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100% Faith system / Chapter 1: Faith system

Faith system - Faith system - Chapter 1 by Hashii full book limited free

Faith system Faith system original

Faith system

Author: Hashii

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Chapter 1: Faith system

I died.

Of such fact I was certain, death was finality, it was the mysterious question that seemed to serve as the final stage of one's life. It was your last act, your coup de grace, your moment of reckoning. Whether you died with a smile on your face after accomplishing your hearts desires, with frightened eyes as you realize you never expected it coming, with a horrifying expression as you endured torture in your final moments – it mattered not. Death did not discriminate. Death did not pity. Death did not spare. Death did not care.

I knew I should be worried.

I knew that I should have been insane, or maybe, I should have been screaming up to the heavens at the impossibility of it all. Perhaps, I should have at least gave it some thought, questioned whether or not this was divine will, providence, or it was supposed to be some form of karmic joke.

I had died, curious thing it was dying, and the manner in which I had met my unfortunate peril is not one that is suitable for children or sensitive ears. Still, I had died, I was sure of it. Yet, after the sensation of death, the unspeakable darkness and warmth, the feeling of being squeezed through a dark, hot tube –

I found the light.

"Welcome to the Faith System!"

It was not the type of light I was expecting.

Here I was, sitting on a chair, in a large vast space of whiteness, as far as I could see, and in front of me, was a man wearing fancy-pancy robes that looked like something in the trash can of a Shakespearean movie set.

The fashion abomination moved up to me with a large smile.

"You died."

I rolled my eyes. "No shit. Any other obvious statements you want to make before explaining who you are?"

The man seemed to blink in confusion at my words. "Strange. Most of you mortals would be screaming and yelling as to how it was impossible. I was expecting some drama, some shock, maybe a little bit of fear and apprehension."

"I'm feeling slightly bored. Does that help?"

He grinned at me. "Ooh, we've got a snarky one here."

I waved my hand. "Can you just get to the part where I meet up with Lucifer and stuff? Or is listening to you for all infinity supposed to be my version of hell? If it is, then fuck, God is a savage."

"Oh?" The man gave me a weird smile "So you believed you were destined for hell?"

"Well I knew I wasn't gonna make it into heaven."

The man seemed to smile even further. "Well, if you're lucky, you'll get to see it someday"

My eyes narrowed at the suspicious man. So far, he seemed far too upbeat for my liking, and either he was retarded, or there was something else.

Before I could question him he continued. "I'm here to offer you the opportunity to become a God. No not those fake Gods who are just mortals with power, but an actual God in every sense of the word. Omnipotence, omniscient and omnipresent."

I step forward and ask curiously. "Oh really? And what's the catch? My soul? Because I doubt Godhood comes cheap."

"Hahaha believe me when I say, you becoming a God would help me tremendously in the future." He laughs

"If you ca-" before I could finish speaking the the man waves his hand at me.

"Oh you thought you actually had a choice? I was just being polite"

I feel a slight tugging sensation before I'm pulled into an empty abyss.


When I next opened my eyes I see that I was in what looked like a medieval town straight out of old Europe. The street was filthy and smelt like shit. Observing the area I saw multiple people wearing dirty rags looking malnourished and in dire need of a shower whilst some others were slightly better off.

Many of them were begging for food or money from those who looked like they had any to spare.

[Welcome host. I am the faith system, I have been assigned to help aid you on your path to Godhood] A voice sounded in my mind.

Judging by the message I think safe to assume that this is same as those system you could read about back home. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Tell me system, what are your functions' I ask curiously.

[I am capable of doing anything as long as host has accumulated enough faith points.] Th system responds monotonously.

'What are faith points and how do I acquire them?'

[Faith points can be attained whenever host gains a believer. Believers are split in to the following categories:

Non believer, pseudo believer, shallow believer, true believer, fanatic and saint.

Faith points are capable of accomplishing literally anything. With enough faith points you could destroy all of existence]

'How many faith points do I presently have?'

[Host currently has a starting of 1000 faith points.. System recommends host starts his own religion and spreads his faith as soon as possible]

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