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Author: Shonihn

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Chapter 1: Welcome To The World

New South Wales,



Alexander ran his eyes from the concrete floor to the top edge of the building through the tinted window of his black BMW. The exterior of the glass surfaces made the frontage appear as though the entire building had itself constructed with the glass.

Letting out a nervous sigh, he got out of the car as his driver held the door open for him. His bodyguards in formal attire escorted him to the building. His tall, well-built personality, his handsome face, and the powerful aura emanating from him as he walked briskly with his jean-clad long legs attracted attention. He could sense all the eyes on him watching in awe, without even glancing at them.

As the doors to the elevator closed, Alexander looked at his reflection in the mirror-like steel walls. His face was impassive, not disclosing the true feelings he was experiencing inside. The doors opened with a ding as they reached the top floor of the building.

"All set, the doctors need your signature on these papers to proceed," his right-hand man, Sebastian Romano said, giving him the papers as soon as Alexander stepped out of the elevator. The forty-plus male doctor with a mixture of brown and grey hair shook his hands and informed him about the condition of Mariana.

Alexander signed the papers and nodded, giving the doctor his permission to proceed with the operation.

An hour had passed since he signed the papers. The wait was killing what little patience left in him.

Alexander was tired of pacing and watching the doctors and nurses running in their blue uniforms. He looked down from the tinted glass window, watching the train and other different vehicles, and the pedestrians on the busy road of George Street. Even though the September weather in Sydney was warm and pleasant, the air-conditioning running in the building made him feel cold.

He could bet that he was getting goosebumps on his arms hidden under the long-sleeved black shirt he wore. But he knew it had nothing to do with the air-conditioning. The worry was making him nervous. It was one of the best maternity hospitals in Sydney, yet he couldn't stop himself from worrying.

Alexander sensed Sebastian's presence even before the reflection of his tall frame appeared on the glass windows. He held two disposable coffee cups in his hands and offered one to Alexander. Sipping the coffee, Alexander wished he could substitute it with a glass of whiskey or scotch.

"You should have let Felicity come with you. You look like shit, worrying your ass off. What made you think that you could handle the situation alone?" Sebastian asked, eyeing his tired face. Though Alexander had kept his face void of any emotion, Sebastian could see the hidden worry marring his face. His green eyes looked anxious and shoulder too stiff.

Dressed in black jeans and a black shirt, Alexander looked nothing like the successful businessman he was. No one would believe that he's one of the richest men in the world. Judging by the simple attire and the untucked shirt, Sebastian knew that he'd left home in a hurry.

"I would rather not see her in the hospital, and you know it, Romano," Alexander said. His beautiful, beloved wife Felicity was his life. She had almost died during their son's birth three years ago. Sitting next to her bed, holding her hand, waiting for her to regain consciousness, those critical hours spent in the hospital room were Alexander's worst nightmare.

Since then, just the thought of seeing his Felicity in the hospital scared him to death. He would rather die than experiencing that heartache again.

He missed having her next to him. He knew that her presence alone could wipe out all his worries. Her smile was enough to brighten his world. But he would never bring her to the hospital.

Alexander thought he could handle the situation alone. It couldn't be that terrifying since the woman behind that closed door was not his Felicity. But he was wrong. Mariana suffering alone behind that door didn't make him worry any less. In fact, it made him sad that she was alone and had no one to support her.

"What if something goes wrong and Anna wouldn't make it?" Alexander asked, worried. Sebastian smiled in reassurance. "She'll be fine. Didn't you hear the doctor assuring that both the mother and the baby are going to be fine?" Sebastian asked in return. "Why are they taking so long then?" Alexander asked, running his fingers through his raven black hair in frustration.

"They are the doctors, and they know what they are doing. Boss, you need to relax. You're worrying too much," Sebastian said, and they both whipped their head towards the door as they heard the cry, a cry of a newborn baby.

"Ah, finally!" Alexander exclaimed, rushing to the door. The door opened, and the doctor walked out of the operation theatre wiping the sweat on his forehead. "Congratulations, Mr Hunter. The baby girl is perfectly healthy. Her mother has passed out for now, but she should be fine when she wakes up. All went well, I must say," said the doctor, taking off his glasses.

Alexander beamed, thanking the doctor. "That's a relief, doctor. Can I see the baby?" Excitement precisely printed on his face, he couldn't stop grinning. The doctor informed that it would take a few more minutes before he could see the baby as the baby had to go through the cleaning process.

They agreed to spend those minutes discussing the Do's and Don'ts regarding the health of the mother and the baby. After finishing his talk with the doctor, Alexander told Sebastian to settle the bill and to make sure to keep everything under wraps about the baby. No one should know that Mariana had a baby, nor it's safe to let anyone know that Alexander Hunter was the legal guardian of the baby. Either way, the baby's life would end up being subjected to danger.

With a single nod, Sebastian left to take care of the billing formalities.

Alexander had enemies surrounding him in disguise. He'd already ordered his security team to stay on high alert.

When the nurse brought the baby to him, he couldn't wait to take her in his arms. He kissed the baby's cheeks and forehead. "Welcome to the world," he whispered.

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