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Chapter 2: Transmigrated!?

Nirvana Continent, Capital City Delta.

Ivan's Higher Arcane University, Professor Dorms, Room no: 13. 

Through the window's curtains, bright sunlight entered the space and fell on the face of a middle-aged man who was dozing off on a big bed.

A frown appeared on the man's intimidating face. 

"Ugh!..." (???)

The man sat up quickly, checked his chest with his hands, and opened his eyes in shock. 

'What the!?' (???)

The man was surprised to see that everything seemed normal with his body. On his face, a frown emerged.

'What is going on here? I vividly recall the excruciating pain I endured as those bodyguards pummeled my chest to nothing. ugh… It feels strange to recall that sensation of my ribs breaking right now. (???)

"However, even the most cutting-edge medical technology could not have saved me from such horrific injuries after being beaten into a meat paste like that." (???)

The man noticed his hands looked different at that moment.

"What? I do not recall having hands that rough!"

"furthermore, why is my palm covered in so many scars? (???)

The first thing he did was to hurriedly check the condition of his younger brother.

'What the! I can not recall ever owning a package this magnificent! Dearer brother, how did you grow up to be so big? (???)

"This is weird, hmm…. What happened to my voice?…" (???)

'I don't remember having such a heavy and intimidating voice!' (???)

He realized abruptly that he was in a strange room at this moment.

'This place is so luxurious…. Where the f*ck am I!?' (???)

Just then, he saw a full-body mirror that was hung on a nearby wall. 

The man stood up quickly and approached the mirror.

He caught sight of a middle-aged face. The man's frown added to his icy appearance, giving him an even more menacing appearance in the mirror. The word "villain" cried out from his very image.

'The F*ck! These dark purple hair and eyes! And this intimidating face! Isn't this 'Jareth'!? (Jareth Blaze)

In his mind Jareth was shocked, but his expressions stayed angry and icy. 

Jareth checked himself several times over, growing more and more shocked as time went on.

"This body moves like it is mine, and I do not even feel the pain from the beatings I took earlier." (Jareth)

Suddenly, he had the following thought:

'Did I transmigrate into this body!?' (Jareth) 

15 Minutes Later.

Jareth eventually achieved mental clarity and came to terms with reality. There could not have been any possibility that he would have survived at the hands of those bodyguards; he knew he was dead.

"But why must I inhabit the body of a villain? In addition, this guy is a mediocre villain! He is the weakest kind of villain who was defeated by the "Hero" with only one blow!" (Jareth)

Jareth had a headache from thinking about it all.

"Well, at least I survived another day—that is a huge blessing in and of itself." (Jareth)

'Wait what is today's date!?' (Jareth)

Jareth looked around, and on the desk next to him was a smartphone. Quickly using the "fingerprint" feature on his smartphone, he checked the date.

[9 April 2137]

'Oh! Thank god I still have time! I do not have to worry about any death flags at first because classes for the new semester will begin on April 12th, which means Jareth has not met the "Hero".' (Jareth)

Then it dawned on him, quite suddenly:

'But wait! On the first day, was not the University attacked by a wyvern?' (Jareth)

Jareth eventually recalled the main points of the entire incident as each memory gradually entered his consciousness.

He moved to the bed's corner and took a seat, crossing his hands over his chest.

"A childhood friend of mine gifted me this game when I was younger, and if my memory serves me correctly, Jareth is the game's starting villain." (Jareth)

A modern world serves as the backdrop for the magic-fantasy game Fantastic Hero's Compass, or F.H.C. for short. There are monsters, knights, magic, and other typical role-playing game components in this game world.

'The player starts as an ordinary young kid, who wants to become a 'Hero' and gets admitted to 'Ivan's higher arcane University' to learn about magic and stuff…' (Jareth)

Then the hero becomes strong, saves Jade beauties, and makes a huge harem. (At least he has a better personality than a certain someone… Tell me in the comments who I am talking about…) 

The storyline of this game is simple and there's nothing unique in it. The Hero goes and bashes the enemies, returns home, and lives with Jade Beauties thereafter. 

On his way to the peak, Hero crushes many Villains and enemies without mercy to save the world, blah blah blah….

'One such measly Villain is this guy Jareth… I don't want to even remember his horrible death…' (Jareth)

Jareth is a professor at 'Ivan's Higher Arcane University', he teaches magic theories and magic circle formation to first-year students. He got this job with his exceptional knowledge of various magic circles.

Jareth is currently 28 years old and it has already been three years since he started teaching in this university.

'I don't have any memories of his past at all…' (Jareth)

Jareth didn't receive any memories of this body at all, due to which he has no idea about what the original Jareth was supposed to know and teach…

'How am I supposed to teach others about magic, when I don't even know what magic is all about in first place!?' (Jareth)

'The only knowledge I have about the original Jareth is from the game lore…' (Jareth)

The original Jareth was a theoretical genius, but he was extremely weak in combat and his magic was pitifully weak.

The only reason he got this job was because he submitted an exceptional research paper to the University and bribed his way in.

The principal of the academy is always in favor of new theories and research on magic, when Jareth came to the door and donated an amazing research paper to the academy, the principal himself granted Jareth's wish to become a professor in this university.

Jareth had graduated from this same university at the age of 21 and he got the job at the age of 25. 

The principal was already acquainted with Jareth because he had graduated from this university in the first place, so the principal accepted him rather easily.

'According to the lore, Jareth became jealous of the exceptional talent of 'Hero'…' (Jareth)

The hero comes from a poor household.

Jareth who takes pride in his noble origins, becomes extremely jealous of the 'Hero' when the hero helps the students and fights against the wyvern on the very first day.

The principal was out of the academy at the moment and the other teachers took a while to arrive on the scene, thus the Hero kept the monstrosity at bay in the meantime.

Jareth watched the 'Hero' fight the wyvern and became jealous of him. 

After the attack everyone found out that Jareth was only good at theories and his magic was even weaker than the first-year students, so he got expelled from his job.

This is the starting scenario of this game. Later Jareth returns to the academy as a possessed being. He got possessed by a Mind demon and attacked the 'Hero' which ended up in his defeat. 

Jareth gets captured and then he gets publicly executed by the magic guillotine. (The magic Guillotine is an artifact that shatters the soul of the punished, and causes great pain to the soul till it disappears into nothingness)

'Ugh.. I don't even want to remember that cruel scene…' (Jareth)

'The main problem is, I am even weaker than the original Jareth right now, which means it is inevitable that I will get expelled and my reputation will be dragged through the mud…' (Jareth)

'Is this what they call, 'Starting at hell difficulty!?'…' (Jareth)

Suddenly an idea came into his mind:

'Wait, if it's a game world and I used to be a player originally, can I still use the system panel!?' (Jareth)

Jareth immediately tried to confirm his doubts.


[Name: Jareth Blaze]

[HP: 800/800] [MP: 50/50]

[Titles: Illegitimate child, Theory Genius, Talentless fool]

[Str: 13] [Agi: 12] [Spe: 10] [Def: 9] [Int: 42]

[Talent: Fire Affinity (Grade: 6), Mana Affinity (Grade: 6)]

[Mana Purity: Grade 6] 

[Skills: Fire-Magic (Grade: 6), Null-Magic (Grade: 6), Mana Control (Grade: 6)]

[Passive Skills: Sharp Mind] 

[Personality Traits: Cold, Arrogant, Ruthless, Fearless]

[Shop] [Credit Points: 100]

[Evaluation: You are not worthy of an evaluation!]

Looking at that Evaluation, Jareth rubbed his forehead and calmed down his throbbing headache.

'Ugh! Why do I have to transmigrate into this body in the first place! sigh~' (Jareth)

Author's Notes.

Yo! It's your beloved author here! I hope you guys like my second novel. 

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