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87.32% Earth's Alpha Prime / Chapter 62: Alpha Program's Day-2 ends. (EDITED)

Alpha Program's Day-2 ends. (EDITED) - Earth's Alpha Prime - Chapter 62 by MN_1223 full book limited free

Chapter 62: Alpha Program's Day-2 ends. (EDITED)


Olivia's Spirit Space.

Through the Moon ORIGIN SIGIL, Olivia's consciousness returned to her own Spirit Space along with a part of MJ's consciousness.

MJ told Olivia not to misunderstand Jay, and that the warning he gave was his overprotectiveness towards his family.

After that, MJ suggested that she had to wait in her own Spirit Space for an hour, as MJ slowly distributed the Undistributed Stats that Jay transferred through the Moon ORIGIN SIGIL into Olivia's <STATUS>.

By the end of the hour, her weakened body had regained colour and returned to how it was before she suddenly lost most of her stats.

The Looted Stats made up for the stats she had lost.

Then, Olivia opened her golden eyes, which had become even clearer, and there was a silver moon imprint on her glabella.

The other three Alpha Chosen approached Olivia, who just awoke from her unconscious state.

Andrea asked Olivia if she was fine and why she fell unconscious.

At the same time, Kasim curiously asked Olivia what does an 'Omega-Chosen,' that appeared in the huge notifications across the sky, mean and how she became that.

Whereas Sergei stayed silent, and made a few assumptions of his own.

But once Oliva opened her eyes, they all froze in place under the glance of her Golden Eyes.

What they experienced wasn't the Tier suppression but the pure suppression over their Innate Talents from Olivia's Grade-10 Innate Talent, which was claimed as the highest Grade of any Innate Talent in the Universe.

Only the Omega-Chosen had the ability to suppress those who have a lower grade Innate Talent than them.

Under such suppression, those with Grade-9 Innate Talents and below could only exhibit just 50% of their power.

Just this exclusive ability of Omega-Chosen contributes half of the reason, as to why they were deemed as 'Unrivalled within the same Tier,' throughout the Universe.

Only when Hobgoblin MJ explained it, did Olivia realise that she unconsciously exuded Innate Talent Suppression and retracted it.

After that, in response to Andrea's and Kasim's queries, she responded by saying that she couldn't mention any details regarding it. When the time and opportunity comes, she would explain everything to them.

It's not that she didn't want to tell them, but that she couldn't.

Not because of the Moon ORIGIN SIGIL, but due to the effect of <Mask of Nihility>, since everything she had to say revolved around Jay or his Origin energy. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-alpha-prime_18499797106079005/alpha-program&apos;s-day-2-ends.-(edited)_52441404755985006">;s-alpha-prime_18499797106079005/alpha-program&apos;s-day-2-ends.-(edited)_52441404755985006</a> for visiting.

As a Major ORIGIN SIGIL holder, she held the secondary authority to choose holders for 10 Minor ORIGIN SIGILS. Each of those 10 individuals would get the tertiary authority to choose holders for 10 Rudimentary ORIGIN SIGILS.

If it were shown in an army hierarchy, without considering the soldiers, the 1000 Rudimentary ORIGIN SIGILS holders would represent the Lieutenants.

The holders of 100 Minor ORIGIN SIGILS would be Captains, and the holders of 10 Major ORIGIN SIGILS would be Generals; whereas Jay would be the Commander.

As to why Olivia said that she would explain everything to them later, was because she intended to offer each of them a Minor ORIGIN SIGIL.

But, before that, Olivia wanted to learn more about the pros and cons of her ORIGIN SIGIL, to give them her honest opinion on accepting it.

Even though Olivia didn't mention any details about what happened to her, from their previous experience of suppression, all three of them were sure about one thing; it was that she grew powerful beyond reach.


At the entrance of Underground Maze.

After that, I exited my Spirit Space, and what entered my view was Dante, who was covered in wounds as he struggled to fight against a bunch of Tier-1 Lizardnoids.

From looking at the couple of dead Lizardnoid carcasses spread around and the increase in Dante's Level, I could tell that he killed them on his own.

Even though he was only at Lv.5, he was able to go against tens of Tier-1 monsters on his own using his ability to predict their Fate Sequences.

Instead of directly killing those Lesser Lizardnoids myself, I restricted their movements with my Tier suppression, and healed Dante using a few drops of High Vitality fruit sap.

If I were to incapacitate them and then have Dante land a fatal strike, he would only get 10% of the Life Energy.

So, I used the infamous power levelling technique which was used throughout the Universe.

The Technique was to unleash Tier Suppression on those monsters one by one so that Dante could gain combat experience without the distribution of life energy getting affected by me.

By the time it was over, he had reached Lv.6 and wasn't far from reaching Lv.7.

Even though my impression of Dante had improved I didn't offer him an Origin Sigil.

I intended to do that once he saved his Uncle Roberto, and I would also mention all the pros and cons before letting him make his decision.

After that, I power levelled Dante in the same way as before. Even though it would take a lot less time if I were to spoon-feed him with a full-on power levelling, he wouldn't be able to learn any proper combat experience from it.

So, I used the infamous power levelling method to level him up so that he would gain enough combat experience while levelling up faster.

6 hours had passed since then, and Dante had already met all the requirements for Tier-2 Evolution, and thanks to MJ's information on the use of Fate Stats, he was even able to bring his <Fate Mastery> to Stage-2.

I learned that those with Unique Category Innate Talents could decide on when to start their Evolution, unlike those of the other 4 categories.

So, I suggested he start his Evolution in the 18-hour rest period since there were only 15 minutes left before Day-2 ends.

I also gathered all the required armour type Spirit Items to upgrade <Centauri Kavach> to the next grade through Dante since he was able to gain Spirit Items whenever he killed a monster of a different race for the first time.

Even though all the armour type Spirit Equipment I gathered were of Common grade, they were the best of the best amongst common grade armour type Spirit Equipment, and the inherent Skills they had on them were just as powerful.

I didn't let the <Centauri Kavach> absorb them yet because I intended to upgrade it twice at once.

For <Centauri Kavach> to upgrade from Common Grade to Uncommon Grade, it needed to absorb 6 specific armour type Spirit Items (Helmet, Shoulder Guards, Gauntlets, Tassets, Greaves and Boots) of Common Grade.

To upgrade once more; to Rare Grade, I needed the same 6 types of armour Spirit Items but of Uncommon Grade this time.

But for Dante to gain Uncommon Grade Items, at the expense of his Fate Stats, he would have to be in Tier-2.

However, that wouldn't stop me from upgrading <Centauri Kavach> to Rare Grade since I had MJ, who could use Spirit Energy Engineering to upgrade the Spirit Items.

There were two resources needed to use Spirit Energy Engineering, when creating a new Spirit Item or upgrading an existing one, and they were Spirit Ore and Spirit Crystals.

As for Spirit Crystals, I had more than enough since I gathered from all the monsters that I killed, and on top of that, I even had Hobgoblin MJ and Shadow Leopard MJ working as monster killing machines.

When it comes to Spirit Ore, I didn't find some kind of Spirit Mine that produces Spirit Ore, but MJ found an alternate method for that.

That could only work when I was in <INVERSE> mode since that was when I was able to use Origin Energy, to turn any weapon into Spirit Ore scraps, which can, in turn, be used as Spirit Ore.

MJ needed a physical form to use Spirit Energy Engineering; the best option was Hobgoblin MJ, since his body structure resembled a human, suitable for crafting purposes.

Moreover, he had the Uncommon Grade skill <Nimble Hands> to assist Hobgoblin MJ in Spirit Energy Engineering.

During this time, the top 1000 rankings in the <Trial World Alpha Leaderboard> were filled and that opened two more Leaderboards, according to Trial Region and Trial Continent.

They were <Trial Region Alpha Leaderboard> and <Trial Continent Alpha Leaderboard> respectively.

Just as the name represents, they had the top 1000 rankings in their respective Region and Continent.

The Earth's Trial Zone was in the 35th Trial Region of the 7th Trial Continent.

But my ranking remained the same in each of those four Leaderboards.

So, it didn't matter much to me. But I checked on the Trial World rankings of other Earth's Alpha Chosen.

And among them, Olivia was the most noticeable.

Back when she evolved to Tier-2, she was ranked 950th, but within just 6 hours, she managed to reach 378th in the Trial World rankings.

It wasn't surprising since I transferred 250 Undistributed Looted Stats, and the 'Omega-Chosen' Achievement Title gave her an additional 5 Undistributed Stats per level.

So, instead of 10 Undistributed Stats per level, she gained 15.

Because of that, even though she was in Lv.16, she had 360 overall stats, which was enough for her to be as powerful as a peak Tier-2 monster.

With MJ deciding to protect her, she didn't have any obstacles even when she was faced with multiple Tier-2 monsters.

As for Andrea and Kasim, both of them met the requirements and were in the midst of Tier-2 Evolution.

Whereas Sergei was at the same level as Olivia even when he evolved to Tier-2 before her.

Soon time passed and a few notifications popped up in front of me.

[Prepare yourself, You will teleport to the Earth in 1 minute as Day-2 of the Milky Way Galaxy Trial Program is about to be completed.]

[After 18 hrs of the rest period, You will teleport back to the Trial Zone to start Day-3 of the Alpha Program, and this process continues until the end of the Alpha Program.]

[Time left: 60 seconds]

I looked forward to the upcoming rest period as I had huge plans for the Retrial against the 'Quadnite Conglomerate'.



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Discord Link for 'Earth's Alpha Prime' :


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Title preview for Advanced Chapters:

Chapter 63: Spirit Energy Signature.

Chapter 64: <A.I Space>.

Chapter 65: Secret Base.

Chapter 66: Power of <SOUL EYES>.

Chapter 67: Token of Gratitude.

Chapter 68: <Centauri Kavach>'s 1st Armour form.

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You could find the link for Advanced Chapters in the Earth Alpha Prime's Discord Server.

Gamma-Chosen --> 3 Advanced Chapters (1 and a half week ahead of the public!)

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On top of that, the Chapter release rate will increase from 2 Ch/Week to 3 Chs/Week.


Well then, See you guys at the Next Chapter Release: Thursday (April 15th).

Stay Safe:)

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