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Chapter 178: Chapter 178: Dragon attack on Asgard!

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Amaterasu hushed the goddesses, urging them to be quiet in order to listen more closely to the conversation.

"Come on, Rossweisse, hop on and let's take a spin around the block. I'll take a picture for your sister," Thor playfully teased.

Athena's worry grew. "Is Thor intoxicated?"

Artemis's frustration was palpable. "No kidding... Look at how flushed his cheeks are. What is that fool doing? He's going to blow our cover. I can't believe the Norse Gods actually sent him."

Amaterasu, trying to make sense of the situation, observed the interaction between Thor and Issei. "The dragon doesn't seem hostile towards him. They're both laughing... It's quite unusual."

Caught in an awkward situation, Rossweisse made an excuse to avoid joining Issei on the motorcycle. "Um, there's not really enough room."

Before anyone could utter another word, Thor, in his drunken state, picked up Rossweisse from behind and placed her on the backseat of the motorcycle, sandwiched between Issei and Ingvild. Ingvild didn't object, albeit appearing slightly uncomfortable, while Rossweisse stared at Thor with a sense of betrayal. "Is this really appropriate... Magni?" she questioned, her tone laced with disbelief.

Thor, his intoxication evident, cheered enthusiastically, "Take her for a spin!"

In utter disbelief, Rossweisse let out a wail, "ARGHHH!" as the motorcycle immediately shot forward, defying the laws of physics, and raced down the street in a blaze of speed and fire.

Observing the scene unfold, Artemis couldn't contain her anger. "Who is that girl with him? Thor is a monster for treating her like that!"

Athena, attempting to maintain her composure, simply covered her face with her hand, trying to ignore Artemis' complaints.

Amaterasu turned her attention to Artemis, offering an explanation. "She seemed like one of the Valkyries. It would make sense. I doubt she's a goddess. She referred to Thor as Magni, which I thought was his son's name."

Surprised by the revelation, Athena expressed genuine shock. "Oh... so he's using an alias to communicate with the dragon? That's unexpected. I'm amazed someone like him could pull it off."

Artemis continued to voice her frustration, condemning Thor for placing a beautiful girl in harm's way and forcing her to entertain the dragon.

Annoyed beyond measure, Athena finally snapped at her sister, attempting to silence her. "Will you please shut up for one minute? You've been getting on my nerves all day."

Artemis looked at Athena, bewildered by her reaction. The typically stoic Athena wasn't one to display such irritation.

As Issei's motorcycle disappeared from sight, Thor unexpectedly leaped onto the rooftop where the goddesses had been observing, catching them all off guard.

Shocked, the goddesses looked up at Thor as he stared at them sternly. "You all sound like a bunch of clucking hens up here. I'm surprised the dragon didn't notice you."

Curiosity piqued, Athena inquired, "How did you see through our concealment?"

With a dry, sarcastic tone, Thor replied, "Magic." He appeared completely sober and serious now.

Amaterasu greeted him politely, "Welcome to Japan, Thor. We're honored to have your assistance. You may not remember me, but I'm Amaterasu."

Thor's demeanor softened as he looked at her. "Oh yeah, you're the wolf girl, right? The one who had a crush on Balder!"

Amaterasu deflected slightly, feeling slightly embarrassed. "Well, it wasn't exactly like that."

"Ah, well, Balder's gone now, so I guess that dream is dead too," Thor said, his gaze turning distant as he averted his eyes.

Wanting to change the topic, Amaterasu asked, "How are things in Asgard these days, Thor?"

Thor's expression darkened as he replied, "Pretty bad... We were attacked by four dragons yesterday. The White Dragon Empress, Tiamat, Nidhoggr, and Apophis all showed up. They were searching for Loki and wanted the Midgard Serpent for their army. Luckily, Hermod arrived before them and warned us. Everything's in shambles... It feels like Ragnarok is upon us."

The revelation of the dragons' attack on Asgard left Athena gasping in shock. "The dragons attacked Asgard?! Did you manage to defeat any of them? What exactly occurred?" she questioned, her voice filled with concern.

Thor replied, "They fled swiftly once they realized Loki wasn't present. However, we did learn what Ophis is seeking. She desires to face the Great Red."

Artemis, perplexed, interrupted with a bewildered expression. "The Great Red? What are you talking about?"

Thor patiently explained, "The Great Red Dragon of the Apocalypse, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. He is the God-Emperor of all Dragons, and by the sounds of it, even more formidable than Ophis."

Artemis scoffed, finding the whole situation ridiculous. "So this entire conflict stems from a dispute between two dragon gods? It's preposterous."

Thor shrugged casually, his expression serious. "Perhaps it may seem trivial, but even the smallest spark could ignite the destruction of Yggdrasil and countless other realms caught in the crossfire."

Athena, adopting a stern tone, lectured Thor about the recklessness of his actions. "Do you realize how perilous it was for you to engage the Crimson Nightmare Dragon in such a manner? You were fortunate that he didn't recognize your true identity."

Thor glared at her with a nonchalant expression. "I didn't approach him intentionally. As fate would have it, we coincidentally found ourselves in the same restaurant. We had a brief conversation... He's not quite what I expected."

Amaterasu chimed in, supporting Thor's observation. "I reached the same conclusion. He interacts with beings one wouldn't expect. When we arrived, it didn't appear as though he had any intention of joining forces with Ophis."

"I sense his return... We shall continue this discussion once he departs," Thor announced, making his way back to the restaurant's entrance.

Rossweisse, visibly panting and her hair disheveled from the exhilarating ride, gingerly dismounted Issei's motorcycle. "That was..."

"Terrifying?" Thor interjected.

Rossweisse corrected him with a shaky voice, "Fun... I never anticipated it to be."

Issei waved goodbye before driving off with Ingvild. "Take care, everyone. It was nice meeting you," he called out.

Once Issei and Ingvild were out of sight, Thor turned his attention to Rossweisse. "To the rooftop. There are goddesses present."

Rossweisse gasped in surprise. "Goddesses? Up there?"

Without hesitation, Thor effortlessly leaped back onto the rooftop, with Rossweisse quick to follow. Now that Issei had departed, Thor focused his gaze on the three goddesses. "So... I know Amaterasu, but who might the two of you be?"

Athena stood up graciously, extending her hand in a respectful gesture. "I am Athena, daughter of Zeus and the Goddess of War and Wisdom."


want to read 23+ chapters ahead or just want to support take a visit on my patreon.



23+ advanced chapter on my patr(e)on.

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