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Born during the end of a war in the poor kingdom of Draconia. Ash Snowpelt, youngest of three is a Halfbreed along with his two siblings. His mother is a human ex-solder and his father is a werebear. He wasn’t allowed to go to school because he was forced to hide what he truly was.

Years later, the war finally ended and Emerald Prep, a school that accepted all species was built to show the peace. For the first time in his life, he can go to school. But, not every student is happy with accepting mages and werebeasts as classmates, especially halfbreeds.

Dealing with schoolwork, bullies, love, and a evil being that is hunting down werebeast students. Together with his two best friends, a kind vampire and a sharp-tongue mage, they work together against the hardest challenge of their lives, Freshman year.

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    Very good story thus far and an interesting world that is slowly being revealed. Looking forward to more. We need more good stories and web novels with LGBTQ+ characters in them.

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    This is an amazing series i totally recommend! It has beautiful representation and relationships! The way the story goes keeps you intrigued and entertained! I read ot all in like two days and i loved holeheartedly! Thanks so much author for the amazing book!

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    Amazing writing. He keeps it simple yet funny and concise. This is by far one of the best books I have read on here so far. As I read I can see the events happening in my mind as a comic hahaha, it’s fantastic. This is the kind of book I came on here to read, love it. 😍😍😍

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    this book is finally has Premium chapers starting from chapter 15! thank you to everyone that continues reading after chapter 15! this has been a informative review from the author!

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