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Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Junpei's Identity

Junpei's identity

Rooftop of the school where students can freely enjoy themselves. Some chattered each other and some ate lunch together. Fourth story started in the rooftop of the school. In the rooftop, there were four students eating their lunch. These four students were Leo, Cilf, Simmon, and Junpei.

"Hey, why the long face? What are you worried about?"

Cilf who was sitting far left from Junpei asked carefully looking at him with his sharp eyes. Cilf, he had greenish mundane hair wearing school uniform. There was no response, so he asked again.

"Hey! What are you worried about"

Junpei just shook his head as if nothing happened. Cilf knew something was going on, but knowing that he doesn't want to share with others, he was about to ignore what he asked.

"Yo! Stop hiding from us, I know when my friend is having a hard time or not."

Junpei's childhood friend Leo came between the two putting arms around their shoulders. Leo had yellow messy hair, emerald blue eyes somewhat similar to lion's eyes. Since he had known Junpei back in elementary school, he could know whether he is lying or not. Different from Cilf, he wasn't giving up. He kept looking through Junpei's eyes waiting for his answers.

"I have bad feeling about today, It feels like somebody is going to stab me in the back."

Hearing nonsense, Junpei's friends laughed at him, but when Junpei looked them in the eyes seriously, they got startled look on their face and withdrew from him. Junpei wasn't done with his sentence and went on.

"To be honest with you guys, I have a feeling that a girl with the golden hair is going to chase me down and kill me."

At this point on, they thought Junpei was just crazy. Junpei knew this was going to happen anyways. There is no way, they can believe what Junpei had told. Junpei was just waiting for them to laugh again and make fun of him. While Leo and Cilf were making fun of him, Simmon, whom listened to the conversations without commenting finally started a logical conversation.

"If you want us to believe your story, you have to give us some evidence. Or else you are going to be treated as Lolicon."

Junpei had no answer. Now that he realized, he only knows the names. He sighed with disappointment waiting for lunch time to end.


as the bell rang, each students were trying to go to their homeroom, but before they get to where the stairs were, Randame was caught in the sight. Junpei however, passed Randame without noticing regardless.

It was a good opportunity to tell his friends it was her except he wasn't sure. There were three girls with golden hair. They were Randame, Kyondame, and Light. He knew Light was out of the option, yet he was out of his mind, he started to think everyone including yesterday were trying to kill him. The moment Randame realized Junpei passing by, she yelled.

"You! You! I finally found you! Hurry up and apologize!"

When Randame made a pose to summon her scythe, Leo asked turning back at Junpei patting her head.

"Were you talking about her?

Junpei walked down the stairs with no answer, instead he just ignored both of them and headed to his homeroom.

"I am sorry, that I am late!"

Junpei apologized to teacher and sat in his desk. The teacher's name was Ms. Glace. Grass green hair and eyes made her beautiful and not only that she was the only teacher every students liked because of her bright, caring personality.

The class had started.

"Everyone, turn page to 45."

The classroom then was filled with the sound of turning over pages. When all students were about to turn the right page, Randame opened the closed door wearing triangular hat and a black dress with long golden hair laid on her both shoulders.Every students and teachers got her attention.

"You! How there you ignore me?"

Randame without noticing other students pointed a finger at Junpei. Surprisingly, students and Ms.Glace didn't seem to be glaring at Junpei with suspicion. Junpei yelled at her also ignoring the surrounding.

"You! Why are you here?"

Randame's temper got heated up and yelled back.

"What? Yell? Do you know who I am? I am Randame, de quancoror of daknes!"

At that very moment, everyone laughed because of Randame's mispronunciation of sounding the words out. Students then grumbled each other trying to analyze the relationship between Junpei and Randame while Junpei started to panic.

"che, I think they are misinterpreting the situation. If something slightly goes wrong, I am gonna be doomed."

Well, it was misinterpretation alright, Every students in the class, started to think Randame was Junpei's younger sister. female student who sat front of me, asked turning around.

"Hey, You had a younger sister? Why didn't you tell us? Ahe is so cute."

In that slight moment, Junpei mumbled analyzing the situation in his head. What he said was stupid.

"Ha, ha, yeah, she is my sister alright. I think she came here just to see me. Hey Randame, say hi."

However, the result Junpei was hoping for was shattered into pieces. As soon as Randame questioned him.

"Now that I think of it, What is your name? and How did you know my name?"

Junpei started to panic.

"Ummm, ummm, you, you told when you are the conqueror of the darkness."

The choice of words in this situation was wrong.

"So, you are saying that you just knew my name just right now. right?"

Finally, awkward moments, Junpri feared came to reality. Junpei wanted to tell the truth, which Kyondame mentioned her name, but he didn't because he knew it would make situation more sophisticated. Students around him started to murmur again. But this time, Junpei could feel the hatred atmosphere flying around in the air.

"Wha, Di, did you perhaps kidnap her?"

To clear up the misunderstanding, Junpei responded.

"You guys are misunderstanding here. Hey, speak up! How I saved you,"

Junpei was hoping Randame to clear the misunderstanding. It was last chance.

"Hey, are you hurt? When did you meet Junpei?" Did he take good care of you?"

Randame answered as if this was a game.

"ummmmm, well, I was little bit injured. An, and where we meet was, oh, oh it was middle of street!"

Students gave Junpei the look. Junpei was predssed by the dark atmosphere, Randame, without knowing that she is giving Junpei the hard time. If this was a game This should at least be 500 points damage from Rpg monster's attack. Students asked again with curiosity.

"And, and? What about next question?"

"Oh, oh! next one is easy! He took me into his house and slept together."

Ah, the horror, this would probably cause 1200 damage leaving critical damage. Therefore, game over. Everyone in classroom, started to gather and talked behind his back.

Junpei with despondent face had nothing to say because it was true, yet false. Recognizing strange aura inside of the classroom, Junpei's first instinct was to run away as far as he could. Junpei ran towards the door grazed Randame and the other students. However, there was a girl who did not talk behind, instead she stood up with furious face and went infront of the class room grabbing near by broomstick which students use them to clean classroom. This girl's name is Tanaka Shikihime. She had ink black eyes and natural long hair wearing white t- shirt and a black skirt. Also since she was a class president, there was long paper attached to her right part of her t- dhirt saying 'RIGHTEOUS.' She yelled pushing up her thick black glasses she wore up to her top of her nose

"You! How dare you! Have you no shame? Don't you know kidnapping is a crime?"

Amazingly, she was as fast as Junpei was. She went right ahead out the front opened door started dashing towards Junpei all the way to the school field ground.

The vast field ground was covered in light brownish sand on top of the sand, there were two goal nets facing each other from far away

"Ye, you! When I catch you, I am gonna kill you!"

Strangely, even though several minutes passed, there was no sound. No yelling and scolding. Junpei slightly turned his face back to check what was going on. Right before she saw the class president, he saw big burning door standing still.

"Wha, Why is a door here?"

Shikihime who was front of the door, she was freaking out. Junpei tried to go around the door and tried to help Shikihime, but at the same time, the door opened with the strong force blowing off Shikihime around one meter far away. And finally, a man appeared out of the door. This man is named Marutobi, he is also one of the hellbeasts. Dark brownish hair with scruffy beard covered most of his face. He had a height of 190cm having double the size of average human.

"Who, Who is this person?"

Marutobi murmured with his voice. Junpei didn't quiet catch what he was saying, but that wasn't the problem. He went up to Shikihime who got knocked down by the wind pressure from the door. He quickly piggybacked Shikihime getting ready to get away from him. There was slight problem, it wasn't her breasts leaning against his back making him blush. It was because of her weight. It wasn't because she was heavy, rather she was heavy because he was weak.

On the other hand, Marutobi was faster than he looked. He was so fast, he looked like as if he was using instant transportation. Well, for human's eyes anyways. Before Junpei was able to move an inch, he appeared in front of him blocking the way and said with a smirk in his face.

"Finally, I found one again, a mage."

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