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Chapter 733: Solemn Sacrifice

Caranthir disappears, leaving behind blue particles as Ciri looks around cautiously... She tries to sense for spatial anomalies in-order to spot her opponent, eventually muttering "There!" while slashing at an empty space.


Caranthir appears behind her and parries her blow, neither behind knocked away due to their current strengths being equal... Caranthir is momentarily stunned by Ciri's strength, something like him who'd been training in combat all his life not having expected to be matched by a mere human girl.

Ciri's eyes contract as magic is channeled through Caranthir's staff, causing the orb atop it to explode with energy. She blinks away before he's hit by it, and sees that the ground surrounding Caranthir is heavily damaged... Not only is this man Avallac'h's prised student, but a fierce warrior as well, even despite all her training she still felt that they were evenly matched.

She and Caranthir teleport around the battlefield, occasionally clashing before backing away and continuing their dance. Ciri's stops blinking for a moment to take a breathing, spotting Caranthir in a similar situation, though, due to her blood she wasn't as exhausted as him...

Caranthir frowns and raises his staff which causes blue orbs to appear above Ciri... They pulse a couple times before exploding which brings blue pillars of magical energy to bombard the area.

Ciri could easily dodge them but decides to go on the offensive, teleporting behind Caranthir for a moment before doing it again to his front as he turns.


The sound of metal sliding against metal is heard as she forces her blade through armoured plates again, this time piercing the Elves gut and doing not a small amount of damage!

Caranthir groans in pain as he teleports backwards and into a group of Wild Hunt soldiers who're currently fighting the others. Ciri isn't going to let him escape again however, quickly following him and using the soldiers heads as stepping stones as she chases the hunched over mage.

Ciri "What's wrong Caranthir!?! Can't take the heat!?" she taunts, slashes her sword at a soldier who attempts to intercept her, cutting their neck and causing them to bleed out.

Caranthir slams his staff on the floor and conjures large golems to attack Ciri, but they're too slow to accomplish anything meaningful, her simply blinking past them and delivering a kick to the back of Caranthir's head.

He crumbles to the floor as Ciri walks up to him and kicks his staff away while pointing her blade at his throat. "You, Eredin, and the Wild Hunt have tormented me enough... This is the END Caranthir!" she states, thrusting her blade into his throat and achieving a satisfying splatter of red.


The golems behind her crumble to the floor as she takes a deep breath and sighs, feeling as if a huge weight had just been released from her shoulders... Without Caranthir, the Wild Hunt would likely not be able to do anything meaningful, Avallac'hs teaching no longer being accessible to them.

*Pulse. Pulse, Pulse!*

A strange sound draws her attention, it's coming from the ritual circle... She spots that Reima had just finished off all of the Navigators responsible for it, but for some reason, it'd still not disappeared...


A shockwave explodes from the ritual circle, the circle itself expanding to incase Reima within it... Geralt, Yennfeer, The prospects, Chaos Servants, and everyone else had finally arrived up the mountain, but the battle was almost completely over... Only a few fleeing Wild Hunt members remaining...

Reima feels an ungodly amount of magic somehow manifesting within the ritual circle and tries to stop it. Absorbing the magic and sending it outside of the circle where it'll become like the rest of the ambient magic... But his rate of transfer isn't fast enough and the amount already gathered is enough to wipe Ichor, and most of the nearby countries off of the continent entirely!

This must've been what Eredin's plan was, even after eliminating the Navigators they wouldn't be able to stop it... The ritual itself already being self-sustaining, he could only guess they planned to have it self destruct to get revenge for their defeat...

Reima "Fuck! There's nothing I can do to stop it!" he shouts, the others hearing him and attempting to approach to see if they themselves could do something. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yennefer scans it and goes pale, Geralt sends her a worried look which allows her voice to return, "The concentration of magic is too much! Even if we manage to dispel it, everyone in Ichor will die!"

Geralt frowns, "Open a portal, we need to evacuate the city and hope Reima can do something about it!" he decides, not having any other answer to this situation.

Yennefer nods and does so, opening a portal to Kaedwen and trying to get everyone nearby into it... Quelaag refuses to go through, Quelana agreeing and instead attempting to destroy the circle... Unfortunately, the concentration of magic running through it makes it all but impervious to damage, to such an extent that getting close would have your flesh disintegrate...

Reima growls and decides to "Fuck it", summoning Chaos Flames and pushing Elder Blood Magic within them to create anti-magic fire... From within the tornado of magic that is the ritual circle he expands the flames, turning the whole thing into a tornado of Turquoise fire!

His actions aren't for nothing, the concentrated magic burning away and causing space-time itself to tremble under the power the tornado is giving off...


Suddenly and without warning a rift opens up, sucking Reima into it and causing everything nearby to freeze solid as the White Frost spews out.

Yennefer cuts the portal and tries to conjure a shield strong and large enough to protect everyone, but it falls short and allows most of the Prospects to freeze solid... The Chaos Servants fight off the cold by summoning powerful Chaos Flames, but the winds will exhaust them eventually!

Solaire sees Reima disappear into the rift and explodes with lighting, empowering himself and launching towards the rift... Only to be frozen solid and get thrown away by the powerful winds...

Priscilla catches the frozen statue of her brother and retreats into Yennefers shield... Just as Eeuwigdurend stands to his full height and approaches the rift, his wings fully extended as he fights against the turbulent winds...

Eeuwigdurend "You will cease!" he growls, causing the air to tremble from his voice...

Ciri who'd been shocked still but Reima's disappearance finally regains her composure, blinking out of the shield as Geralt tries to stop her, "Ciri no!"

She pushes against the wind and thinks to herself that it isn't as gold as everything makes it seem... Reaching the rift with relative ease and stepping through it as everyone watches on in disbelief...

Eeuwigdurend finally reaches the rift, dropping on all fours as his body freezes while wrapping his wings around the rift, sealing any entrance or exit to it in an air-tight vacuum made from his own flesh. He feels as if his strength is being sucked out as his body slowly freezes, taking one last glance at Priscilla before everything goes black.

Niggross Niggross

Eeuwigdurend noooo!

Hope you guys like the chap, if I missed anything please let me know.

If you like my content or want to read ahead please go to, I'd appreciate it.

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