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Time Has Passed By - Enter of Adventure - Chapter 5 by Bolcurut full book limited free

Chapter 5: Time Has Passed By

"Forgive me." I sit seiza with a face full of scratches.

"You just walk into people's rooms, aren't you taught what manners are you?"

"Forgive me…"

She continued to lecture me, even occasionally she teased me with her sharp gaze.

"Where are you from? You know I'm your boss, why do you just want to come into my room, huh?"

"I'm sorry..." I turned to the remote and pointed at it. "It's the remote's fault, I pressed it accidentally. So, blame that!"

"Hah?" My boss was surprised to hear what I said. I'm sure, she currently thinks that I am stupid, and looks down on me.

"I beg you, please blame that!" I kept looking for the reason even though I was wrong too. But… I don't want to be blamed.

"Hey, unemployed!"

"No, I work here,"

"You… never mind. Hey, you know what my position is, right?"

I nodded.

"Then..." my boss kicked me hard in the face, "why are you playing as long as you just enter my room?!"

By the rumors that my boss was fierce, even her kicks were so deadly, they hurt my cheeks.

"Ouch-uch-uch, it hurts... Well, actually... I accidentally went inside. Umm... ah. Earlier, I saw the cat that came in here, so I looked for it."

Whether my words succeeded in tricking her or not, I was lying.

"Cat? Where? Where?" My boss looked here and there for the cat.

"I'm lying."

"Damn…" My boss kicked me again, this time even stronger. Bouncing against the wall, I stood up, rubbing my cheek.

"Ouch-uch-uch... this hurts you know!"

When I looked at her, I saw that she was tapping her smartphone.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

Regardless of what I said, my boss put her smartphone to her ear and appeared to be calling someone.

"Hello, Mr. Anom. Look… in my room—"

"Oy! Don't call the police!" I panicked, and my boss saw me.

"No, I called the security guard."

"I see… thank goodness. Wait! What did you call him for?"

"Of course throwing you out of here, what else?"

"I told you, what did you call him for?"

"I said, to kick you out of here!" My boss kicked me back in annoyance. "You have no ears, do you?"

After I slammed and leaned against the wall, I wiped my blood which was bleeding on my lips. After that, I stood up and looked at her.

"I mean, why are you telling someone else just to kick me out of here? I can go out alone. So, please don't bother other people huh!"

"You are..." My boss looked at me with a surprised face and a little red face, before finally, she kicked me again. "Don't be cool, damn it!"

I don't mean to be cool in front of her, it's just that I don't like to bother other people, even though I can do it myself. You could say, I have an independent nature, that's why I always do things alone rather than in groups, as well as when I play the ENTER OF ADVENTURE game, I always choose to be alone rather than party.

"Ouch-uch-uch." I stood back up. How many times has she kicked me in the face, at this rate my face might change, like Squidward Tentacles. "Hey, my face is getting ridiculous."

"So don't be pretentious!" My boss turned off the phone and walked toward the door.

"Hey... where are you going?"

Without answering her, she left me alone in her room. I don't know where she's going, or maybe she's locking me in here, I don't know. To be sure, my face was covered in blood as a result of the kick. Because my hands were dirty as a result of my blood, I decided to wipe all my blood using my white shirt.

However, before I could clean my blood using my white shirt, my boss came over and had the box in her hand. Chances are, the box is a first aid kit in which there are medicines.

Is she a good woman?

"Sit down!"

I sat down near her computer chair.

"What do you want to do?" I asked, looking at her opening the first aid kit.

After I asked and my boss didn't reply, she wiped my blood with a wet cloth, gave cotton to my face which was smeared with medicine, after which she put a bandage on my face and made it look like a mummy.


Ignoring me, she pulled back the bandages and put a bandage on several wounds on my face.

When I put the plaster on my face, her face was so close to mine that I could even feel her breath and the fragrance of her long black hair.

"Hey, your face is too close," I said, warning her.

"S-Shut up!" Her face flushed red as she put the plaster on my face.

When I saw her, I thought back to how nice she was to me when I was in that game world, ENTER OF ADVENTURE. I didn't expect that my boss would be Tiara, who is a member of my guild. No wonder, I have experienced moments like this.

"Your character hasn't changed huh, Tiara..." I said in a low tone.

"Hmph?" Even though it was close, she didn't hear my words because she was focused on putting the tape over my face. "What were you talking about just now?"

"Not." I turned my face to the side.

Even though I like traveling alone, it doesn't mean I don't pay attention to my surroundings. I remember well what the six of them were; the Paladin, Kahfi; the Support, Tiara; the Shooter, Helena; the Killer, Joko; the Calamity, Elvina; and the Kiritod, Bagas. I know it, even though I look indifferent to them.

Therefore, when Bagas talked about me, I was sad because I lost my friends. All my happiness during my time with them, my smile, my sweat, my time, my voice, their smile when they were victorious, their joy and sorrow with them, their sad laughter, are now... taken by him.

"This hurts," I said in a low voice without turning to look at my boss.

"It hurts? Where's the pain? Sorry, I was too harsh to kick you earlier." My boss heard what I said earlier, but she did not know that my eyes were about to cry.

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After she looked guilty, I saw her.

"No, it's not your fault, I'm the one." I took her hand and put it on my chest. "This is where it hurts."

After I said that, I remembered that I had done something wrong. You know, this is a fierce Tiara, I know what she will do after I say that. This is bad, this is bad.

"What is this!"

BUUK! She hit my face so hard that I sprawled on the floor.


"Ah sorry, I hit you again. I am sorry!"

After she said that, I sat back down in front of her and saw her flushed face and turned to the side.

"Endlessly… you are annoying."

After she said that, I stared at her blankly.

"What is this? Is she shy? Why? Why is she like that? What is this? Why?" I said in a brisk tone. "Hey..."

"What is wrong?" my boss asked, looking at me.

"Thank you. Thank you for being who you are, Tiara," I said, smiling at her.

Not only for her to treat me I am grateful, but I also thank her for all the things she has been doing so far, from looking for guild members to wanting to waste her time just taking care of me. Tiara of good people.

As Tiara's face turned red with embarrassment, I remembered what I came here for.

"By the way, I want to be the owner of this company, can you give it to me?!"


BUK! Tiara hit me instantly after I said that to her.

"OUCH!" I shouted.

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