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Chapter 30: 'False Dome' and a new character?

Far away from the capital city 'Delta', a small town is located behind a large mountain.

Surrounded by thick forests and with only a small road leading to the other cities.

This small town is indeed very remote and unpopulated.

Most of the young people from this town already have gone to larger cities for better opportunities.

Near the outskirts of this small town is located an abandoned building.

None of the neighbors has seen anyone visiting this abandoned property for decades.

Yet, there are some rumors that some shady people come to this house in the dead of the night.

The neighbors maintain their distance from this abandoned building as if it's 'haunted' or something.

Their speculation isn't exactly wrong either.

Even today, two individuals appeared near the abandoned building in the middle of the night.

They both were wearing pitch-black clothes and their faces were covered with weird-looking gas masks.

Both of them silently walked inside the abandoned building and found their way inside the hidden basement.

One of them slightly cut his finger and dropped his blood on the ground.

A magic circle lit up instantly as if it had recognized the blood.

Both of them were instantly teleported away.

When the two of them opened their eyes again, they found themselves standing in an underground cave somewhere.

After entering the cave, one of them relaxed his shoulders and said in a relieved tone:

"Phew~ finally made it here safely, fortunately, there was no one tailing us this time…"

The other person glanced at the relaxed guy and said in a solemn tone.

"This is not the time to relax… we still have to report to the boss about our failure… we both are going to likely get some heavy punishment you know…"

Hearing the word 'punishment', the other guy felt depressed all of a sudden and said in an annoyed tone:

"Did you have to make me remember that, ugh… boss is going to beat the sh*t out of us for failing this mission…"

"Yeah, moreover, we didn't succeed in killing even a single student… this was our second failure…"

(The wyvern attack and Cyclops attack both were controlled by these two guys on the order of their boss.)

Although they both knew that they had messed up this time they didn't dare run away, otherwise the organization that they worked for would hunt them down to the end of the world.

"Let's go, we shouldn't keep the boss waiting for long, he might have already sensed our presence by now…"

Both of them slowly walked through the dark cave and made their way deeper into the cave.

The cave was so dark and eerily silent that even the voice of their footsteps seemed extremely loud at this moment.

But they both didn't mind it much as they had been used to it by now.

After a minute of walking, they both arrived at a massive hall.

A gigantic statue of a 'Demon' could be seen standing right at the center of the hall and hundreds of benches were placed all around the hall.

When the two of them saw the idol of the demon, they both prayed in a devout voice.

"May the great demon god Azaroth, bless us sinful lambs!" (Both said in a united tone.)

When the two of them prayed as such, a black mist appeared on one of the benches located in the front row.

The two of them looked at the black mist and saluted.

"Greetings, Boss!"

The black mist condensed a bit and took a humanoid shape. It seemed that someone strong was using this black mist to manifest here without using his true body to arrive at the place himself.

An old and majestic voice came from the black mist.

"You failed?" (???)

Hearing the voice, both of the masked individuals fell on their knees and hurriedly begged for mercy.

"Boss, we had no idea about that professor being so strong! His fire magic was extremely strong! He dealt with both of the monsters that you arranged very easily…"

"Yes, boss! If not for that guy, we could have definitely won!"

Hearing the two making excuses the other party didn't say anything for a few seconds.

The silence in the hall made it difficult to breathe for the two masked persons.

They could feel their foreheads dripping with sweat due to fear.

Just when the two of them were getting more and more nervous, the other party replied:

"I already expected that you would fail… but I was expecting that 'old fellow' to deal with those two monsters, but it turns out there are stronger individuals in that university than it meets the eye…" (???)

(He is referring to the principal with 'Old fellow'…)

"But I guess you two didn't exactly fail… after all, you were able to figure out the depth of power that the university holds…" (???)

"Finding that there are more strong individuals who can take care of grade-2 monsters by themselves is already a big discovery… if not for these two attacks, we would have never known about that uncertain factor…" (???)

"With more information on our hands, we can make a more sophisticated plan…" (???)

"In the first place, time is on our side, the life of that 'Old Fellow' is slowly running out and he doesn't have many years left under his belt…" (???)

"Besides I have now recovered around thirty percent of my power, soon I will be able to summon more monsters…" (???)

Hearing the boss say those words, the two masked individuals felt happy in their minds.

Just when they thought that they had survived and were forgiven, the other party instantly broke their smiles.

"All things aside, you two certainly have failed twice, so you two must be punished properly…" (???)

Before the two of them could beg for mercy, dark mist enveloped them both in their grasps.

They flailed their hands and legs but were unable to do anything. Even their flow of mana was forcefully stopped.

*Aaaaggh! Aaarghh*

Screams of pain rang out throughout the hall as the black mist slowly penetrated their skin and started to destroy their body from the inside out.

The whole process was extremely painful, it was just as painful as being tortured intensely.

The screams of pain and fear rang out through the hall, but the mist figure didn't stop and smiled at this show instead.

The eyes of the demon idol shined and its face moved on its own. A massive sadistic grin appeared on the demon idol as it stared at the two screaming and suffering people nearby.

Before long, the body of the two masked people burst apart into blood mist and their internal organs were splattered all over the ground.

This scene may look horrible to faint-hearted people, but for the 'boss', it was just a normal occurrence.

The eyes of the demon idol shined bright red all of a sudden and all the blood that was splattered on the ground started to turn float and fly towards the idol.

The blood stuck to the demon idol and got absorbed instantly.

The demon idol smiled as if it was satisfied with the sacrifice.

And just like that, the souls of two grade-3 summoning mages were absorbed by the demon idol of Azaroth.

Seeing that the idol returned back to normal after absorbing those two souls, the black mist also dissipated and the hall returned back to its original state as if nothing had happened there.

Ivan's higher arcane university.

In the principal's office.

The principal looked at the young girl who suddenly appeared with a letter.

"hmm, so you are saying you were ordered by your father to enroll in the university… but aren't you a month late now?" (Nathan)

"I have the recommendation seal of the duke…" (???)

The principal shook his head and said:

"Well if you have the seal then I can approve your admission… hmm, you will be considered a transfer student I guess…" (Nathan)

"Understood." (???)

The girl's dark black hair swayed in the air as she exited the principal's office after getting the approval.

A smirk appeared on her face as she stood outside the principal's office.

'I am finally here… hehehe' (???)

Author's Note.

Yo! It's your beloved author here! It seems that Jareth has entered the eyes of a troublesome organization.

Also, a new character seems to have appeared!

Question of the day.

Who could this young girl be, any guesses?

(Tell me in the comments!)

By the way, don't forget to use those power stones and also leave a review if you like the story. Comment your opinion about the chapter. Your support is my motivation.

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