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Party Time - Even Though I was Peasant, Now I'm a Demon Lord - Chapter 21 by Warf full book limited free

Chapter 21: Party Time

Only the disdainful laughter from Lord Baselix and elder lamia was the answer to Evan's question.

"Kuhaha, if that old man is here it means that in the castle there are only penguin guarding the Princess of Darkness... Now I don't care what the two of you do to my army, if I manage to kill the her, I'll be the holder."

His arrogant mind wanted to believe that his army could defeat Piwood and the little lizard. But after feeling the purple aura creeping out of Piwood's body, he realized that the Tree Man was far above his strength.

Evan couldn't accept that his choice to negotiate with the Lamia Lord had been a naive one. Instead, he felt guilty and tried to try other negotiation methods.

But, somewhere deep in his heart, he understood it. His past sorrows always started with him trying to be straight and not wanting to show his hatred for others. Even though he knew everyone he met always hated him.

He couldn't think because the Lamia Lord was utterly indifferent to his army, and the wrong step was taken by his.

Since the Lamia Race's target was Lucia, he changed his plan from negotiating to Protecting Lucia.

"Piwood, turn the plan into saving Lucia."

"Yes, My King."

"I won't let them, attack!" Lamia Lord, who realized Evan's plan to protect his target, immediately ordered 10 Lamia elders and 1 Lamia Warrior to attack those 2 bullies.

They gripped their swords and were slithering at high speed. Lamia Lord smiled, predicting that the battle would end in that attack, with Piwood, who had been slashed countless times straight through his torso.


However, there were no scratches on Piwood's body, not even a tear in his Grand advisor's clothes. Lamia Lord didn't know what to think… Then he turned his gaze to the 11 attackers, realizing that all the swords they were holding had lost everything above their hilts.

As soon as they did, the sound of something dropping to the ground echoed throughout the deserted forest. Evan, who was closest to Piwood, was the only one who knew it was the missing blade.

The Lamia Lord, who had already sensed his spear, had almost reached a height of 2000 meters. Since the elder was quite valuable to him, he asked them to retreat because they would die if they continued to attack Piwood.

The 11 attackers immediately retreated hastily due to the screams from the Lamia Lord.


The fiery spear from the friction of the air had pierced the highest peak of the Dark Castle.

"I win!" Lamia Lord looked up and firmly believed in the power of his spear, which could lock a predetermined target until it hit.

Piwood, who was able to kill them instantly, did not use that momentum as they retreated. Instead, he used it to fulfill Evan's request, which seemed too late.


Lamia Lord smiled as he sensed that his spear had stopped moving.

"Princess of Darkness is dead! Now is your turn to show your loyalty to me."

Then, the Lamia Lord ordered his entire army to become a path for him to ascend to the top of the castle. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/party-time_54851473309227651">;m-a-demon-lord_20057227505945505/party-time_54851473309227651</a> for visiting.

Some Lamia Warriors looked happy, and some looked sad upon hearing their Lord's orders. But they couldn't help but have to sacrifice themselves for their Lord's selfish desires.

With Lord Baselix at the forefront and the rest of the army followed, thousands of Lamia corpses had become access roads for other Lamias to carry out their Lord's orders.

The blood of all the dead Lamias had dyed Darkness Castle, which was black to red as high as 500 meters.

The Lamia Lord climbed up at high speed with an ugly triumphant expression to quickly absorb the Princess of Darkness Energy Core and become the strongest monster.

With that speed, the Lamia Lord could reach the shattered pit in a matter of minutes. However, his mind was already hallucinating to see the Princess of Darkness being pierced by his spear.

How happy, when he opened his eyes to see his victory, his wish came true when he saw the Princess of Darkness lying on the floor covered in blood.

"I win!" Lamia Lord screamed at his victory and rushed to rush into the castle, but his eyes widened when he realized that his spear had hit the wrong target.

Not far from Princess of Darkness, he saw a small lizard beside Gerrow. The Penguin's body had been pierced through by the spear, and several Tree Men, Goblins, Birdman, and Orcs had been scorched.

"My King, how is Princess?" Even though his body had been pierced by a spear, Gerrow wanted to make sure his task was well done.

"Yes, Lucia survived thanks to you." Evan didn't even think that the Penguin he had just met a few hours ago was actually loyal to him.

"I'm sorry that it wasn't just me who fell victim to it, but they too. They were a great help to quell the flames from this spear. So give them your compliments too. They'll be delighted." Gerrow pointed at the corpses of the monsters who had always been loyal to the True Dragon King.

"I should be the one apologizing, because my naive thoughts made you guys like this." Even though Evan was mourning the death of his subordinates, his heart really didn't feel sadness but rage.

"..." Gerrow has breathed his last.

"I'll avenge you, Gerrow." Evan slowly left the Penguin's body.

Somehow his anger reached its peak when he recalled Lord Baselix's actions, which resembled King Vesh's. Maybe it's because of their similar nature... they both don't care about their subordinates and only care about strength.

If that was the case, he would have to enjoy every drop of blood that fell when Evan tortured them.

"Piwood! I take all my words not to kill! Now is the time to party."

Yes, My King." Piwood smiled at his king's orders. After hiding Lucia in the Village of the monsters. He immediately pushed the Lamia Army with the root whip in his hand and knocked them down.

As if Piwood understood that his king wanted a one-on-one fight, he immediately came out through the hole in the wall and took care of the tens of thousands of snakes outside.

Warf Warf

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