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fall in love with my sister fall in love with my sister original

fall in love with my sister

Author: cacacondadevita

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Chapter 1: 001 Long night

In the midst of a rainstorm and a lightning flash, it appeared on a luxurious substation belonging to the Davidson family and busy servants in and out of the delivery room to prepare some supplies to welcome the birth of their hostess's second child.

Soon there was a loud shout from a woman who broke the stormy night.

"Madam, a little longer will succeed, you must push a little harder."

Said the responsible midwife, who wiped the sweat from her forehead.

"God, I hope the lady and the baby are all right."

The prayers of madame aleya's private servants are full of hope.

In the midst of the booming voice of thunder was the sound of a baby girl born to the earth as if she wanted to match the sound of thunder to rival.

The responsible attendant quickly brought supplies to welcome the newborn from her mother's womb, still covered in blood and mucus.

"Madam, miss aleya,?

Call the doctor who treated her frantically."

"Doctor what's going on?"

Greeting private servants aleya

"Madam is bleeding so bad, I can't handle this on my own, get me another doctor."

Doctor ana's orders to the waitress.

Aleya's personal maid named Mary immediately ran to the main zion to report the situation and asked a doctor to help miss aleya who had recently been knocked out by the massive loss of blood.

"Madam, a small servant from east zion came to see you."

"Hahaha come meet him, I want to see how he'll beg this time."

Miss Amanda slowly made her way down the stairs from the second floor, glancing at the frightened waiter as she looked down.

(Amanda is a very vicious mistress who wields and controls over the chief mension, she was first wife of Davidson.)

"Good evening, mistress Amanda."

Mary welcomes Amanda's arrival with trembling feet out of fear, but due to her desperate and very sympathetic state of mind, she ventured to speak to Amanda

"Say what you want"

"Mistress Amanda, please help you, madame aleya she suffered a hemorrhage during childbirth, and needed an additional doctor to help her save her life, I beg that Amanda's mistress generously give us one more doctor."

"Hahaha you are so greedy, I humbly gave you a doctor, but now you dare still ask me one more doctor."

"Madam I beg you, miss aleya will not survive unless she gets help from another doctor."

"So you're blaming me for her bleeding?"

"I dare not, mistress."

"Then get out of here now!!

It's a good thing I let her have her baby.

You get him out of here!

"Madam I beg of you"

Amanda walks away remembering Mary's pleading, she comes back up the stairs and hangs a strange smile on Amanda's sexy lips.

Since Mary was unable to do anything, there is nothing she can do for her at this time other than Mrs. Amanda, she can't contact Mr. Davidson because she is now overseas caring for her business and corporate affairs. And turn the whole house over to miss Amanda.

Marry back to menzion on the east, when she gets all the servants crying hysterically.

Saw this marry rushed to the room where aleya's giving birth.

"L'm sorry I merry, I can't save miss aleya"

Merry ran around embracing aleya's pale body, the master she'd served as a child for saving her life she had promised herself to follow her and serve aleya wherever she went.

Now his beloved mistress is leaving him for good, but she is also leaving a 3-year-old son named aleska and a daughter who was just born.

A servant with a mysterious gesture entered and traded in princess Davidson and aleya

She was very clever taking advantage of the situation when all the grieving servants were busy caring for aleya's corpse.

Aleya is the second wife of Davidson, unfortunately for giving birth to their second daughter caused aleya's wife to lose her life. In his anger Davidson never paid attention to the princess of aleya, considering that she was the cause of aleya's death.

Davidson was so busy with his business and company that he was so oblivious to his family, he knew of his own child rivalry in his family that he still didn't do anything because he thought it was one of the obstacles they would have to pass through in order to make a heir.

His first son is devano.

The second son named wanda,

They were both born of the same mother that great mistress Amanda was first wife Davidson. They were both raised so hard by Amanda to take over the Davidson family in the future.

Devano had a violent temper and wanda had a softer and understanding nature she was always scolded by her mother for practicing with aleska the first child of aleya Davidson's second wife who had died giving birth to her daughter ruby.

Due to the absence of a mother's role to defend and protect both of them, aleska and ruby have always lived under great pressure from mistress Amanda and her servants.

Ruby's childhood used to sneak into aleska's room at night, because she was lonely and afraid to sleep alone. Aleska's always cold never cared.

Ruby spent every day trying to get the attention of aleska's sister,

"Today I must succeed in getting brother's attention, that I may survive in this mension."

Because under pressure, miss Amanda and her minions, she can only live if she's protected by her brother. It could have been the night that she was killed by Mrs. Amanda's servant, to reduce the competition and obstacles to her future son.

Tonight ruby will slip back into aleska's sister's room. However he tries aleska still has the cold attitude of ignoring her every day. Even though aleska knew ruby was sneaking into her room every night she still didn't say a word, she would deliberately avoid ruby by studying until midnight. When ruby is fully asleep then she'll go to her room and sleep on the floor


The sound of birds and sunlight coming through the crack in ruby's window curtain built her ruby from her beautiful dream.

"Ah it's morning already"

With a sideways glance.

"You're awake, oh shit, I'm still ignored by staying in bed and even sleeping in the same bed with him every day but I still find it hard to see him.

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