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91.01% Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《 / Chapter 81: LXXIX: Half Bloods

LXXIX: Half Bloods - Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《 - Chapter 81 by Concealed25 full book limited free

Chapter 81: LXXIX: Half Bloods

"Just a few turns and we'll be right in front of the camp." Aeia stopped beneath a tree where the path took a sudden turn, disappearing through the thickness of the foliage.

"Then why are we stopping?" The ever dubious Mava, asked, hiding behind Dega.

Aeia didn't bother to answer the younger woman, turning her attention to her cousin, "Narri, how many men were there when you left?"

"There were about fifteen men," Narri answered while tinkering with her Primian Gauntlet, "They were the ones to deliver food to the excavation."

A visible change surfaced on Aeia's face. If the men in the camp were just cooks and errand boys, they wouldn't be able to make a strong resistance against the battle hardened Lizardmen.

Seeing the situation, Kzel went ahead of Aeia, "So we need to look first before we jump. I'll take point while Narri watch our back."

"And who are you to give us orders?" Narri pointed a menacing finger at the Rzir's back.

Aeia's eyes blinked rapidly, noticing that she had failed to introduce the two. What's more was that, Narri was behaving quiet strange toward Kzel. She is silent most of the time as her mind is occupied in wondering. People to her are stupid and she seem to think that she had seen it all, that the world had no more meaning. It's why she's always unmotivated and prefer to slack all the time.

"Ler-Aeia, I understand that you brought the two woman at our back because they seem to look like experts but you should at least teach your bodyguard some manners," Turning her gaze around, Narri hinted her cousin to join her cause.

Repeating the same reaction, Aeia looked at Narri in both disbelief and scolding manner, "He's a friend."

"Huh?" A shocked Narri, stared blankly at her cousin. If Aeia found her acting strange, she just discovered something stranger. The fact that Aeia never had any men as friends meant that she's going to be single for life. One that Narri used to tease Aeia whenever the latter complimented her way of life. But now, there seemed to be a new development.

"It can't be.." Narri murmured, still processing the thoughts of Aeia turning the tides on her.

This time, Kzel revealed a troubled face. He can't stomach the thought of how many wrong thoughts that were involved in this matter. Now, he will have to deal with a presumptuous woman.

With intense eyes, Narri observed the pale man. She can't help but get curious to this man that her cousin had fallen into. She was not one to meddle with other people's business, but this is family matter. If she judged the man to be unfit for her dutiful cousin, she will have to break them apart. She can't let him to completely seize Aeia's heart.

Left with no other reaction, Kzel could only sigh. He was itching to be done with this and travel east where the Faction of Justice is waiting.

"What's that sigh, huh? I hate that sigh!" Narri growled.

Meanwhile, on the sideline, Dega and Mava was on a heated argument. There seemed to be a love interest and murderous schemes in the air, and they can't decide which is which.

Aeia decided to shatter the current atmosphere. As she brushed pass her cousin, she gently slammed her knuckles on Narri's head, causing a few painful groans, "Lead the way then, Kzel."

The Rzir nodded and walked ahead of the group.

'Kzel, huh? I'll remember that name.' Narri caressed her head where her cousin had landed the vicious fist, shuffling her orange hairs.

Aeia made a quick calculation and decided to stay on the rear. Narri might wonder and neglect to watch their back. Dafeih's safety is of utmost priority but they had to be careful, or else, no one would ensure that.

On the lead, Kzel relied on his Force senses to scout ahead while reading some new notifications. The system dumped a few important information this time. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It appeared that Aeia and Narri are only half Gaians. The other half came from a distant star system belonging to the Primis race. This gave him insight that not only aliens from the Eleven Worlds who are visiting Gaia, but also from other foreign alien culture.

There was also something odd about the information. Primians are magically and technically advance race. The populace is primarily consisted of adventurers. With their magical knowledge of space, they can easily create portals and entryways in the fabric of space, bending it to their will. Once a Primian retired from their adventuring careers, they would return to their homeworld and settle with their hard earned wealth.

This time, it looked like some had settled in another world. It was no surprise that when one mention about other worlds, that half blood of Aeia will get excited.

"Can I ask you something?" Kzel directed his question to Narri, trailing behind him.


"Where's the one responsible of the dominant blood coursing through your veins?" Kzel questioned, observing any change in the presumptuous woman's mood. With that, he can work out the details of what happened.

"That's a rude way to ask..."

A glimpse of sorrow appeared on Narri's eyes, something that the corner of Kzel's eyes caught. He can now partially predict the events that occurred.

"Primians are born with massive mana pool that is interconnected to their lifeforce. The mother had to supply it with their own mana, and if it's not enough, they will have to pay with their lifeforce. Female Primians can only give birth to one or two while dying in the process, that's why there's a great decline in their population." Kzel said and further observed the half Primian. What he doesn't know was that if whether Narri had a Primian mother or father.

This greatly surprised Narri. She stared at Kzel's back and contemplated before uttering, "You're very knowledgeable. So, you're not Gaian after all, but a filthy adventurer from another world like my father."

Narri narrowed her eyes, wondering how Kzel knew that she's half Primian. Perhaps, Aeia told him or he presumed it when she equipped the Primian Gauntlet.

Although, the hostility she carried quickly dispersed at the mention of her father. She hated and loved him at the same time. He had taught her the ways and education of Primians. His tales of towering structures reaching the skies, flying ships and very advance technologies are the ones she dreamt to see and her father had promised to take her back to Prima one day. But this promise was void when he died from mana depression.

It was at this moment when her uncles came to visit and explained to her that when her Gaian mother was carrying her, she couldn't supply the mana demand even if she sacrifice all her lifeforce that's why her father took this role. Even with this, her mother died and his father suffered from mana veins being shut close. A depression that her uncles also suffered and would eventually took their life, the fathers of Aeia and Dafeih. With that, the tale of The Three Brothers that ventured hundreds of worlds had ended, each leaving a broken legacy.

Concealed25 Concealed25

Anyone who like to have a glimpse of Jikein's past back on Earth? Else it'd just become a filler. Too early but will further establish a foundation of the coming events. If we reach five votes, it's a go, but first, I must create that setup.

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