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Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Fake Rich Daughter Is A Scientist From The Future

Author: JQK

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Chapter 1: Dressed Like a Fake Rich Girl

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

What woke Huo Tian up from her deep sleep was a series of crisp bird cries.

Looking at the environment she was in, Huo Tian, who was able to remain calm even amidst space-time turbulence, was so shocked that she could not recover for a long time.

The fresh air flowed into the room through the open window. Outside the window was a tall tree, and the crisp chirping of birds came from the lush green canopy. Further away was the clear blue sky…

Everything in front of her clearly looked like scenes that had appeared in videos and materials—how Earth looked like hundreds of years ago.

The next moment, Huo Tian felt a sharp pain in her head and she collapsed onto the bed.

In just a few seconds, a memory that did not belong to her appeared in her mind. Only then did Huo Tian understand what had happened…

It turned out that the time travel experiment hadn't failed completely. It was just that her body had been ripped apart by the space-time turbulence, and only her brain waves or her soul had successfully transmigrated. The Huo Tian, who came from hundreds of years ago, had become this young lady who hid in her room to drown her sorrows in alcohol after suffering a setback.

As for why this girl with the same name as her had died from drinking too much, Huo Tian understood after flipping through the memories of this body's original owner.

Huo Tian was the only daughter of the Huo Family in Shangjing. She was pampered by the Huo Family's elders and had been unbridled for more than ten years. Although she relied on her family background to attend the best elite high school in Shangjing, she was still an ignorant and incompetent idiot. The total score for her grades in all nine subjects was less than three digits!

If nothing went wrong, Huo Tian would probably live a carefree life, enjoying herself.

But there were always accidents in life.

Just yesterday, the Huo Tian parents brought back a girl who was the same age as her. The girl's name was Huo You.

"Huo Tian, we need to inform you of something." Huo Tian's parents didn't consider if Huo Tian could accept this and said directly, "We just found out a few days ago that you're not our biological daughter. Our biological daughter is Huo You."

At first, Huo Tian didn't believe them at all. "Dad, Mom, are you kidding me? I know Huo You. She's just a poor student who needs a scholarship. Even if you're not satisfied with my results, you don't have to use this method to motivate me, right?"

Mrs. Huo sneered and put down her coffee cup. "Huo Tian, we're not joking with you. After we found out that the hospital you were born in might have accidentally brought us the wrong child due to work negligence, we did a DNA test. You can take a look at the test report. Of course, given your intelligence, you might not understand it."

Huo You, who was sitting next to Mrs. Huo, smiled at Huo Tian with her lips pursed. Her cold and aloof demeanor was exactly the same as Mrs. Huo's. No one would doubt their biological mother-daughter relationship.

Huo Tian's heart sank. She picked up the two test reports on the table and looked at them carefully. Sure enough, in her report, she saw the result of them being unrelated.

At this moment, Mr. Huo said, "Huo Tian, you've always been willful and reckless. We've always tolerated you in the past, but you're not our biological daughter, so we don't have to take care of our willfulness anymore."

Huo Tian was at a loss. She subconsciously wanted to grab onto her family. "Dad, Mom, don't you want me anymore?"

Mr. Huo said coldly, "I know you can't bear to part with the Huo Family's wealth, but we have our own daughter and you have your own mother. I hope you can recognize your own identity."

Mrs. Huo paid no heed to Huo Tian who was looking very helpless. "Huo You is very outstanding. We plan on holding a banquet at home tomorrow to announce Huo You's return to our family and friends. I hope you won't appear at the banquet tomorrow."

Mr. and Mrs. Huo stood up and left, leaving Huo Tian, who seemed to be out of her wits, and carefree Huo You behind.

Huo Tian knew Huo You, who was supposed to be the real daughter of the Huo Family. They were classmates at the same private elite school.

However, unlike Huo Tian who had gotten into the school through her parents paying a huge amount of money, Huo You was offered a place in the school with her first-place results in the middle school examination in the entire city. After she entered the school, she represented the school to win a few championship titles in national competitions. Her exam results had always been in the top three, and later, she had also relied on her outstanding looks to be the school belle in her second year of high school.

However, the current Huo You wasn't as gentle and amiable as she usually was in school. Her eyes were filled with smiles as she said sneeringly to Huo Tian, "Huo Tian, you heard what Dad and Mom said. Since you're no longer the Huo Family's young miss, don't stay shamelessly in my house anymore. I don't feel happy to see a thief who took over things that belong to me."

Huo Tian wanted to tear off the fake mask on her face, but after losing her identity as the Huo Family's young miss, she no longer had the confidence to act recklessly.

The original owner of this body probably couldn't accept the sudden change in identity, so she locked herself in her room to drink alone.

She didn't expect to lose her life just like that.

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