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100% Ethan’s Fantasy Drift / Chapter 90: 90

90 - Ethan’s Fantasy Drift - Chapter 90 by OtakuWeibo full book limited free

Chapter 90: 90

"Me?" Ethan pointed to himself, and then recalled in his heart what happened in this World during this period of time that would make SHIELD think of himself. It really made him think of one thing: "What can I do for help? "

"I just need to help identify some things."

Coleson's answer confirmed Ethan's speculation. It seems that SHIELD discovered Thor's hammer. Because of the magical situation, I thought of myself, the only mysterious person they knew.

"It doesn't seem to be a problem."

Ethan and Tony's research came to an end for a while. Both of them absorbed a lot of each other's knowledge, and Ethan also got extra from Tony. Many good things, they all need a certain amount of time to digest, in a short period of time to consolidate these contents, and then use them more perfectly, instead of continuing to stuff new things into their heads.

So, Ethan really has nothing to do. Getting to know Thor seems to be a good choice, and Asgard's perfect combination of magic and technology has long been listed as his goal. One.

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"You can take care of your own business first."

Coleson is easy to get a good impression. Because they will consider each other. Maybe these are trivial things, but isn't the goodwill accumulated through trivial things one by one?

"Then just a moment please, I don't have much to pack."

"Wait." Tony suddenly reached out and stopped the conversation between the two people: "I have recently It just happens to be boring, don't you suggest another person to travel with you?"

He has been really boring recently. With the group affairs being handed over to Pepper, the research work has come to an end. Tony is now I don't know what to do, and after discussing all kinds of strange knowledge with Ethan during this time, he also has a lot of interest in the things God talks about.

Colson came to Ethan to identify something this time. It must be more towards the mysterious side. He also wanted to see what it was.

"I don't mind, but the place is a little far away. Are you sure you want to go together?"


"Xinmo Brother Xi State."

Tony didn't expect to go to Brother Xi State in New Mexico, but that's nothing. Regardless of Tony's own personal transportation, he doesn't believe that Coulson would not be prepared for this when he came to Ethan.

"What will be in that place?"

"We don't know what it is, so we came to ask the Master to take a look."

Ethan doesn't have many things, a few big bags are packed, the props made here have turned into a pendant and hung around his neck.

"Where do I need to send the things for you first?"

Ethan shook his head: "No, I will take it with me."

In addition to some of his own equipment, there are some props that Tony gave him. In fact, he also ordered some things from Tony, and he would come and take them away when he was about to leave this World.

There is no place to store the rest, just take it with you so that you can use it at any time.

"Well, the plane is parked outside. We will talk about the specific situation on the plane."

Coulson looked at Tony again.

"Do you really want to go together?"

"Of course, why not?" Tony, even the steel Battle Armor has been worn: "Let's go!" He wore the Battle Armor on The plane that can be taken off when it is not needed, and it is convenient to fly back at any time if you find that something is not interesting.

He didn't think about what threats he would encounter. What dangers would he encounter to identify an item?

Because of Ethan's participation, Tony's steel Battle Armor's design ideas have undergone many changes. In memory, Tony's steel Battle Armor at this time also needs additional mechanical arm assistance to be equipped and taken off.

Now, under the influence of Ethan, Tony has added a function that can be equipped and taken out in any environment in advance, and he does feel the convenience of this function.

When I came to the villa, a Kun-style fighter jet stopped in front of the door with such a big thorn. Tony expressed serious protests against S.H.I.E.L.D.'s behavior, but this is not at all useful.

So from the moment I got on the plane, Tony kept complaining, and Coleson used various reasons to prevaricate. It was not until the plane started to fly steadily that Coleson handed over a stack of documents. In front of Ethan.

"At this time, we would like to ask you to help you identify what this item is and what is it for? Is there any harm?"

The file is a set of photos , A written report and various scientific test reports.

Scientific test report Ethan, under Tony's precepts and deeds during this period, can understand some simple content, but on this thing, these reports are useless.

So after reading it briefly, he passed the pile of scientific reports to Tony who was aside: "Take it to kill time."

Tony thought Ethan had If you don't understand, you need to help yourself. He didn't expect to hear such a sentence, so he rolled his eyes and didn't pick it up: "I never pick up things from others, you should know."

His quirk caused Ethan to complain a lot of times some time ago, but it is not a quirk if he can change it at will.

"Are there any problems with these reports?"

"No, these things are of no use."

Ethan carefully observed these photos and For the text description of this item, these things are more helpful to him than those test reports.

"Thor's Hammer…It seems that there is a big difference between the settings in the comics and the movies."

If it is the Quake in the comics, he may feel a heartbeat. Even considered the possibility of taking it as his own. Forget it in the movie, because he has already learned from the Thor 3 movie that this so-called Thor's Hammer is not so much that it gives Thor Thor's power and position, it is more simple and convenient to him. Control your own power.

As a result, Ethan's interest in Quake's hammer is much smaller, and the technical knowledge that Asgard possesses is not as attractive to him.

"Do you have a clue?"


"Oh? Do you know what this is?"

Ethan Very sure nodded: "This is a hammer."


Coleson had always wondered why Ethan could be friends with Tony. Now he understands a little bit. Up.

"Just kidding, I need to see the real thing to make an accurate judgment, and I need to make a phone call." Ethan took out his cell phone and gestured: "You have a signal on this plane… Right?"

"Uh…should there be?"

Coelson didn't know how to answer, so I wanted to tell Ethan that it's an absolute secret, so I can't just talk to him. People said, but I think Ethan's friend shouldn't be an ordinary person either? Maybe they have more secrets than they do? Doesn't seem to be bad?

As a result, Ethan almost vomited blood in the first sentence of the phone call.

"Arthur? How are you doing? There is nothing to come over and show you something fun."


I really can't blame Ethan for being indifferent, Merlin gave him that many benefits at the beginning, the purpose is to let him take Arthur everywhere to gain insights, before he was busy tinkering with new equipment, no time to take care of it, of course now. Can't leave Arthur aside, he values ​​his promise very much.

After seeing the Amazons on Paradise Island and Diana of Demi-God bloodline, seeing Asgard Divine Race can also make Arthur's understanding of Divine Race more objective, not too limited.

"Is this not a good idea?"

"Don't worry." Ethan put away the phone, not at all telling Arthur how to find himself, whether it's Gu Yi or the others. The relationship between the mage and Arthur is very good, anyone can help send him in front of him. "My friend is not an ordinary person either. Don't worry about the so-called secrets that the ordinary person knows will cause any confusion."


The speed of the plane was very fast , Arrived at the destination in a short time, and landed directly in a temporary camp. When Ethan got off the plane, he saw that multiple lines of defense were set up around him, which not only prevented the ordinary person from approaching, but even did not leave the opportunity to peek in the distance. under.

"This is Clint Button, responsible for the defense of this temporary camp."

While stepping off the plane, a very ordinary man came over, and Coulson greeted him and was introduced to Ethan.

"This is an expert we specially invited to help identify the thing inside."


Hawkeye Clint -Barton glanced at Ethan in surprise. He had been outside on missions before and only recently returned to S.H.I.E.L.D., so Ethan's identity is still unclear. He thought Coleson had asked Tony Stark for help. This youngster is just an assistant, didn't expect this one to be the master.

"Reluctantly, I think your organization also knows me in this area."

Forget the so-called experts and so on, the real experts should have been there just now Chatting with Arthur. Just a few seconds ago, he felt that someone used magic to locate his position, and the familiar fluctuations made him immediately know the identity of the other party.

"Let's wait, my companion will come right away."

"Immediately? Come here?"

Coleson knew that Ethan was on the plane Called a friend on the phone, but he didn't hear Ethan mentioning the specific location at all; at the same time, how could that person never know where to come here in such a short time?

No one answered his question. Tony, who knew the answer, was just watching the scene next to him. He looked forward to what these people would look like when they saw that scene.

"It must be funny, Jarvis, remember to record it all!"

"Yes, sir. But I have to say that your behavior is very funny…"

Just when Hawkeye was unclear, Tony was looking forward and Coleson was full of doubts, a circle of light appeared out of thin air in the open space in front of several people.

With the continuous rotation, the aperture gradually increased, and after it became as large as a door, Coleson even saw a completely different view from here in the aperture, and then looked dumbfounded. With a handsome blond youngster, before stepping out from the opposite side of the aperture, as the youngster walked in front of him and others, the light door behind him gradually disappeared, as if he had never appeared before.

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