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85.39% Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《 / Chapter 76: LXXIV: Volunteers (2)

LXXIV: Volunteers (2) - Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《 - Chapter 76 by Concealed25 full book limited free

Chapter 76: LXXIV: Volunteers (2)

Looking at the ensuing chaos, Kzel spread his Force Senses and found that on each side of the road, hidden in the foliage, there were sixty hostile presence. Thirty more of these similar presence are coming from the east. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Some of the warriors in the party, switched to their two-handed weapons and prepared to defend their own hides. It's every man for himself now as they slowly strayed away from each other.

In this awaited moment, the Lizardmen sprung into action. With a screech, they charged at the disorganized party. Their first wave was instantly met with arrows and magic blasts, but their numbers kept pouring in.

Kzel sprinted toward Shannon, grabbing the party leader by the collar, "Get your men in order and make haste to the mines. The west is clear!"

Shannon was confused and said, "Even if the west is clear, we still need someone to hold them back and give us a head start."

"Justdo it!" Kzel released the party leader with a push.

There's a bit of hesitation as Shannon turned to the men he's in charge with, clenching his teeth. He couldn't believe he's taking order from a player who's not even a member of his party. He shouted an order to form a defensive line only to attract the attention of two Lizardmen.

With that being taken care, Kzel swiveled and shifted his weight on his right foot as a Lizardmen slowly walked toward him.

>>Lvl. 40 Cimbian Lurker<<

After a closer observation, Kzel found that these Lizardmen looked a bit familiar with the walking lizard he killed in Heern. Although, these Cimbians are designed to be bipedal due to their shorter and thinner tails. The shiny armor they worn, suggested that they are not primitive either.

The Lizardman stopped inches away from striking range, hinting Kzel that it had experience in battle. After a closer inspection from top to bottom, Kzel unsheated the new sword he received from the armory with his left hand and took a step forward with his left foot. The Cimbian instantly reacted, swinging its club to the extended head of its opponent. However, when it's in mid swing, it realized that the man who was supposed to be within its reach, did not moved at all. It seemed like it saw an illusion and had been deceived.

The swing came to its finale. Like a premonition, Kzel stepped forward with his left foot and thrust the Gaian Steel Sword that easily penetrated the plate armor of the Lizardman.

A gurgle left the Lizardman and it coughed blood, the club it held as a weapon deserted its grasp. It then grabbed the Gaian Sword that went through its chest with shaky, clawed hands and stared at the man responsible with hatred.

Kzel twisted the sword before pulling it out in a slow and steady motion. An action that was soon followed by a pained screech and a thud.

Another Lizardman coming up from the stream took the oppurtunity while the man tortured one of its kind. It accelerated at a speed rivaling that of a horse and swung its claws to the back of the Rzir only to slash air. It found out that it couldn't advance, it looked down and disbelief appeared on its face after seeing the same blade that finished its fellow, stabbed halfway through its torso.

What happened was that the sword in Kzel's grasp rotated into a reverse grip and he thrust it backward before the Lizardman could reach him with its short range claws. While in combat, his perception of time became slower, allowing him to see every action in slow motion. It is of course, the effect of his Nimble Talent, experience in battle and his extremely, trained mind. Pair that with his Force Senses.

More Lizardmen dashed to Kzel's location. This time, they were more cautious in approaching the pale man that just stood there without showing any sign of moving. So, they also stood there without showing any sign of moving.

Obviously, they were stalling for time until more of their kind gathered on their location. And then, they will attack the pale man and overwhelm him with sheer number.

The corner of Kzel's lips curled up into a mocking smile as he raised the sword, and an unbelievable scene occurred. He dropped the weapon.

It is known that a small mistake in battle could be fatal. And it's a great mistake to let go of one's weapon while in combat.

The three Lizardmen charged.

However, the sword sailing in the air disappeared as Kzel revealed his dominant hand that was hidden behind his back, holding the Gaian Steel Sword. With a single slash, three heads rolled on the ground.

Meanwhile, a slack jawed Dega watched in disbelief. It seemed like her world shattered right after witnessing the events in front of her. Originally, she planned on recording the humiliating death of the rude man and post it in the EDGE but saw something extraordinary.

In World Anew, even normal actions are generated by the system. But in Infinity, almost all actions are made by players. She could not believe what she was seeing. Those moves were enough to seize her heart, considering that she's a battle maniac.

"Dega! Dega! Snap out of it!" A red faced Mava, shook her friend. "I know that look! I know that look! You've fallen for him! He's seize yer heart!"

"No, I'm not!" Dega finally returned from her trance and scolded her friend.

Aeia was chanting a spell when she noticed the two young women arguing beneath the trees. She immediately switched into chanting another spell after seeing a figure moving towards the two.


Just as the figure was about to pounce at the young women, a fireball intercepted it and reduced it into meat paste.

"You two down there! Come over here!" Aeia's voice reached the duo.

Dega and Mava glanced at each other for a second. With a nod, they came out from the trees and ran to the growing formation of Adventurers.

"Are you okay?" Aeia asked the girls with a concerned face.

"Yuh! We're better than okay!" Dega responded, flashing a smile. A second later, her eyes narrowed while looking at the back of the NPC woman.

'What's her connection with him?' She questioned in her mind and took a peek at the rude man with a growing pile of corpses, surrounding him.

Concealed25 Concealed25

One of you guys forgot to leave even a single power stone the other day. Almost giving me a heart attack.

What's your opinion 'bout Kzel? Tbh, I write more about a detached, cold and mysterious MC that sometimes become a background character. I've been experimenting a bit for him to be relatable.

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