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Chapter 41: Chatroom Extra: Two Emperors & an Author

Author: We're back for another Chatroom Extra! Once again let me introduce Shan Fu Jing and Huang Jin. To prevent confusion, their names will be shortened to SFJ and HJ. Say hello to the readers guys! :D

SFJ: Greetings again! o(^▽^)o

HJ: hi x2

Author: Since Huang Jin and Mei Hua are officially married, I can now ask more questions without risking spoilers. So, first up, Jin, what do you like most about your bride?

HJ: she is pashent an kind an thinks my deer r prety oh shes a lil gulible too hehe but only with ppl she luvs hm… wut else? shes good at clening an cooking an hiking an fishing an she makes these sops.. Soaps… yeah… smells real nice on her… i like how she thinks she strong but she is soft instead so soft… very soft…

SFJ: patient* gullible* loves* cleaning* AND*********

HJ: ..rly?

SFJ: No one's going to take you seriously if you can't spell!

HJ: bro let it go i can spell when i want to ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

SFJ: Then start spelling correctly now!

HJ: meh

SFJ: ( ;¬_¬)

HJ: i thut of another thing!

SFJ: *thought And there's more?! Σ(゜ロ゜; )


SFJ & Author: (;☉_☉)

HJ: rite? it seems so obvius but i didnt kno 4 a long time. i dont pay atenchen but then i saw other womans using the mountain pass an they all r SO flat! so sad! wut do guys grab out there? air?

SFJ: My poor Sister-in-Law. Her husband is an idiot.

HJ: why u insulting?!!?? i was complimenting!!!!

SFJ: …Brother, let me give you a word of warning. Never EVER say that in front of a woman, not even Sister-in-Law. And please… PLEASE… don't ever say it front of Xui. Unless you have a death wish…

HJ: eh? eh? is her chest flat 2???? (⊙△⊙✿)


HJ: …poor sis… poor u… it must be hard 4 u both i wont say nuthin promise! no one wants to be reminded o ther falts rite? i undrstand


HJ: wut evr helps u sleep @ nit bro

SFJ: (╬⓪益⓪)

Author: *Sweating profusely* Gentlemen! GENTLEMEN! No one wants to hear this kind of conversation! Please, Fu Jing, it's your turn! What do you like about your wife?

SFJ: Ah, let me see… she's clever, kind, generous, and creative. She was quite business savvy as a spirit, and as an Empress she set trends. Not only did she change fashion for the entire country, she also changed the culture at large. Before she became Empress, women were highly restricted in what they could do, even who they could marry. By the time she was done, women could be Generals and Scholars, and they were even able to honorably turn down marriage proposals.

Author: That's a pretty big cultural shift. Did she get push back for that?

SFJ: It's not like she did it all at once. And I supported her. We ruled together for decades you know. We did these changes in small increments. If we got severe push back from certain people, we could just wait till they died and make sure their successor was more… sensible. People who were particularly bothersome also… disappeared.

Author: …when you say "disappeared"…?

SFJ: If you're implying I killed them, shame on you. As the a ruler, if I don't abide by the laws, no one else will. I was always very strict about that. So, no, I did not kill them.

HJ: bro r u sayin u let some1 else do it 4 u?

SFJ: …why are you so strangely perceptive about this of all things?

HJ: im king of the sneak an scheme ( ˘ ³˘)♥

SFJ: …anyway. Very few people ended up dead. Mostly I just had them leave the country or stripped them of their position and whatnot. Basically, they disappeared before my sight. It wasn't hard to do, since defying the Emperor was technically against the law to begin with.

HJ: heh its gud 2 be the king!

SFJ: It feels strange, but I fundamentally agree with you. It is, indeed, good to be the king.

Author: It's been noted, by me mostly, that you both have problems communicating with your children. I've always wanted to ask why.

HJ: its that dmn fairy YE! hes turnin my own kids against me! that punk!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Well, but Shan Hui was pretty antagonistic to begin with…

HJ: o that. its cuz hes stong an thinks hes smarter n me. Stuuuuuupid brat! hehehehe like imma lose to some1 who hasnt evn lived 100 yrs yet!

Author: ..right… What about you SFJ?

SFJ: *sighs* If I had to pinpoint one reason… It'd be a differing of opinions. We essentially want the same things, but have different methods for achieving them. When he was younger, he strictly abided by our teachings, but as he got older he believed our methods were… wild and unruly… perhaps?

Author: Woah, really? He thought YOU were unruly?!

SFJ: …yes. He wanted to go back to an earlier time where society was more structured. I've always appreciated orderliness but he took things much further. It's like all the things I did in moderation he took to the extreme.

HJ: i get it bro! i get it! my oldest brat is like that too!

SFJ: I thought you said he was arrogant?

HJ: yeah just like me but wooooooorse!!!! is this wut kids do? does that mean my brat is actully normal?!?!!??!!??!?! my mind is being blown heeeeerreeee!!!!

SFJ: …uh… I don't know if it's normal. Our sons are Fairy Princes. Just by their nature they're set apart from everyone else.

HJ: oh i gess so an anyway itd be werd if that brat was normal

Author: Alright, one more thing! Name one thing that people who meet you know but the readers probably don't.

SFJ: When I first met Xui, I really did think she was a Goddess. A real, living breathing Goddess. I was shocked to find out later that she never thought of herself as one and got upset at anyone who tried worshiping her. I… might… have not really mentioned to her about that misunderstanding, only alluded to it in passing.

HJ: sis is rit tho. worshippin things that arent gods n stuff is bad. Not only dos it do bad things to mens harts it also angers the gods. better not to get any attention from them if u can help it

SFJ: Ah, now that you mention it… the gods are zealous about their worship. If two earth-bound spirits who can't even get into the Celestial Realm got caught taking worshipers from legitimate gods… that would cause problems.

HJ: eh? is that why? i just kno they dont like it… well they can keep all the worshiprs! dont want! too much work!!!

Author: Back to the topic! Jin, what one thing might readers not know about you?

HJ: …i gotta pay attention to my looks

Author & SFJ: ..???

HJ: sighs see… wifey dont lik week men dont lik pal men, she only liks manly men. my body was origanlly… uh… lik a scholar i guess??? face is kinda girly too… sighs… super easy to look lik a sissy if im not carful. even gotta dress rit othrwse i look lik a wimp…

SFJ: *blinks* Are you saying… Sister-in-Law is shallow?

HJ: VERY SHALLOW 。・゚゚・o(iДi)o・゚゚・。 u dont even no bro!!! u.dont.even.KNOW. she agreed to be my wifey bc of my looks!!!! if im not stayin on top o my looks…!!!! she gets this disaponted face

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ an then… an then… she will only snuggl wit me!!!!!! its bad bro! big boobs rit there & I cant touch them!!!!! ( TДT)

SFJ: …oh gods, not this topic again…

Author: AND THAT'S ALL FOLK! I hope you enjoyed this silly interview with the leading men from Empress of Blue Flower Mountain and Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain! Did you know if you ask a question in the comments of ANY of the Chatroom Extra chapters, it will be featured in the next Chatroom question session? So don't hold back, leave a question!

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