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Chapter 16: A familiar forest?

[Received 2x 35,000 SP]

[Received Protection charm]

[Added Longinus Hand to traits]

[Added Festival to abilities]

[Received 2x 60x SD]

[Added Murder added to abilities]

[Added Combo Breaker to abilities]

[Added Parry to abilities]

"Not bad." Vile is fully satisfied with this batch of skills. Tries to merge some.

[Merging Festival and Murder]

[Added Slaughterer to traits]

"I wonder if the spears of this Longinus Hand works like the sacred gear 'True Longinus'." Vile looked at the stray devil in front of him conjured a spear and made a light stab to see if it disabled regeneration.

Which made his hunch correct.

[Longinus Hand, Origin: God of Highschool]

[Slaughterer, Origin: System]

[Combo Breaker, Origin: System]

[Parry, Origin: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance]


Vile, who was about to go and visit the church where Asia was staying, felt that a few fallen flocking to the abandoned church, which made him fasten his pace.

And not to his surprise, Yuuma or Raynare is back in town with her gang of fallen angels. In addition to a busty office lady and the gothic loli, Dohnaseek was in too.

"What's a human in here? I was sure to set up the barrier." The loli looked at Vile annoyingly, before conjuring a

"Wait! Mittelt!" Dohnaseek tried to warn them that it was this human that gave him and Raynare a hard time.

But before she could react, Vile who was faster already conjured a Longinus spear at her, skewering her in the process.

"You! Bastard!" Kawalarner saw her ally being pierced.

Also tries to make a light spear, but is immediately pressed to the ground as Vile uses his Ruler's Authority and Longinus Hand to increase the gravity above her.

It was not long before she passed out by the force.

All the while Dohnaseek goes inside the church and tries to convince Raynare to run away after seeing Vile's powers.

"Raynare! We need to run that bastard is here!" Dohnaseek voice roared in a hurry.

Raynare who was in the process of extracting Asia's sacred gear 'Twilight Healing', Grimaced as she knew who he was referring to.

"Just hold him for a minute! I'm almost done extracting the damn thing." She fastens the extraction.

"Are you bat shit nuts!? You expect me to hold him off!?" Dohnaseek didn't even think about holding Vile off, he just wanted to get out of here.

Just as he was about to leave through the back door.

Vile had already thrown a Longinus spear through his chest, killing him.

Vile entered the church finding Raynare who was holding onto a ring which was the twilight healing, and Asia who was in the ground weakened.

"Hahaha, finally! I've obtained it!" Raynare was overjoyed that she managed to secure a sacred gear.

"So? What are you going to do with it?" Vile asked her.

"With this Sacred-" Before she could finish her words, Vile skewered her with 6 Longinus spears.

"..." Vile stared at Raynare, before returning Asia's sacred gear to her, but she was still dying...

Vile used a flyer that he got from Rias and summoned her.

"What is it?" Rias asked in confusion for Vile to summon her.

"She's dying, make her your bishop I'm sure she would be a good addition to your peerage," Vile stated as he pointed at Asia.

"And why would I do that?" As she looked around and found Raynare skewered by 6 spears, which made her devil instincts run away from it.

"Why? Don't you want a sacred gear wielder in your peerage?" Vile reasoned with her.

"I do but... What's her sacred gear?" She asked curiously.

"It's twilight healing," Vile answered.

Rias eventually reincarnates Asia as her bishop. After that Vile left the area after killing Kalawarner and Mittelt.


A few days had gone

Vile who was chilling in his house, suddenly heard Sakuya call for him.

"Master." She said softly.

"What is it, is something the matter?" Vile asked in confusion.

"Master, someone was trying to teleport inside the house, and I stopped it from happening," Sakuya stated.

"Oh? Good then." Vile praised his maid, from home invaders.

Not long after, He heard a knock from his front door.

"Who is it?" Vile called as he already knew who it was.

"Hello, Vile-kun." Akeno looked at Vile lewdly.

"Hi, what can I do for you Akeno-san?" Vile asked.

"President just wanted to invite you to the club room momentarily," Akeno stated her purpose for coming.

"Alright, I'll be there in a few hours." Just as he was about to close the door Akeno pushed in.

"Ara? Vile-kun isn't inviting me for a tea?" Akeno asked.

"No...?" Vile didn't want Akeno to enter his house, as he didn't want to reveal Sakuya to them yet, not until he dealt with the reincarnator.

"How about another day Akeno-san." Vile was trying a smile while trying to push her out.

'He must have a girlfriend inside, seeing as how desperate he is to keep me out, well, understandably, Vile-kun managed to get a girlfriend in the first place.' Akeno thought as she showed a chuckle at him.

"Alright, make sure to invite me next time, just the two of us~" Akeno playfully responded.

"Alrig-" Right before Vile was about to send Akeno off Sakuya spoke.

"Mast-er?" Sakuya spoke. Before Vile slams the door shut.

'Fufufufu, so he's into that kind of play.' Akeno thought.

"Haaah, it's nothing." Vile could only sigh.


A few hours passed, and Vile now entered the ORC room with Sona whom he encountered since they had the same destination.

"So. What did you call me in for?" Vile asked Rias, he had a few guesses about what this was, like asking for help to deal with her and Riser's engagement.

"Oh, You're here. I just want to invite you to the familiar forest as a thank you for last night." Rias is grateful to him for giving Asia to her instead to Sona.

'Seems like I'm wrong.' Vile thought.

"Hey, why are you talking as if you already won Rias? We haven't even started yet." Sona wanted to correct Rias before they held a competition with each other, as to which king would go first in the familiar forest.

"What!? What did you do with Rias!?" Issei looked at Vile with a panicked expression.

"Ah I forgot we did that~!" Vile said playfully to Issei.

"What?" This reply shocked Issei, as he imagined Vile and Rias doing lewd things.

"Ehem, don't make them misunderstand Vile-san." Rias blushed as she introduced her new bishop.

"This is Asia, my new bishop." Rias felt proud to get another sacred gear holder.

"He-hello, my name is Asia Argento, nice to meet you." Asia introduced herself, and bowed.


After that. Rias' peerage and Sona's peerage hold a match using sports which ended Rias winning.

"Come inside the teleporting circle Vile-kun." Akeno called for Vile.

After they teleported. Vile who was looking around.

'Hmmm? Why does this terrain feels familiar...' Seeing Vile who was looking around the familiar forest, Rias thought that he was excited.

It was not long that they heard someone's voice.

"Hey!" A voice screamed at them.

"Who's there!?" Issei was startled at where the scream originated, finding an Ash Ketchum look alike.

"I'm the familiar master, Zatouji!" As he pointed at himself.

"If you want to find a specific familiar I'm your guy!" He added.

"He is our guide Issei." Rias stated.

"Soo. Tell me what is your type?" Zatouji questioned Issei.

Issei who was remembered when Vile punched him after having a bad type.

"What kind?" Issei said carefully.

"A familiar of course," Zatouji said flatly.

"Oh, then do you have a familiar with big boobs?" Issei's Eyes sparkled.

"Why not try something fun boy, and try a water spirit, Undines!" Zatouji suggested.

"Ohhhh!" Issei's interest peeked as Zatouji led them into a pond.

Issei then saw water start to form.

What came after shocked him as they aren't the water spirit he was expecting.

"Hahaha, Take a look boy, she's off the hook! She's not using some steroids!" Zatouji looked at Issei.

"That's a fucking bodybuilder not a spirit!" Issei whose dreams were crushed cursed at Zatouji. Which made Rias and her peerage chuckle.

Except for Vile, so was confirming something.

'This must be the forest that I first came from.' he thought as he remembered some familiar paths, like the ones he once took on his first day.

"By the way Zatouji, There isn't a dragon here is it?" Vile asked Zatouji, which also caught Rias's her peerage's attention.

"Oh hoho, Yeah there is! But how did a human know that?" He looked at Vile who was a human.

"Is that that so?" Vile simply stared at Zatouji.

"Don't tell me you want a dragon familiar?!" Zatouji wanted to guess.

"Maybe? Since it's a dragon does it have a name?" Vile said jokingly.

"She has! She is called Tiamat, The Chaos Karma Dragon." He said, that after he introduced Tiamat, all of them felt that a strong presence approached them.



-Chapter End-

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