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Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives original

Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

Author: Jin_moon

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Chapter 1: A Casual Day

Like every other day, Jayden was sitting in a dark alley, drinking a packet of milk, and enjoying dinner, which consisted of a few doughnuts, while listening to music coming from one of the houses around.

He had stolen some money recently, so he wasn't much worried about his food for the next few days. While eating, he was thinking about the news he came across while eavesdropping on two men in black suits during one of his heists.

Jayden is 17 years old, but because of malnutrition, he looked younger than his age. He has pale skin, black circles under his eyes, and messy black hair. He is wearing an old black T-shirt which has a few extra holes in it, hidden perfectly by him, and black jeans, which was quite old.

He grew up in an orphanage, and after turning 13, he ran away from there because of some serious problems he caused there.

'Well, let's not think about that; that's a story for another time.' He thought with a gloomy look on his face. After that, he started living on the streets and became a 'street rat...' cough, self-proclaimed free-spirited wanderer. He was living in Boston, USA.

Here on the streets, he met five seniors who took him under their wings and taught him 'the art of thievery' and took him into several of their heists. A few months ago, during a planned heist due to some info leakage to the police, Jayden had no choice but to sacrifice his teachers to the police and barely escape from them. And because of that, he became a complete loner.

If you ask Jayden something he is proud of about himself, aside from his stealing skills, then he would say with a prideful laugh,' My Parkour skills, haha. '

The Parkour skills he learned after running from the orphanage, which he used to steal a lot of things. 'But I only steal from the rich because the poor don't have much to offer anyway, so I'm half Robinhood. ' he thought while chuckling.


Now, back to the news Jayden heard from the two men in black. 'There is going to be a mysterious item which will be very, very expensive.' After listening to its price, Jayden was stunned for a few seconds; it just contained too many zeroes. At least 11 zeroes, a dollar sign starts to appear in his eyes.

'If I could manage to steal it and sell it for even 6 or 7 zeroes, I'll be set for life and won't have to steal anymore and have a big house with a beautiful wife, hehehe .' he thought with a creepy smile appearing on his face. Then, finishing his bread, he sat cross-legged on the old mattress, that he used as a bed, which he won after beating one of the beggars in a gang competition. He started to process the information he had acquired and formed a plan to steal it.

The item will be arriving at a small cafe named 'Old Timer' to draw less attention at sharp 06:40 p.m. the next day. Although Jayden wasn't sure if all the things he heard were true or not, he still made the plan just in case it was true.

He laid down on his mattress and closed his eyes, still excited for the next day while making little adjustments to his plans, and slowly falling asleep.


At 6:40 pm, at Old Timers Cafe

Two men in black entered with a suitcase in the hand of one of them. They looked around and soon started walking towards a table and sat down, where four men were already present. They place the suitcase on the table and start talking.

Jayden was observing the surroundings and listening to them, sitting at the next table, acting casually. All preparations for his plans were done. He was just waiting to get some more information from them and for a perfect opportunity.

He was looking at the mobile in his hands, which he had stolen a few hours before the meeting time. With this, he called the fire station to report a fire and also reported to the police about a gang fight of more than 20 people at the cafe. It was to create chaos and use it in his plan; according to his calculations, they would arrive about 15 to 16 later.

10 mins passed, and Jayden started 1st phase of his plans. He spills the petrol he had stolen on the floor towards the table; the meeting was going on silently so that they wouldn't notice, and he also started to spray some cheap perfume around himself to hide the smell of the petrol.


After hearing the hissing sound made by Jayden, all six people present in the meeting glared at him for a second and made disgusting faces at the smell of the cheap perfume, then went back to their talk. Jayden chuckled inwardly, seeing their reaction.

After making sure the petrol had covered enough area under their feet, he stopped spilling it and put the can, still half filled with petrol, near them as casually as possible and started to play with a lighter in his hands.

A few moments passed, and Jayden kept listening to their conversation and got some good info, like names of the families involved in the exchange of the object, and the actual price, which stunned Jayden again and made him drool a little.

Then a waiter approached Jayden and asked him: "Sir, what's your order?".

Jayden thought for a moment and then replied in a calm tone:" Bring me two cups of coffee and make it extra hot."

"Okay," The waiter nodded and went to take orders from others.

Jayden had a suitcase with him which he stole- cough, borrowed from someone. Although this suitcase looked very different from the one carried by the guy in black, it would work just fine in his plan.

The waiter approached him and put his coffee in front of him. "Thank you" Jayden nodded and smiled slightly at the waiter.

He grabs the remote of the music system present in the cafe, which was playing the song 'Believer.' Glancing at the six men who seemed to be getting near the end of the meeting.

Finally, the moment Jayden was waiting for appeared, no. 1 (person in black) opened the suitcase with a key and presented the item present inside to the other four to check. Jayden looked at the object out of the corners of his eyes and saw an orb glowing slightly white.

After only a few seconds, he closed the suitcase and looked around cautiously. After making sure nothing was wrong, he passed the key to one of the four people, who was the shortest of them all. The meeting was about to end.

All six of them suddenly heard the siren of police cars. Some among them panicked a bit and were about to run from the cafe.

Jayden suddenly, using the music system remote, increased the volume to max. Everyone inside the cafe, surprisedly, looked towards the music system. Right at that moment, Jayden hastily threw hot coffee, from the two cups, on the faces of two men in black.

"Ahhhhhhhh, " both screamed at the sudden pain on their faces, but they didn't get much time to scream, as soon Jayden suddenly threw a lighter on the floor, which ignited the petrol on the floor instantly.

The other four were about to take the suitcase, but at that moment, Jayden raised the perfume bottle and sprayed it at them, with a lighter burning in front of it. A small wave of fire was thrown at their faces catching them off guard, and at that moment, the can of petrol exploded with a small 'boom.'

Taking advantage of the commotion and confused states of all six of them, Jayden suddenly exchanged the suitcases and, with a fast motion, grabbed the key from Shorty and silently passed through the gates, exiting the cafe.

After a few seconds of confusion and ignoring the burning pain, the man in black 1 grabbed the suitcase and started to run out of the cafe.

But just as he stepped out of the cafe, he noticed something and looked at the suitcase.

Looking at the suitcase, his face turned pale, and he threw the suitcase on the road angrily. The suitcase broke from the impact, and a stone with paper attached to it came out of it.

When the man read the content of the paper, his face turned red and distorted in anger. On the paper was written:

"You've been fucked, motherfuckers".


Jayden, after crossing some distance, climbed onto the rooftop of a building, opened the suitcase, and took the orb out. Then he threw the suitcase in another direction, as there could be some kind of trackers in it. He tied the orb with a cloth to his waist and started running away from the cafe, showing his Parkour skills.

'hahaha, ' He laughed inwardly, thinking about the reactions of men in black after seeing his gift.

'Rich, I am finally fucking filthy rich' Jayden couldn't stop the big grin from appearing on his face.

But soon, he heard footsteps coming from behind. He looked back and got a glimpse of more than a dozen men running towards him at incredible speed.

His face turns a little pale. He was sure he didn't leave any clue for them to find him so easily.

Jayden gritted his teeth and ran towards a crowded area, running as fast as he could, ignoring the muscle ache. Just in about 30 seconds, those following him have covered more than half the distance between them. Jayden couldn't believe his eyes; that speed shouldn't be possible for normal humans.

It was almost like they were flying towards him. The two men in black in front had distorted smiles on their faces, like some predator who was about to devour its prey.

Jayden panicked, seeing their speed, and started to think of a way to create more distance.

"bang" ... "bang"

He heard two gunshots, and before he knew what had happened, his body fell forward, with blood flowing from his left shoulder and right leg. He wailed in pain, held his shoulder with his right hand, and sat with his back against the wall, tears falling from his eyes.

All the men approached him and looked at him with different feelings, anger, disdain, amusement, and many others.

"I can't believe this rat almost stole the origin orb, " said the man in black 1 and spat near Jayden with rage in his eyes.

"Though childish, but his plan was quite good and almost worked, but he just missed a single and the most important detail." said the man in black 2 while chuckling.

At this moment, all the people following them arrived there, which numbered more than thirty by now.

Jayden listened to them in a half-conscious state.

The men in black 2 approached Jayden and bent in front of him, bringing his face to the same level, and started talking:

"Do you know why you failed?" said No. 2 with a mocking tone.

Jayden just stared at him with half-open eyes.

"Look at this and feel the ultimate despair" No. 2 looked into Jayden's eyes; soon, Jayden opened his eyes wide at the shocking sight in front of him.

No.2 face started to change to an animalistic look, and then, his whole body started to change. And after a few seconds, in front of Jayden was a werewolf.

Jayden's face was distorted in shock and fear. His whole worldview shattered like fragile glass. He cursed the whole world and his luck internally.

Seeing Jayden state, all beings present started laughing in amusement.

He saw death so near and his killers enjoying his misery and pain. Jayden gritted his teeth in anger, and as a last act of revenge for his soon-coming pathetic death, he reached his right hand behind his back toward the orb and held it with his blood-stained hand. And with all his strength struck the ground with the orb, making a few cracks in it.

Seeing his motion, no.2, who was near Jayden, tried to stop him, and No. 1 shot with his gun immediately toward his head. But it was already too late.

As soon as a little of Jayden's blood reached inside the orb through the cracks, it glowed brightly, appearing as a small sun, and immediately turned into a big orb that surrounded Jayden instantly and protected him from the bullet and sharp claw of no.2.

Everyone looked at the big orb with their eyes and mouths wide open in shock. All the people around it, which now reached more than 40, were stunned and completely froze at their positions.

Inside the big orb, Jayden didn't know what was happening, as he was almost fainting from pain and blood loss. A screen appeared in front of him, showing the message:

={'Choose a race to start your evolution'}=










Not registering what was happening, Jayden raised his hand to touch the screen. After his hand touched the screen, he finally lost consciousness.

A message displayed on the screen:

= {'Starting evolution with the selected option'} =

Soon the orb turned blood red. And another message in red colour appears.

= {Starting Evolution to [BLOOD VAMPIRE] ...} =


Thanks for reading and have a great day... 😁 Also I would really appreciate some comments

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