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Chapter 5: A Peculiar Introduction...

Capital City Delta.

Ivan's Higher Arcane University

The campus of the university is extremely lively today. Today is the first day when the classes will start this year.

Thousands of students belonging to different classes could be seen hurrying off to their classes.

A young teenage girl with light blue hair and pupils glared at a teenage guy with similar light blue hair and pupils with an angry look on her cute face.

"Hurry up, Allen! We are going to be late for class!" (Mia Stormwalker)

Mia held Allen's hand and dragged him behind her. Allen's face was covered in sweat, and he was panting and gasping for air due to all this running.

"W-wait for me… I-I can't run anymore…." (Allen Stormwalker)

Mia glanced back and glared at Allen with a frown on her cute face.

"No, we can't stop here! We have to make it on time. We can't be late on the very first day of our university life!" (Mia)

Mia continued to drag Allen and didn't let him rest for even a single second.

"I heard from the other students that the professor teaching 'Magic Theory' is a very strict person. We will get punished if we end up late for class… so hurry up!" (Mia)

"Just listen to your big sis and keep running!" (Mia)

"Y-Yeah…" (Allen)

Just when Allen was desperately trying his best to keep up with the pace of his energetic big sister, someone purposely cast a magic spell under Allen's feet.

A small hole appeared on the ground due to the spell, and Allen lost his balance from the sudden shift in posture. He directly fell and kissed the floor, and even Mia, who held his hand, lost her balance and fell backward on the ground.

"Ouch!" (Mia)

"Ugh!" (Allen)

When the two siblings fell on the floor, they heard the mocking laughter of a guy from behind them.

"BAHAHAHA, look at those two idiots, bahahahaha" (Mark Kalashnikov)

A teenage guy with bright golden hair and pupils laughed at the two with a mocking smile on his face.

Allen got up from the ground, the design of the floor tile still visible on his face, and he had an angry expression.

"What is the meaning of this, Mark!?" (Allen)

Mark ignored Allen's shouts and continued to laugh at the two of them for a while before finally calming down. He wiped the slight tears from his eyes, which appeared due to laughing too much, and said in a teasing tone:

"You two idiots don't even know that there is still half an hour left before class is going to start… seeing you two rush like idiots makes me laugh... hehehe" (Mark)

Mia and Allen both stared at Mark with an angry look on their faces, but Mark continued to ignore them.

"Okay, don't waste my time. I don't want to be late because of some random peasant… hehehe-" (Mark)

All of a sudden, Mark stopped laughing and hurried off to class as if he wanted to escape from something.

"You are shameless!" (Allen)

While Allen glared at the leaving figure of Mark and cursed, Mia suddenly went silent. She stretched out her hand and poked Allen with her trembling fingers as if to make him notice something.

Allen frowned at Mia and glanced behind him.

A middle-aged man with dark purple hair and pupils stood behind him. His intimidating face stared at Allen as if a predator looking down on its prey.

"Don't make a fuss here, Student Allen." (Jareth)

Allen's eyes widened at Jareth's cold and intimidating presence. He felt like Jareth could beat him at any moment.

Allen felt suffocated just by standing in Jareth's dense and intimidating aura.

"U-understood!" (Allen)

Hearing Allen's reply, Jareth nodded his head. He gave Mia a slight glance and then walked away. Everywhere he went, students consciously maintained several meters of distance from him for fear of getting beaten.

Seeing the fading figure of Jareth, Allen heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Mia, who was standing there like a stone statue. 

She seemed to have been too intimidated to even move by Jareth's presence.

"Who was that person…. His presence is so intimidating…" (Allen)

Allen shook his head and decided to put this matter behind him. He dragged the petrified Mia and walked off towards the classroom.

Jareth's POV.

'Hmm, I wasn't expecting to see the 'Hero' face to face so early, but seriously, that little guy seems to have the same clumsy personality as shown in the game…' (Jareth)

As Jareth continued to walk towards his classroom with a slow and steady pace, he continued to think about various things, complicated thoughts swirled in his mind.

'Allen is the 'Hero' character of this action RPG game, and he is supposed to have a clumsy and short-tempered personality at the starting stages of the game…' (Jareth)

Allen goes through many hardships during his long journey of becoming a 'Hero' and matures as an individual to become the very epitome of heroism during the late stages of the game.

'Well, I can't blame him either…. He is still a 17-year-old kid… young people are generally full of energy and clumsy by nature…' (Jareth)

'Mia is Allen's elder sister; her only purpose in the game was to be 'Emotional Support' for her younger brother 'Allen' and then die for character development… so she doesn't have that many unique characteristics…' (Jareth)

Jareth also felt quite weird, but the game was designed this way, so he couldn't really do anything about it in his previous life.

'As for that guy Mark, that is the real deal… an extremely talented guy born as the sole heir to the royal family and the main rival for Allen… he is supposed to be the only one capable of going toe to toe with Allen in the late stages of the game…' (Jareth)

Jareth was expecting to meet these three characters when he entered the classroom, but unexpectedly he met them while he was still heading towards the class.

'I actually don't want to go to that class, sigh~' (Jareth)

Many talented and intelligent students were present in that classroom of first-years, which he was supposed to teach. 

'If I made a single mistake, these little devils will immediately find out that I am a fake… and then I will be suffering my whole life… sigh~' (Jareth)

With slow and hesitant steps, Jareth continued towards the classroom, and eventually, he stood in front of the door of the classroom.

[First-Year Classroom No.1]

'Here goes nothing…' (Jareth)

Inside the classroom.

The lively classroom suddenly fell silent when the gate of the class opened steadily, and Professor Jareth walked in with an intimidating momentum.

Allen and Mia were sitting by the windows, and Mark was sitting at the last seat in the classroom. There were a total of fifty students in the classroom, and all of them fell silent the very moment Jareth entered.


Only the sound of Jareth's steady steps rang out in the class, and no one dared to even make a slight noise to avoid getting on the bad side of Jareth.

Jareth walked over to the center of the stage and stood in front of the whole class with a cold and intimidating look on his face. His eyes wandered off and scanned the whole class with an intimidating glare in his dark purple eyes.

"Since every desk is filled… that means everyone is present… I don't need to take attendance then… bring out your 'Magic Theory' Books and open the first chapter…" (Jareth)

"I don't really care about introductions and all pointless things. If you guys keep performing well in class from now on, I will eventually know your names… otherwise, you won't even be recognized… make sure to keep your scores up if you want the Approval letter from me…" (Jareth)

Hearing Jareth's harsh words, everyone understood immediately why rumors were going around about the Professor of 'Magic Theory' class being extremely strict.

The rumors turned out to be all true; Jareth was indeed as heartless as the rumors depicted him to be. 

On the very first day, he had already declared that he would only give the approval letter to those who would perform exceptionally well in the class tests. 

If the student's performance is not to his liking, he won't even give the approval letter, which will cause the student to fail in the subject called 'Magic Theory'.

An approval letter is like a grade or marks for the students of this world. 

Only when the professor has given you the approval letter will you be considered to have passed in that subject, and only then can you be promoted to the next year; otherwise, you will have to repeat the whole year's worth of classes all over again. 

This means this one statement from Jareth, had made all of the students feel suffocated and disciplined at the same time.

Author's Notes.

Yo! It's your beloved author here! Due to the character traits of Jareth, he automatically spouts harsh words, thus he gets misunderstood as strict on the very first day…

Question of the day.

What are your thoughts on the 'Hero' Allen?

(Tell me in the comments.)

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