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Falling For The CEO Falling For The CEO original

Falling For The CEO

Author: Jannah1559

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Chapter 1: Love At First Sight

"Can I talk to you?"

"Sure." She smiled tightly still standing in the doorway.

"Can I come in?" He asked nodding his head. He took a glimpse at Dr. David's house then looked back to her.

"Alright, come on in."

She moved aside and let him in, praying she wasn't making a mistake. He went into the living room and made himself comfortable on the recliner. She shut the door, followed him and sat on the couch.

"You can't stay here." He spoke after she sat down.


"If you're going to stay, you need to keep your mouth shut or change your house."

"What are you saying? Is this an advice or a threat?"

"I'm trying to help. He doesn't like it when people talk."

"Who is HE?"

"The clown."


"Yes, the clown doctor." Freya rolled her eyes and shook her head. Is this man for real? Is he trying to spook me into leaving?

"And who is this clown doctor?"

"I can't say anymore. He doesn't like it when people talk." He sounded serious so she thought it was best to act like she understood.

"Is he a bad man?"


"Is he dangerous?" Mr. Othman started fidgeting, looking to the window on the left, then back at her. Once. twice.

"I'm sorry, I can't say anymore." He finally stood and all, but ran out the door.

Fear was creeping up on Freya. She moved to the window he was looking through. It was Dr. David's house, and he was there, watching her. The house was dark, all curtains closed except for the one on the window he was looking through.

Freya quickly moved away, frazzled. Was Mr. Othman right? Was Dr. David, Sam as he insisted, the clown doctor?

No, it can't be. The old man was just saying nonsense. But then how do I explain Sam watching my home?

She felt it in the pit of her stomach that Mr. Othman was right as suspicious thoughts raced in her head, but she pushed it down and walked down to her room. She would try and forget the event of that evening.

The next day, Freya arrived home late from work. she got out of her car then sauntered to her door. There was an envelope on her doormat. She picked it up and opened it to reveal an invitation card.

It was inviting her to a party called 'Community For All'. It was on the 17th of that month, which was the next day. The event will start at 1pm and end at 4pm.

It's a must to attend.

It said at the bottom of the invitation card.

Another surprise from the small town, why would they force everyone to attend the town's party? Freya thought as she unlocked the door and went in with the card.

The house where the party took place was large, larger than the other houses in the area.

Everything about the house looked better than the others in the area. It looked like it belonged to someone rich and powerful, and that's exactly what Freya thought.

She rang the doorbell and the door swung open revealing a middle-aged woman smiling broadly at her. "Come in." She went in and the woman closed the door behind them.

"You must be the new comer, Freya, right?"

Freya was shocked that the woman whom she had never seen before in her life knew her name. She returned the smile anyway, and replied.

"Yes, how did you know?"

"It's a very small town and news travel fast." The way she said it made chills travel down Freya's back.

"I'm Clara Wilde." She held out her hand and Freya shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Mrs. Wilde."

"Clara please, and it's ms. Wilde. Come, I'll introduce you to the others." Freya nodded and followed on.

Freya saw that the house was packed with many people, some were on the couches or recliners and the rest were standing around in groups talking to each other.

Clara led her to a group of 9 people, 4 men and 5 women. They were talking and laughing together, some of them were holding plastic cups that were filled with drinks.

"Everyone, this is Freya; the new comer. Treat her well." Clara addressed the group while staring pointedly at a woman in red.

"We will Ms. Wilde, leave her to us." A man with dark hair and honey colored skin assured Clara.

The woman in red mumbled a sarcastic, "Yeah, right." Another woman dressed in blue standing close to her shushed her which made her glare at the woman in blue.

Everyone acted like they didn't hear her, and Clara quickly left the group to join a couple of middle-aged women sitting on one of the couches.

"Hi, I'm Finn," The honey skinned man introduced himself then pointed to each person as he called their names. "and these are Luke, James, Chen, Rose, Lin, Nina, Gwen and Percy, my girlfriend."

They all greeted Freya except for Percy, who was the woman in red. She looked like she didn't want to be there. Nina was the woman that shushed Percy. Freya could see why Clara left her with them, they were all in their twenties.

Luke stared at her with something soft in his gaze as he curved his lips into a smile. She felt breath taken away as she looked back into his eyes.

"I love your dress, It looks Gorgeous!" Lin exclaimed gesturing to Freya's red and white dress taking her attention from Luke.

"Nice Lin, always trying to flatter everyone." Luke said playfully while shaking his head.

"Thanks, yours is also beautiful." Freya answered Lin.

"Whoa, lay off my girl!" Chen exclaimed and put his arm around Lin as she laughed.

Luke rolled his eyes, "Always trying to remind us that we are still single." That made Freya laugh and Everyone in the group moved their attention to her.

"You think I'm funny, right. Will you be my girlfriend and take me out of my misery?" Luke gazed at Freya with his hand over his heart.

"Come on Luke, give her a break." James said with a serious look on his face.

"I don't even know you, but yes, I think you are very funny."

Luke cocked his head to look at James, "See, she thinks I'm funny and girls like funny guys."

"Girls like funny guys, not you." Gwen said with a giggle.

"Keep dreaming, funny guy." Rose said and Luke pouted then turned to Freya with a smile.

"Freya, don't listen to them. You will get to know me soon enough and see that they're just saying nonsense."

"Freya Jacob. Nice meeting you here." Dr. David, Sam, addressed Freya before she could answer Luke. They all stared at him, and she saw that he was pushing a little girl in a wheelchair.

"Sam. How have you been?" He stopped in front of her. There's that fake smile again.

"I'm fine. How are you settling in? And I see that you have met some of our people in town."

"I'm doing just fine, and yes."

"Who's this cutie?" She smiled at the girl, but the girl barely took notice of her, only staring into space.

"This is Sophie. Say hi, Sophie." She gingerly turned her head, large, eerie eyes staring deep into Freya's.

"Hi." She finally spoke, but it was barely audible.

"Hi Sophie." Everyone in the group said to Sophie.

"She can't talk very well because of the sickness." They all nodded in understanding, and Chen changed the subject.

"I saw Ms. Andrea earlier, I need to talk to her. Come on Lin, let's go meet her." Chen dragged Lin with him to look for her.

Nina dragged Rose and Percy to the side whispering about something, and Luke started talking to James, Finn and Gwen.

"You know Freya," Sam started in a low voice. "You seem to be getting along with your neighbours very well."

"Ah, do I?" Was he referring to Mr. Othman's visit? She thought of asking him that, but changed her mind. It's best that she pretends that it never happened. She looked around and found that the three girls and James have disappeared from sight, but Luke, Finn and Gwen were still standing next to them.

"Excuse me, I need to find the restroom." She didn't give him enough time to stop her. She made her escape, going to the kitchen and out the back door.

Freya closed the door and sighed still facing it with her hand on the knob. She turned around and found Percy, Finn's girlfriend hugging James very tightly.

She cleared her throat and they quickly separated like they were caught committing a murder.

Percy hastily walked past her and back into the house. James followed her into the house and left Freya staring after them.

Jannah1559 Jannah1559

Is Dr. David Dr. Clown? Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation, and please send me gifts!

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