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Deadlock - Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord - Chapter 22 by Warf full book limited free

Chapter 22: Deadlock

Evan and Lord Baselix were standing in the middle of the throne room, which had been partially burned in flames. If Evan was the Mob Class of the Dragon Race... He was currently facing an opponent who was 58 levels higher than him.

But at that time, Evan was a little confused. When he was still level 2, it should be at his low level. Usually, one would choose an opponent who has the same or lower level.

However, the curse of his eyes did not allow him to give up. Evan had understood that he could be defeated by the Lamia Lord who was preparing to attack him. Still, when he saw the lifeless and bloodied Gerrow' once again, Evan unconsciously poured magical energy into his eyes.

"Originally I wanted everything to be over without fighting, because that would be the best...."

"Kuhaha, where's that superior confidence earlier….True Lizard King?? Are you starting to get scared now after seeing me the next King Candidate in person?"

"...But... An ugly monster like you has attempted to trample on the peace of my castle...then there is no proper punishment other than... Painful death!"

"HAAH!! You weak monster, I'll kill in one hit! Then after that I'll play with the Princess of Darkness body before I kill her. Kuhaha..."


Evan just looked down without any response. The golden light in his eyes did not dim when facing the deadlock. Instead, however, the light in his eyes shone even more and spread and filled his eyes with smoldering gold color.

[Conditions have been met! You get a new skill: Fearful Evil Eyes (Lv1)]

When Lord Baselix drew his sword and moved swiftly to close the distance between them with extreme speed, the battle began.

"HAAAA!! You're dead!" Seeing the prey just silent and kept looking down. The confidence to finish off Evan, who looked desperate, was increasing.

Evan just stood there motionless and smiled as if he could overcome Lord Baselix's deadly attack.

Without changing his expression, Evan lifted his face. Then, with his eyes turning into Golden Beam Eyes, he looked directly into the eyes of his enemy, who was only 3 meters away.




The attack that should have had 100 percent accuracy to cut Evan from above had missed a few centimeters and only slashed through the wind.

Lord Baselix backed away hastily after noticing the oddity after looking directly into the little lizard's eyes.

'What is this feeling... Why do I feel that my body has responded to the little lizard as a threat of danger? No... there's no way I'm scared.'

Refusing to be bothered by those eyes, Lord Baselix traced a circle in midair with the tip of his sword. In the next moment, the successively fired Fireballs started charging towards Evan.

"Will your arrogance stay strong after receiving this magic... Kuhaha..."

Although he was sure that the successive attacks must have crushed the Little Lizard. But the unexpected happened when he saw those fiery golden eyes intimidate him behind the thick dust. The sharp gaze immediately made Lord Baselix's confidence fall.

"Impossible!" Too afraid of the figure beyond reason, Lord Baselix immediately blindly attacked Evan with all the magic he had.

The swirling flames, the gusts of wind, the raging water but with one stream of motion, Evan dodged them all and dealt a surprise attack by jumping right in front of Lord Baselix's face.

He had prepared the Scratch Skill while dodging the magic attack and immediately clawed at Lord Baselix's face.


Evan felt a little dizzy from continuously using the Fearful Evil Eyes skill. However, he managed to damage his enemy's vision before he ran out of MP.

[MP: 2/15]

'Shit! Only 2 MP left... Eh...Why is he acting like a hot worm?' Knowing that he was exhausted and had his chance to use the Skill Bite, but that opportunity was lost when the Lamia Lord's movements became erratic. Its tail whipped around the room madly.

But Evan's one belief, that the enemy was running out of MP, after using the Infernal Spear and a lot of magic. But he was a little worried when he was about to make a final attack, if he was hit by a slash of his tail that was able to punch a hole in the wall it would be severe damage to his body.

When he saw Lamia Lord turn around to look for Evan, he immediately jumped up and bit the back of Lord Baselix's neck.

"ARGGH!!" The Lamia Lord screamed in pain and went wilder to free Evan from his neck.

"Bitter!! But torturous isn't it?" A completely different taste to the snake he ate first. There was little intention to let go of the bite because he couldn't stand the bitter taste, but he had to enjoy it because it was torturing his enemy.

"Let go, stupid Dragon!" As a few punches flew to Evan's face. He toughened his bite.

"Finally you call me a dragon too. That just cheers me up!" The Lamia Lord screamed even louder as Evan tightened his bite.

Not only the punches but the long tail also contributed to releasing Evan. A hard slap on Evan's furry back. Just by feeling it, he was sure that his back was torn.

[HP: 6/20]

'What?! So it's going to be a life and death gamble?!' Evan had to really bet that this attack had consumed Lord Baselix's HP a lot. Otherwise, the 2 tail lashes attack would make him run out of HP and die.


Because Lamia Lord had lost a lot of blood, the Tail's slash this time missed a bit because it hit not only Evan's head but also Lord Baselix's head and made him stagger.

[HP: 3/20]

'Shit, he couldn't possibly die that easily. That 58 levels difference from me should give him a much larger HP capacity.'

'Die... come on... die!!' Evan was annoyed that Lord Baselix was not dying, and he had been hanging by Lord Baselix's neck for a long time.

When remembered that he only continues to rely on his fangs and forgets his claws, which have damaged his enemy's face. He prepared to use his Scratch Skill again.

While Evan stared at the tail that was pulled back to deal the final blow to him. Evan tried to claw at Lord Baselix's back as much as he could.

His initiative managed to stagger Lord Baselix and canceled the final lash for him.

When he realized that the lash wasn't canceled but delayed, he tried to do as much damage as possible with his Scratch Skill that didn't consume MP.

"It will be a matter of time. At least if I die, you should die too, Baselix!"

As the lashes hit Evan's head and Baselix's head again, he slowly lost his consciousness.

He let go of his bite because he felt the limp all over his body, and that's when he saw the Lamia Lord had stopped moving and fell as he slowly lost consciousness.

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