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Chapter 484: Gildarts' Breakdown

Earth Land, Ishgar, Kingdom of Fiore, Magnolia. 


May, x786. 


In the suite on the top floor of the most luxurious hotel in Magnolia, Irene and Brandish were discussing their run in with Alfonzo, Gildarts, and the ladies of Fairy Tail from earlier in the day. 


After the tour of the mansion finished and everyone heard about the wedding between Alfonzo and Cana, Gildarts, Irene, and Brandish decided they had spent enough time at the mansion. Meanwhile, Elicia, Cana, Ultear, Erza, Mirajane, Marin, Sun, Lucy, Saeko, Saya, and Shizuka gathered in Cana's bedroom to discuss the wedding and its preparations. Alfonzo and Rika, on the other hand, made their way to the guild hall. 


"That mansion was quite impressive." Brandish said as she sank into the couch. "It was nicer than my place back in Vistarion." 


"Yes, and to think that young man, Alfonzo, designed it alone." Irene replied while pouring herself a glass of wine. "And if I were to venture a guess, he set up the security, as well." 


"What makes you say that?" Brandish asked in a curious tone. 


"Because all the walls, floors, and ceilings were lined with metal." Irene said. "Combining that with the fact that his epitaph is the Master of Metal and his title as Ishgar's best magic item craftsman, I can't think of any other who could have done so." 


"But someone else could have created it while he only implemented it with his magic." Brandish countered. 


"That's a possibility." Irene replied with a nod. Then, she took a sip from her glass of wine before continuing. "But my instincts are telling me there was more to it than that. They're telling me that he was the one who created the security systems in that mansion, the one on the shore of the lake, and the guild hall." 


"When you mention the guild hall, I can't really argue." Brandish said while shaking her head gently. "Although I've never been inside, based on the exterior, I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was made of metal." 


"Precisely." Irene said. "And that means His Majesty's plan will be much more difficult to complete than we expected." 


"What should we do about it, then?" Brandish asked. 


"The most straight forward way would be to infiltrate the guild and become one of its members." Irene replied. A moment later, however, she shook her head. "*Sigh* But that's probably impossible." 


"Is that my fault?" Brandish asked curiously. "Yeah, it probably is. But I didn't expect to run into that woman's daughter." 


"No, that's not what I meant." Irene replied with a small smile. "If anything, that altercation and the subsequent correction of the misunderstanding would make it easier for you to infiltrate." 


"Then, what's the problem?" Brandish asked, this time sounding rather confused as she did so. 


"They are wary of us because of our power." Irene explained. "Perhaps waiting a year or two to carry out this mission might have been a better idea. That fool Serena's disappearance doesn't help, either." 


"I see." Brandish replied with a nod. "So, they most likely think we're here to get revenge for that guy, huh?" 


"More than likely." Irene replied. "*sigh* My repeated attempts to probe their home didn't help, either." 


As she said that, Irene could not help but remember the amused smile Alfonzo wore as he sent them off. 


'To think such a young man could be so impressive.' Irene thought to herself while shaking her head. 'I'm certain he felt every one of my attempts to examine that house while I was there. Yet, I never once felt his or his wife's magic power from the moment they arrived in Magnolia last night. It looks like I was too confident. Still, that young man will be coming back to the empire with us, whether he likes it or not.' 


As her thoughts reached that point, Irene smiled sinisterly, causing Brandish to shrink back instinctively. After a few moments, Brandish spoke once again, dispelling the sinister atmosphere and pulling Irene out of her thoughts. 


"Actually, there may be a way to, at least, integrate into his inner circle." Brandish said. "Even if exploring the guild hall is impossible." 


Hearing that, Irene turned a curious gaze in Brandish's direction. 


"At the very least, I can take the time to get to know Lucy." Brandish continued. "I mean, we did spend a few years living in the same house. We were even playmates for a short time." 


"I see." Irene replied. "That's a good entry point." 


"Also, from the way those two, the one that looked a lot like you and the one with the blonde hair with pink ends, I think they're names were Erza and Marin." Brandish said, not noticing the slight change of expression Irene had at the mention of Erza. "They seemed interested in me. But I'm not a hundred percent sure. Either way, they could be a viable entry point, as well." 


If Brandish knew the reason Erza and Marin were interested in her was because of the book she was reading, she would want to give up on that route, immediately. Also, she would be thoroughly confused how they knew what she was reading with the book cover wrapped around her copy of Saint Slippery's Academy for Girls. 


"That's also a possibility." Irene replied with a nod. "Unfortunately, I won't be able to help you with this. However, you should try to include me as often as possible. For example, if you are invited to have dinner with them. I may be able to get them to slip up in conversation over dinner." 


Nodding her head, Brandish agreed with Irene's plan. However, if she knew Irene cared more about tasting Alfonzo's cooking more often, she would look at her with shock. But if she knew that Alfonzo's cooking was the first meal she could properly taste in centuries, she would understand. Though, that knowledge would lead to more questions. 


At the same time, Alfonzo just took a seat at his usual table after finishing a brawl that was going on when he and Rika arrived at the guild hall. 


"Rika told you us you decided to marry Cana." Bisca, who returned from a quest with Alzack earlier in the day asked in an excited tone. 


"That's right." Alfonzo replied with a smile. Then, he noticed how close Alzack and Bisca sat to each other. And with that realization, he narrowed his eyes as he continued. "But we can talk about that later. It looks like the relationship between the two of you has taken a step forward." 


Immediately, Alzack and Bisca both blushed fiercely. Alzack even looked away in embarrassment with a sheepish smile on his face. Naturally, Alfonzo was taken off guard by their reactions. 


"Ha! That's right, Alzack asked--- Urgh!" Elfman shouted, undoubtedly, about to use his catch phrase in his answer. 


Before Elfman could finish, however, his younger sister, Lisanna, sharply elbowed him in the side. 


"Big Brother Elf, that's not your story to tell." Lisanna said sharply, causing Elfman's complaints to be stuck in his throat. 


And when Elfman saw the look in Lisanna's eyes, he quickly nodded his head obediently. 


"Oh, so what did you ask, Alzack?" Alfonzo asked after vanishing from his seat and reappearing next to Alzack with his arm slung over his best friend's shoulders. 


"Uh... I... Um... kinda... asked her to marry me." Alzack replied, his volume lowering with every word. 


By the time Alzack was finished, Alfonzo would have missed it had he not been circulating his magic power through his body when he heard Alzack's volume dropping. Luckily, he did hear him. However, as a result, Alfonzo was completely dumbfounded, shifting his gaze between Alzack and Bisca with his eyes and mouth wide open. 


"I think he broke." Laki said while poking Alfonzo's cheek with her index finger. 


"Well, can you blame him?" Rika asked in a playful tone. "I mean, it's been almost five months since the last time he saw them, right? And back then, they couldn't even make eye contact without blushing up to the tips of their ears. And now they're engaged. I think I'd have trouble coping, too." 


With Rika's explanation, everyone, other than Alfonzo, Alzack, and Bisca, nodded in understanding. Coincidentally, that also gave Alfonzo enough time to reboot. 


As soon as Alfonzo came back to his senses, he sprung up to his feet. Then, he wrapped his arms around Alzack and Bisca before picking them up from their seats. 


"What the...?" Alzack exclaimed in confusion. 


"Kya!" Bisca yelped in surprise. 


"Congratulations, you two!" Alfonzo exclaimed happily. "I'm glad Alzack finally grew a pair. I gotta admit, though, I was only expecting to hear that the two of you were dating. But since you've been dancing around each other for the last six years or so, I guess this is fine, too." 


Reaching that point, Alfonzo put Alzack and Bisca, who were smiling brightly at his congratulations, back down on the floor. Then, with a happy smile on his face, Alfonzo continued. 


"It's a good thing you got the courage to do it yourself, Alzack." Alfonzo said while maintaining his happy smile. "If I had found out you hadn't made any progress, I would have taken the task of getting you two together into my own hands." 


Although Alfonzo's smile was extremely jovial, Alzack shuddered in terror. He could only imagine what Alfonzo would have done if he had not made any progress in the almost five months since they last saw each other. 


Not only Alzack, but even Bisca showed an uneasy expression at the thought of the ordeal Alfonzo would have put them through if Alzack had not manned up. The other Fairy Tail wizards, on the other hand, were curious to know what Alfonzo had in mind. However, since it did not come to that, they knew that they would never find out. 


"Anyway, to celebrate the good news, I'll be taking a shift in the kitchen!" Alfonzo shouted, his good mood evident in his tone. "And Alzack and Bisca's meals are on me!" 


Immediately, the entire guild burst into an uproar. 


"As soon as I finish talking to Ur, I'll head straight to the kitchen." Alfonzo added as he turned towards the elevator. 


The whole time, the guild continued to cheer. They even bought rounds of drinks for Alzack and Bisca, as they were the reason for Alfonzo's good mood. 


At the same time, in Irene and Brandish's suite, Irene felt her eyebrows twitching in irritation. Although she had no idea what was bothering her so much, she knew that it was something she really wanted. Meanwhile, Brandish decided to return to her bedroom to finish reading her book and start the sequel because of the irritated aura Irene was giving off. 


A few moments later, Alfonzo arrived in the guild master's office. And when he did, he could not help but smile wryly. 


Currently, Gildarts and Ur were sitting on one of the couches in the office. And had that been all, Alfonzo would have thought nothing of it. However, Gildarts was currently hugging Ur tightly with his head buried in her chest while crying loudly. 


"Ur, he's taking my little girl away!" Gildarts shouted in a heartbroken tone. 


"*sigh* She was going to get married sooner or later, right?" Ur said while smiling awkwardly and combing her fingers through Gildarts' hair. "At least it's to someone you've known for years and approve of, right?" 


"Just because I've known him for years, doesn't mean he's good enough for my princess!" Gildarts shouted, sounding even more heart broken than before. "He's nothing but a damn thief! She even calls him Daddy! *Cough*" 


As soon as he said something about Cana calling Alfonzo "Daddy," Gildarts turned away from Ur and coughed up a mouthful of blood onto the coffee table. 


"Uh... Did I come at a bad time?" Alfonzo asked while smiling in amusement. "I can come back later if I did." 


Hearing Alfonzo's voice, Gildarts and Ur finally realized they weren't alone. Then, while crying tears of blood, Gildarts flung himself at Alfonzo and grabbed him by his collar. 


"You! Give me back my Princess!" Gildarts cried. Then, he turned back to Ur as he continued. "Ur, kick him out of the guild! He's---" 




"That's enough." Ur said in an exasperated tone after slamming an ice fist into the top of Gildarts' head. "You can be sad all you want. But don't be unreasonable." 


"But... My princess..." Gildarts said as he collapsed onto the floor and continued to cry in the most sorrowful way either Alfonzo or Ur had ever heard. 


"*Sigh* Sometimes I wonder why I fell for this idiot." Ur said while massaging his temples. 


Meanwhile, Alfonzo stepped past Gildarts, making sure not to step on any of the snot that had fallen to the floor, before taking a seat on the couch opposite Ur. 


"So, I'm guessing he didn't tell you anything about our meeting with those two, huh?" Alfonzo asked as he glanced back at Gildarts once again. 


"*Sigh* Of course not." Ur replied while shaking her head. "So, I'm counting on you to fill me in on what happened. Even though I could keep track of them with [Magic Power Detection], I had no way of knowing exactly what happened." 


"Right." Alfonzo replied with a nod. "And that's exactly why I'm here. Though, I thought I'd only be filling in some blanks that Gildarts missed." 


With that said, Alfonzo began telling Ur what happened when he and the girls ran into Irene and Brandish. 

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