilith asked him.

"Simplified yes. And as for the advantage of us Angels, ever since we are born we do not have much of a connection with things other than our Holy Power and Light power. Except for that our affinity isn't that strong to warrant any negative effects. What I'm saying is that while other deities are limited by the powers they are born with us Angels can learn to use any amount of powers that we desire. My abilities with Salt is a testament of it." Zadkiel said to her.

"Then that means big brother can have as many powers as you want?" Lilith asked him shocked.

"As a matter of fact, yes. As long as I learn about that then I can learn to use any power that I want without any limit." Zadkiel said to her with a smile.

"W-Wow. Father really is amazing if he has given you that power." Lilith said awed.

"Right? So, how are you doing with your new body?" Zadkiel asked her.

"I'm getting used to it. The animals are helping as well. And then there's this.." Lilith said as she rubbed her belly at the last sentence.

"Yes I know." Zadkiel said as he rubbed her head.

It is known throughout Heaven now that Lilith is carrying his child. God didn't seem to mind it though and he also didn't have much of a problem with it. Though he didn't expect it to be with Lilith.

'I guess in a few months I'll be a father. What was the name of the child of an Angel and Demon again? I'll likely remember the coming days.' Zadkiel thought to himself as he unfurled his wings.

Lilith gleefully started to touch them and lean onto them as despite them being able to be used as lethal weapons they are very soft and have a fluff feeling which is why Lilith likes them so much. He also missed it when Azazil and Azariel, now Iblis and Livyatan used to hug him and his feathers as well.

'Well, I'll just have to make sure that the future that will come will be safe for Heaven.' Zadkiel thought to himself as he looked at Lilith.

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