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Extra's Hatred System Extra's Hatred System original

Extra's Hatred System

Author: Endratox

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Chapter 1: Prologue

My life sucks.

Whatever I do or try, it never results to anything great.

I lost both my parents when I was young so I had to survive by the skin of my teeth to live a normal life.

When I was 18 I graduated at the top of my class and went into an amazing university, but because of my loner personality I never got any friends or a girlfriend and my average height and face didn't help me either.

I feel like I wasted most of my youth chasing after a job and money as I didn't want to live poorly, but after finally achieving it, I still felt empty.

I had a well paying job at a black company that didn't leave me any time to breathe and take a break.

No family, no lover, I was alone with my house and money being the only things giving me enough motivation to live day by day.

I decided to start reading novels as a hobby afterward and got hooked into some of them.

But the one that affected me the most was "Descent of the Heavenly Demon", it was a novel about an overpowered guy going through thick and thin to achieve what he wanted, he would kill and destroy other's dreams for his own sake and to protect his loved ones.

I wish I was like him, I wish I wasn't such a useless coward.

But it's just a fantasy at this point, no need to keep being delusional about stuff that will never happen.


I closed my laptop after reading the daily chapter of the novel, it wasn't finished but the author already reached chapter 1284 so I guess it's fine.

"It's already late and I have to work tomorrow, I wish I could just be like him and do whatever I want to do."

Seriously, I am 27 and the break time they give me is so low I can't even find love.

Sighing at the unfortunate way my life is currently going, I lay down on my bed and close my eyes while hoping it changes one day.


"Hmmph~" I had a strange feeling that woke me up, looks like the world wouldn't even let me sleep...

I opened my eyes and noticed I was in a black void, there was nothing to see at all.

"What the...?"

Is this a dream? Maybe i'm trying to escape reality by dreaming about positive things huh... I don't know how this is positive as this is the same as being alone in a room but...


Oh... that's my name.

I worked so much and had so little interactions with people I had completely forgot...

"Do you wish to be free, Kaine?"

Wait, what is that voice? Am I still imagining stuff?

As I wondered what was happening, a blue figure appeared with nothing more than eyes and a mouth to show that it was alive, the entirety of it's body even though it had a human figure had a blue fire tracing it's forms.

"What the...?" I pondered again.

"I am not your enemy Kaine, I heard your pleads" the astral entity spoke in a voice that sounded powerful, and the fact that the only light in this vast void was it's body accentuated my worriness.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter, your life was a path set with many traps that you overcame, but now it is time to reward you."

"What kind of bullshit are you spouting?" I shouted with an angry voice.


"What the fuck even are you?" the tone of my voice intensified.

I don't know what came over me at this moment but I believe the fact I hadn't spoken to anybody in a while angered me so much that I poured out all that hatred on the only thing that was infront of me.


"Seriously? Why are you talking to me like you know everything? Do you think you can affect me because you're in my dreams? Hell no!"



"You died."

As she said that, the figure displayed a screen infront of me, it was a view of my room from above and in it I could myself on my bed sleeping.

"Overwork and lack of interactions with other people, you died in your sleep."

Seriously? Which means even my death was a garbage one right?

"Ok and?" I didn't even try to act surprised at this point.

"I'm gonna reward you with something and transfer you to another world"

A blue light fell from the ceiling as the entity said that, it was descending slowly and was just above my head.

"Great, now I have to deal with otherworld issues" I rolled my eyes, fully knowing this was gonna be one of those reincarnation tropes I read in novels.

And suddenly...

"Oh... you're a rare one it seems..." the figure pointed at the orb above my head and I saw that it's blueish color was turning red slowly.

By the time it entered my head, it had the color of crimson blood.

[Anger issues detected, rewarding accordingly.]

What do you mean anger issues?

[Hatred System activated.]

"This is great Kaine, you are a very splendid discovery."

"You think this is a game? What the hell even is a hatred system? Bullshit straight out of a novel or manga?"

"You will discover when the time is right, I will be watching your adventure with a lot of enthusiasm."


The ground shook beneath my feet and a hole opened under me.


"Don't disappoint me."

I fell, and fell and fell, but before completely being consumed by the darkness, I saw the blue figure peeking it's eyes inside of the hole to watch me fall.

And so I pulled both my arms upward and gave it the angriest middle finger I had ever given during the entirety of my life.

Maybe I do have anger issues.


I don't know for how long I fell afterward, but I guess it was enough time to remember about everything that happened during my life and about the words the figure spoke.

Wouldn't that mean I would reincarnate in another world with some... system skill?

Pondering about all of this theoretical stuff wouldn't do me any good, so at one point I stopped thinking altogether.

Closing my eyes was the only thing that kept me sane at this point as everytime I did, I would see a red light approaching me slowly.

And when the red light was so close I could feel it's warmth on my skin.

I woke up.

Endratox Endratox

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