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60.71% Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord / Chapter 33: Imaginary Storage

Imaginary Storage - Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord - Chapter 33 by Warf full book limited free

Chapter 33: Imaginary Storage

Evan's request was immediately carried out by Piwood. High-level Healing Magic was cast on Liselis' limp and pale body.

Greenlight surrounds Liselis's body which signifies that the magic has worked, but Liselis's health has not improved in the slightest. Even though the magic used by Piwood will usually heal any serious wounds in just a few seconds.

According to Piwood, two things might have happened why his magic didn't work. First, Liselis's body resisted the Healing Magic and was wasted, or she continuously received damage equal to his healing speed.

"Piwood, is there no other way to cure her?"

Evan, who didn't have the strength to help, could only ask Piwood to use all his abilities as a Grand Advisor.

"As long as she hasn't fallen into the power of the Abyss Dominator, I can still heal her. You'd better stay away a bit, My King. I will increase the intensity of my magic."

At Piwood's request, the tiny Dragon walked back and forth. He could only watch Liselis in pain, Piwood trying to fulfill Evan's request, and Lucia taking care of the Abyss Monsters.

Indirectly, this situation made him feel that he had betrayed his subordinates. He, who was already considered the Lord of Darkness by them, couldn't do anything to help his subordinates during battle or healing.

Having a system that sounds cool, he just hoped could get power instantly. But when considering the system, its had didn't even help him during the bloody battle against Lord Baselix, which almost took his life.

This made Evan think critically about not expecting help from the System and fighting using all his strength the same way he fought Lord Baselix.

Monster instincts that humans don't have, and human intelligence that monsters don't have. If these two things could be used by Evan well, then without any strength, he could handle any problem well.

Evan started by checking the status of the Abyss Monster that was still restrained using Lucia's magic.

[Level: 13/200

Name: Misithe

Race: Lamia

Class: Monster


Gender: Female

Age: 21

HP: 50/50

MP: 40/40

STR: 34/1000

AGI: 36/1000

VIT: 10/1000

INT: 38/1000

DEX: 28/1000

LUK: 2/100]

'L-lamia!? How can?' At first, Evan couldn't believe what he saw because it was already night. The creeping thing that was shrouded in black mist and bloodshot eyes was Lamia.

Evan guessed that the remaining Lamia had given up hope and asked the Abyss Dominator for strength. This may have happened considering that the Lamia Clan Village did not find any victims or traces of being attacked by other monster clans.

After seeing the status of one of the Abyss Monsters, not only did he know that the Abyss Monster's real body was Lamia. He also noticed that their strength had doubled because of the Abyss Dominator's power.

Evan didn't expect the Abyss Dominator's power to be so great.

Amid his concentration to find a way to overcome Lamia, who had become an Abyss Monster, Liselis's soft voice broke his attention. "M-my King..."

Evan immediately turned his gaze to Liselis, who was lying on the ground. "Piwood, has she recovered? Liselis... You have-"

Evan immediately approached her because he saw Piwood, who had stopped his magic, and thought Liselis had fully recovered.

"Don't come any closer!! my...king..."

Evan stopped his steps as Liselis shouted with all her might to him, then her voice returned softly.

"Why did you stop me? Or maybe..." Paying no heed to Liselis's prohibition, Evan immediately approached her.

"I'm sorry, My King... The power of the Abyss Dominator has entered into me... before I turned into an Abyss Monster... *Cough* Please kill me..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/imaginary-storage_55313849355657922">;m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/imaginary-storage_55313849355657922</a> for visiting.

"No kidding, Liselis! You'd better shut up and let Piwood heal you again!"

Evan wanted to turn around, but his hand was held by Liselis.

"It's useless, I'm the one who asked Master Piwood to stop healing me... My blood and magical energy are continuously being sucked in by the strange symbol on the back of my neck... quickly kill me, My King...."

Didn't want to hurt Her King when she lost her mind while turning into the Abyss Monster. She prefers to die at the hands of Her King as his ally than to be killed for being Her King's enemy.

"Hurry up... My King... I can't stand the turmoil in my body!"

"How can you face death so calmly... As for me, the person you think of as a king... my body doesn't stop trembling in fear when facing that..."


[Sudden Quest: Fulfill Lamia Lady's last wish. Penalty: Everyone around you dies!]

'You'd better keep quiet if you just want to pass on that rubbish information.'



"It's very warm... Thank you, My king..."

The moon that has been hiding behind the clouds shining on the last smile on Liselis's face. Her purple hair gleamed even more in contrast to her eyes which continued to dim as the moonlight shone across the Dark Forest.

"You two... if you're done there can you guys help me out here?" Lucia's trembling voice signaled that she had reached her limit to restrain the Abyss Monster.

Just as Piwood was about to touch Evan's shoulder, the tiny dragon gave a signal not to worry.

"I'm not sad, Piwood. I've done something like this before. Lucia! Hold them for another 15 seconds." Evan spoke softly, then shouted to tell Lucia.


Evan pulled his claws out and took out a gray Energy Core with a shimmering aura surrounding it. An aura he had never seen before while absorbing the thousands of Energy Cores of the Lamias.

[Sudden Quest Completed!]

[You get a new skill: Imaginary Storage (Lv1)]

Warf Warf

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