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Chapter 55: Electronic Nova Award

"Next up is the second-to-last segment of our Canxing Nova Awards, where we present the award for the top Electronic Music Producer of the year. With its captivating, innovative, distinct, and unique characteristics, electronic music holds a magical allure. The nominees include; 'The Rex' with his work 'The King of Street Dance!'"

One of the hosts, He Jiu, held the script card and smiled after glancing at it. "I'm sure all of you present here, and those watching at home are already familiar with this nominated producer. It's their third appearance on the stage of our esteemed Canxing Nova Awards. Undoubtedly, they are an exceptional producer with impressive work."

During the customary opening remarks, the host aimed to inform the audience about the nominated producer.

In a secluded corner of the guest seating area, a man clenched his fist discreetly, his face betraying anxiety and nervousness.

That person was none other than Wang Tianyi, also known as 'The Rex,' currently nominated as a producer.

Wang Tianyi's mood wasn't the best at the moment. He looked noticeably different from before the 'Street Dance of China' event he held with Cheng Xiaofan, his complexion had turned pale, and noticeable dark circles had formed under his eyes.

Nevertheless, he made sure to attend the Canxing Nova Awards.

Sitting beside him were two individuals: one was Cheng Xiaofan, while the other was a well-dressed middle-aged man with a bald head in an elegant black suit.

"Hope remains until the very last moment," Wang Tianyi tightened his fist, his gaze fixed on the hosts on the stage. Upon closer inspection, a faint redness could be seen in his eyes. "This is my final opportunity."

Only heaven knew the immense pressure Wang Tianyi had been under during this period. From the relentless scrutiny of online public opinion to the overall perception of his work, he had endured far more than he should have. In his eyes, the Canxing Nova Award and a prominent position on the new celebrity ranking list rightfully belonged to him.

Although he was aware of the slim chances at this critical juncture, there remained a glimmer of hope for an upset as long as the award hadn't been presented.

Wang Tianyi took a deep breath. "Regardless of the current public perception, everything will change if I become the recipient of this award."

However, reality often unfolds differently from one's aspirations. When it came down to the final moments, reality would typically unveil its ruthless and indifferent nature.

Onstage, the host proceeded to announce the nominees one by one.

Among the contenders, alongside 'The Rex,' were four other nominated producers, including the mastermind behind 'Solo Dance' and 'Closer' - TMY.

When introducing these producers, the host dedicated significantly more time to TMY's accolades, conveying a tone of genuine praise and admiration.

Finally, the presenter for the Electronic Music Award stepped onto the stage.

And when it came to presenting the Electronic Award, the presenter was someone who Tang Miaoyi was familiar with. It was none other than Yang He, the director of Light Cloud Music.

After all, Light Cloud was unrivaled in the field of electronic music. Even the most influential record companies couldn't match their expertise. Therefore, it was only fitting for Yang He to be chosen as the presenter for this prestigious award.

"Alright, it's time to announce the winner of our final award, the esteemed title of Electronic Music Producer of the Year. Let's give a round of applause to all the nominated producers," Host Lu Yu introduced the category.

Applause filled the air as the audience showed their respect.

"So, the individual who will receive the honor of Top Electronic Producer this year is... a true newcomer in every sense. Not long ago, they were relatively unknown in the electronic music scene. Yet, astonishingly, this producer has consistently captivated us with imaginative compositions surpassing our expectations. They use animal sounds like keys on a piano and craft vocals so electronic they merge seamlessly with the background tones. Moreover, they have graciously involved their fans in one of their own songs." Lu Yu's voice softened as he provided examples, carefully avoiding explicit details.

Then he continued, "With the song 'Closer,' they have demonstrated that electronic music can embrace limitless possibilities. Through powerful basslines and delicate harmonies, they evoke deep emotions in the listeners... Without a doubt, I personally believe this artist is a true genius. Her debut work, 'Fox,' has been released for less than two months, yet she has Solo Dance'd her way into our hearts.

Please give a warm round of applause to TMY with her winning piece - 'Closer'!!"

The crowd settled, and Lu Yu uttered the final words. The lights at the Imperial Stadium suddenly illuminated, accompanied by a burst of continuous fireworks. On the giant screen, three gold-plated capital letters appeared - 'TMY' - along with the album cover of 'Closer.'

Music began playing through the speakers, and the electrifying melody of 'Closer' filled the venue.

From 'Fox' to 'Solo Dance,' and now 'Closer,' although the industry had anticipated TMY's victory, it was still surprising to witness her win within just two months.

"This TMY has risen rapidly. She just received the Canxing Nova Award, but how far will she ascend in the future?" commented an industry insider in the electronic music circle.

In the end, Wang Tianyi failed.

"It's over..." Wang Tianyi's heart sank. Despite maintaining a composed demeanor, the desolation in his eyes was undeniable.

"Tianyi, to thrive in this industry, you must possess a calm mindset. You have always been too impulsive, rushing into battles without fully understanding your opponent."

At that moment, the middle-aged man sitting beside Wang Tianyi reached out and gently patted his shoulder. They seemed to be acquainted if not friends. The man's expression was even more serene than Wang Tianyi's. "This is just one opportunity. If you persist, you will have many more in the future."

"But teacher, if you won't help me now, why are you still..."

"You still don't understand. You need to take charge of your future rather than waiting for someone to grant it to you. Hoping for an award to hand you success on a silver platter is precisely why you have failed. Without taking responsibility, you won't achieve success. That's the reason for your defeat and why I refuse to assist you any longer.

You have yet to grasp the reality of your loss. You engaged in a battle with an opponent beyond your capabilities, and now you place blame upon them? Have you made any effort to learn from your mistakes? Listen to their works, and you will understand the reasons behind your loss. Perhaps you will even gain valuable insights. Instead of harboring notions of an unfair system, identify where you went astray. Learn from your adversaries and emerge stronger." The middle-aged man scolded Wang Tianyi softly but with an intense gaze.

"Learning from your opponents..." Wang Tianyi couldn't help but pause.

"Yes." The middle-aged man didn't even raise his head, calmly stating, "Once you return, open up the comments on your Weibo and offer a formal apology. Then, we'll talk more in-depth..."

- - - - - - - - - -

Meanwhile, the award ceremony continued, and a representative from Light Cloud claimed the gold statue on behalf of TMY from Yang He.

At Miaoyi's home, Qiuying and Miaoyi watched the scene unfold together.

"Miaoyi, you've done it! You've won!!" Qiuying exclaimed, unable to contain her joy. She shook Miaoyi, her delightful expression impossible to conceal.

"Well, this is only the first step." Of course, Miaoyi felt the need to downplay her achievement. But her heart was practically bursting with happiness and pride, and a radiant smile naturally graced her face, accentuating her glowing presence and adding an extra layer of brilliance.

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