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Author: ArcanePunkster

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Chapter 1: Volume One | Prologue

Screams could be heard across the battlefield as bodies were littered all over the place, teenage girls with dismembered limbs and chunks scattered all over the forest floor.

In the distance, a Nebula Titan Platform one of the Nebula's biggest airborne units had fired its decomposition field upon the surrounding Familiars and Coordinators.

JSDF forces had attempted to take positions to provide support whilst the evacuation of the injured commenced.

Nebula Infantry one of the many ground forces deployed by the Nebula with their plasma beam weaponry advanced upon their position.

Proving that their stand against them was nothing more than a fruitless attempt at resistance.

The Familiar had her hands covering her face as blood poured from her eyes, "I can't see! Somebody help me!" she screamed.

A few feet away from her another Familiar was hunched over, she was attempting to keep her innards inside her stomach.

A girl ran through the horror looking around frantically, her tight grey and white corset had holes riddled all over it including her short skirt and dark grey sleeves, the brown knee-high boots were covered in dirt, and her white collar and small red tie hanging between her cleavage were slightly burned.

Her body armour around her chest and forearms was battered.

She stopped at a small drop to find a girl at the bottom unconscious, her bloodied short silver hair reflected the fires burning around the battlefield like a mirror.

The ends of this girls twin side bangs were burned. She wore a similar uniform except she had thigh-high socks and shorter length boots.

"Sachi!" the girl called out from atop the ridge, her long brown hair blowing with the wind.

She hopped down the ridge where Sachika was.

Sachika herself started to rouse.

Seeing her Coordinator running towards her, "Aiko what are you doing get away!" she shouts to Aiko.

Coming to Sachika's side, Aiko shook her head, "I'm not leaving you here!".

Aiko grabs Sachika by the arms only to topple over almost instantly as Sachika cried out in pain.

Looking forward Aiko could see that Sachika's leg fell off as blood poured out, Sachika's cheeks were littered with tears at this point, the pain was unbearable for her.

Aiko had a look of disdain on her face, seeing Sachika as she was right now.

"Aiko!" Sachika shouted as she pointed to the Nebula Titan Platform.

It's huge hulking diamond shaped body was flanked with metallic digitized plating that was thinner than the central body where the core was located.

The two of them could see it charging its plasma beam weapons aiming straight at them.

Aiko panicking tried to activate an Essence Barrier, but when she only got a small orange static charge to emanate from her spine through the Composed Linker, it dawned on her that she ran out of Essence.

"Aiko! Put up an Essence Barrier!" Sachika demanded.

"I-I can't I'm out of Essence!" Aiko cried out.

The two of them came to the realization that they couldn't get out of this.

Aiko wasn't going to leave her partner behind to save her own skin.

They both clenched hold of one another awaiting their inevitable demise as the Nebula Titan Platform began to charge it's plasma beam cannon.

In unison, they whispered to one another, "Together, till the very end"

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