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Endless Evolution: Last Star

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Author: Arlemit

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Originally from the slums, Adam was chosen as a candidate for an experiment to ignite the Spark - an entity that gives superpowers. However, he failed and was thrown into the Dead Lands - the place the world became after the fall of the Last Star, beginning a new era for mankind, dangerous and unexpected. He faced against monsters and dangerous anomalies, sometimes creating artifacts - the miracle of this world.

Killing his first monster in deadly combat, Adam became a Phantom - one who could evolve, endlessly moving toward power.

Follow Adam on his journey, from fighting monsters and exploring Dead Lands to endless evolution!

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    so far...not bad it's a very interesting book with that urge to want to read the next chapter and the next though it wasn't state it's harem it's slowly going that route!

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    I have to say this is a good read and worth it to spend on. The mc is hard working and willing to learn. The world background is very original. I love the power lvl system as well. Its very unique and there is so much to it but in a good way. One thing i like for the mc is the partner system. It is a good way to have someone look out for his weaknesses and always look for ways to improve. makes it so that the story is always progressing and the is a clear path for the novel as far as the general area of where it's headed

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    books pretty good as someone that reads a lot of book titles, this is a stand out among many. With a speedy build-up in characters and an interesting power, it's really good how even with the novel being somewhat fast, you still get the feeling of not wasting time and that everything is there for a reason. all in all good novels, and I will be following it as it develops

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    I've now read 37 chapters and honestly I'm a bit lost, i wanted to like the story. the concept is pretty cool but it just never clicked. it's probably a combination of multiple factors, weird pacing, surprisingly little focus on the power system while getting stuck in the less important jazz of the citadels life that i wouldn't even call effective world building as it doesn't evoke any curiosity. The human interactions seemed strange (i know it's a stylistic attempt to create a structure that would inspire more immersion by creating something non standard but it falls flat imo) mc mostly seems like an empty vessel that doesn't get enough agency to feel like an actual person. ultimately, i felt apathetic pretty much the entire way, something that you never want to say about a book but alas it's true. I'm still a little curious about how his skill tree might grow but at this point i cant justify investing anymore time into this read. but make your own judgements. it may just not have been for me.

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    Well, another novel with potential, but what will we get? The generic +1500 caps?? Harem?? A successful MC, strong, handsome and for whom every girl who sees him needs to go change her underwear?? What could make this novel different? Will the author dare not to put a harem? Or even romance?? From the synopsis it seems like a "cold and emotionless" MC, but from experience and in the face of all expectations, they are the ones who end up having a harem with more women 🤣🤣🤣, I laugh so as not to cry. Author, you still have time not to screw up, unless you are one of those who puts your mental fantasies, which is not bad, but if it is that type, it is better to visit certain platforms before writing, you will 100% see how some ideas change. of romance and you will see the dissonance that is formed, not only in this one but in all of them, I don't know if you have noticed but the readers of this application are mostly people with 0 EQ who I bet a large part has not had a girlfriend, and If we talk about virginity I won't even comment on it, then when it comes to wanting harem or excessive romance things, you just need to think a little, whoever already has it in reality doesn't need to read about it because they already experience it, I personally don't experience it. normally be strong enough to go to space or split stars, then I see novels where there are people like that to excite me, then where does romance or even worse, the harem come in? 🤣🤣 This is something I've been thinking about for a while and it made me realize the type of people who read harem novels, or at least like them, I'm going to give an analogy "those who like NTR think they're the guy with who the girl cheats on the boyfriend" that is the type of mentality of a good part, not only of your readers, of the people of this platform, both authors and readers. Well, I see potential that's why I put effort into that comment and I hope that this novel goes well for you no matter what decision you make, good luck.

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    is there romance in this novel? please no it holds back the MC

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    It has potential, but it’s bland. The background and the concept has a large potential. I forsee significant world building, but the character development makes it boring. So far, everything seems to be fed to the MC. He’s winning impossible battles from the get-go, and the motivation for wanting to get stronger and his knowledge base is unexplained. There are a few trope-y elements. It seems the novel could’ve used some more time baking in its conception. Though, I want to note it’s not as bad as I make it sound, but I’m not off the mark. I got bored at ch 19.

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    I want to give this book a 5-star. It somehow inspired me to write a new book. I'm still currently reading somewhere in chapter 27 so I don't have too much to say. In any case, the book so far is good. It just suits my taste. It's a survival world where humanity is facing the threat of monsters as they build fortresses to protect themselves. I think there are more citadels somewhere in the world, with more powerful humans and monsters.

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    I like this book so far, and honestly, it would make a great anime. Just correct your grammar mistakes and pacing. Overall, it's a great fantasy world book. Keep going. You're doing just fine.

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    this book is an inspiration, it's a masterpiece you deserve 5star But you can try out my book THE PRIMORDIAL BLOODLINE 02 on webnovel, and I sincerely hope it worth your time

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    The grammar in the beginning of this is a little rough but not terrible, and seems to be getting better slowly (maybe), and the world building I think could use a little more detail. But besides this the story is pretty good! The MC is makes some interesting choices, and power system is interesting and different than what I see most of the time. If you’re on the fence about this book, give it a read, especially if you need something to kill time between other updates you’re waiting on like me 😂

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    it's decent so far, but can anybody tell me if there's gonna be harem "aka" more than one women, bc i hate manb*tch mc's, and i dislike polygamy in general. And i read novels that focus on fantasy and not romance, or harem.

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    Dear Author, Please make more chapters free to give opportunity for readers to get into the story. The book has the potential to be in the top 10 in power ranking.

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    it's not often that you find a novel that develops its story too fast. this is one of those novels. I normally want an author to pick up the pace just a bit but with this novel by the middle of chapter 2 there's at least 5-10 chapters worth of stuff that was just blasted through.

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    Love the story - love almost everything. Except that approx. 40 chapters are ✨ ALL ✨ named the same thing - that’s the only reason for the 2 star on the story development 😭

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    Author Arlemit