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12.9% ENCLAVE OF KINGS: HEIR'S RETURN / Chapter 3: I am Aliester

I am Aliester - ENCLAVE OF KINGS: HEIR'S RETURN - Chapter 3 by ky_rine full book limited free

Chapter 3: I am Aliester

'Did I pass out?' Aris thought to himself as he pried his eyes open.

The first thing that greeted him was low ceiling filled with holes. The room was a bit dim so he couldn't see much.

He wanted to look around. However, when he tried to get up, Aris felt pain assault his entire being.

'Holy crap! I felt like I've been trampled by elephants…' he cringed as his head hit the pillow.

"Young master…" a voice called him.

When Aris tried to locate the owner of the voice, his eyes widened. A knight who has grey hair came into view.

'Is this cosplay?' that was what Aris first thought.

The man was wearing a light leather armor and had a bandage on his right arm.

Aris wanted to ask the knight but no voice came out.

"I am glad you are alive…young master Aliester." the man almost cried. His shoulder shook as he held Aris's hand with his calloused and wrinkled ones.

Aris was confused. 'Aliester? Who is that? And who is this cosplayer?'

Zarame's voice resounded in his head. [Answer: Aliester is the son of the Duke of Alcove. And that man, Sir Mephisto is an old knight who served the Duke]

'Duke of Alcove?' he asked. Then Aris remembered that he had been sent to another realm. He recalled what Z@pdos... rather Raiha… had said.

Aris will be sent to the duke before he was unceremoniously dropped from the thunderbird's place.

"Young master, are you alright? What do you feel? Is there any thing you would like?" Sir Mephisto helped him to sit and fussed over him.

Aris would like to answer but he wasn't able to get the words out. His throat was parched and all he managed was croak inaudible sounds.

"I will go and get you water. I will also ask a healer to take a look at you." The knight bowed before going out of the room.

Aris then looked around him and noticed the state of things. It seemed that he was in an old mansion and that the mansion needed intense renovation.

Some of the windows and the few furniture strewn around were broken and the draperies were torn.

'This is not a place a nobleman would live.' Aris inwardly commented as he allowed he surveyed the place.

He also noted that it was not only the room that was in a state of damage, the body he was in seemed to have experienced a good deal of beating.

'I can't believe that guardian simply drop me here like that.' Ariz mumbled to himself. 'I haven't even agreed to do the mission.'

He was depressed for being thrown into this realm and without any explanation about what he was supposed to do.

'Geez… that Raiha, he did not even give me a cheat ability or something.' He thought.

He sulked while thinking of his fate in this realm.

'I want to go back.' He mumbled while trying to prevent the tears from falling. 'I wonder what Aria is doing now.'

He thought of his twin sister. He saw her crying before he took his last breath. He used to think that his sister is not capable of crying for him but he was wrong.

He wiped the lone tear that leaked from his eye and swallowed the huge lump from his throat.

'Nahh… she will be fine. She is stronger than I am. She won't need her useless brother who's always inferior compared to her.'

After he considerably calmed himself. He focused on his situation.

'Anyway, I wouldn't be able to do anything to go back to my old world, Fahren. I already died there. I might as well try to adapt and live here in, Lamiales.'

'This is my reality now, though it is quite hard to accept and swallow. I won't be able to survive much more than complete the mission if I am ignorant of this realm.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-return_20294852805927405/i-am-aliester_54637219654203088">;s-return_20294852805927405/i-am-aliester_54637219654203088</a> for visiting.

'I need to gather information…' he made up his mind.

Since Mephisto was taking his time, Aris got bored and tried to get up. His muscles felt like they're being torn as he tried to move and it was a bit hard to breathe.

He saw a sheathed long sword near the table. Taking it, he used the weapon as a cane to support himself.

'This is really not a dream. My body hurt like hell.' He cringed as he slowly inched his way to the mirror.

'Why does he have injuries? It is not like he had been hit and crushed by a coconut.' Aris thought.

[Answer: Aliester acquired such injuries after fleeing from people who wanted to arrest him.] Zarame provided.

'What? Is this guy some sort of fugitive from the law?!' he also dropped the sword.

[Answer: He was accused of treason along with the other members of the House of Alcove.] Zarame stated.

'What kind of trouble did I get into?" Aris cried in desperation. "I had just died…'

'I had thought that I would get reincarnated into a baby. I will live and grow healthy while learning magic or swordsmanship.' His thoughts went off on a tangent.

His delusions continued. 'Then by the time I come of age I will be fighting monsters and defeating the demon lord and be hailed as a hero.'

'I cannot believe that I had become an outlaw.' Aris's shoulders sagged in defeat.

But then he froze when he found out what he had transmigrated into… He almost dropped the sword which he used as his support.

When his sight fell on the person reflected by the mirror, his eyes widened.

'Whoa! He may not be as good looking as Raiha… but this young man is also handsome. He is much better than me in Fahren.'

It took some time for him to adjust. Aris find it weird to see golden hair on his head.

'I used to have black hair like the other people in that small countryside of Linden. This feels odd.' He thought as he finger-combed the golden locks.

He moved closer and looked at the chiseled face. Aliester had few scratches on his cheek. 'Hopefully they wouldn't scar. It would be a waste if he had scars marring his handsome face."

'Hmmm… To think that he has blue grey eyes. I felt a bit peeved.'

'I used to have red eyes like the rest of the family. I kinda envy him, he doesn't have eye bags that made me look like a panda back in Linden.'

He also scrutinized Aliester's other features. Aliester had fair slightly sun kissed skin. It was in contrast to Aris's pale skin, which had been developed from staying indoors.

He compared the host's body to his which used to be a lanky teenager's. Though his chest was wrapped in bandages, he noted that taut muscles and the six pack abs that Aliester possess.

'but what's up with these bruises?' he flinched when he touched the purplish area that was not covered by the bandage.

'I'll just be careful not to touch these.' he then focused more on the undamaged area. 'This guy is quite fit despite being beaten black and blue.'

'Talk about muscles at the right places.' Aris flexed his bicep. 'even if I worked out with Aris's body, I wouldn't achieve this.'

'I really envy this guy… wait this is me now. Why would I envy him?' he realized. 'I am Aliester now.'

After admiring the person he has become, he snapped back to reality. 'By the way, I need information.'

[Query: Would you like to gain access to Aliester's memory?] Zarame asked.

'Yes, I want to gain access to his memories…' as soon as Aris…Aliester had affirmed, his head throb when a warning appeared.

There was a reddish warning before Zarame spoke. [Notice: failure to access all memories. Conditions for accessing memories has not yet been met.]

Clang! He let go of sword he was using as a cane.

'What?' He fell on his rear when he could no longer take the pain. It was as if his skull would be split into half.

Zarame informed. [only available fragments could be retrieved.]

'Give me the fragments, Zarame.' The young man ordered despite the fact that the pain sent him to the floor.

Aliester closed his eyes at the onslaught of memories. He lied down while panting hard as several images assaulted his mind. It was like an old movie which unfold a tragic tale.

'What the hell…was that?' he wheezed as he shook the images that had invaded his mind.

He tried to get up but was about to fall down when his knees give way.

ky_rine ky_rine

So what do you think? If I am done with school stuff with the next few weeks, I will try to update more often.

Please share your thoughts about my story and help me improve. Thanks!

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