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100% Fables of The Divine / Chapter 45: Building a whole body!

Building a whole body! - Fables of The Divine - Chapter 45 by BrightestStar666 full book limited free

Chapter 45: Building a whole body!

"Good! You won't regret it!"

Ji Chen once again patted Marie on the shoulders. She looked to have snapped out of the conversation realising that Ji Chen's hands were on her shoulders. Marie was about to screech, but Ji Chen had already turned away from her. She didn't like having to attract attention, so she could only hold her murderous thoughts in her head.

"Young master... I'm deeply ashamed that I couldn't do anything!"

Kane lowered his head down while speaking. Ji Chen didn't seem to hear Kane as he started to lift his hands in the air, attracting a white substance.

"Young master?"

Kane repeated hurriedly. He didn't think that Ji Chen would double-cross his words! Beings with higher cultivation were usually arrogant upon seeing lower beings. So the ones with lower cultivation would very rarely come to terms with those of higher cultivation. But when that did happen, it was likely that the one with the higher cultivation would never renege his promise!

Though he and Ji Chen hadn't made that kind of promise directly, it was still there indirectly. Never had he expected that Ji Chen would actually break his promise the first opportunity after he completed the 'task.'

-This is where the great Master of Domineering Kane Ryne dies!

He sighed as he thought of his doom.

"What are you doing? Don't you know that I'm trustworthy!"

Ji Chen sneered as he faced Kane.

"I'm a man of my word! Take this."

Kane could only have a shocked look as he watched as the white light from Ji Chen's hands started to come towards him.

He gulped as his spirit body entered inside...


Marie had a very confused look. She didn't know why, but she could hear words from thin air. It was creepy and drove a chill down her spine. Though she didn't have very much cultivation prowess left in her, she could feel a lot Yin Qi circulating through the area.

"What is this?"

Marie asked Ji Chen but he didn't respond, he instead had started to put his hands up in the air and had started to gather some kind of white substance.

It lasted a few seconds before he started looking in thin air and sneered:

"What are you doing? Don't you know that I'm trustworthy! I'm a man of my word! Take this."

The white light had long vanished and had started to travel towards the direction that Ji Chen was facing.

Even if Marie wasn't able to see it, she could tell that something had entered it!

"A Yin soul!"

'A Yin soul' was the same as a ghost. It couldn't be seen by those who didn't cultivate, and were known to be either the remnant of the dead or souls split from an expert!

Before Ji Chen, a large man with long black hair kowtowed down in front of Ji Chen:

"Young master, I shall forever follow you, even if it in the depths of hell!"

A rough and tough voice came out of the large man. That's right! The Yin soul had entered another body! It seemed unbelievable, but it was done! The boy that looked around 17 or 18 had created a whole 'nother body!

"If you ever bow down to another person other than me, I shall kill you by myself!"

Ji Chen daringly spoke. He then granted the man a badge.

"Kane Ryne, I hereby declare you the Great Divine Immortal Sect's first Elder!"

Kane seemed to be shedding tears of joy. At first, if he was sceptical that Ji Chen had really made a body for him out of thin air but after a few seconds of being inside, he couldn't help but feel the need to kowtow down in front of Ji Chen.

Ji Chen went back, looking Marie straight in the eyes.

"Now that you've joined the Great Divine Immortal Sect, I shall make you one of the strongest warriors that have ever lived!"

Ji Chen said as he gave a cultivation manual to Marie.


Marie was shocked speechless just by Ji Chen's words, but she couldn't help but stutter when she felt the amount of Qi density inside the cultivation manual that she was given.

"This manual's name is the 'Yin Great Veins guide'. Though the name may be simple, don't mistake it for being weak! Like I said before, you can build three layers every day until you get to Warrior! In six simple days, you can get to the peak of Human!"

Ji Chen expanded, making even Kane start coughing:

"Young master can it really? I believe you, but wouldn't scaling cultivation this fast cause some loss of cultivation prowess?"

Kane wanted to believe Ji Chen, but even if Marie did cultivate this fast, wouldn't that mean that she would be weaker than those of her layer? Though Marie had Yin Great Veins, the fastest that he heard them cultivate was only around half a layer every day until Warrior, even then, there was some loss of cultivation prowess!

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Ji Chen mockingly asked Kane and continued:

"You see, in the 'Yin Great Veins guide' it has a theory in there that allows for cultivation and solidification of the layer at the same time!"

Ji Chen explained. He liked the feeling of being right, so he wasn't bothered by Kane asking.

"You can start cultivating right now! We'll be leaving after that guy starts to stop cultivating, you better make the most of it."

Ji Chen pointed to Mu Lu's villa and explained. Ji Chen was about to walk away, but he was stopped by Marie:


She shouted. Ji Chen turned back around. Marie continued, seeing that Ji Chen had turned around:

"We still don't know each other's names!"

She was looking down on the ground with a red face. She had rejected many who had tried to acquire her name, would it be irony if Ji Chen rejected her? She was afraid that the same thing might happen to her.

"Ji Chen."

Ji Chen answered. Marie was about to say her name but Ji Chen continued her sentence:


"Marie Rox, right?"

Marie had a shocked face. She didn't expect Ji Chen to already know her name. She was a bit suspicious, but Ji Chen gave her an answer that satisfied her:

"I checked your family emblem."

She nodded and tilted her neck a bit, then went back to her small fort.

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