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50% Fanfic of Arifureta and Danmachi: Chaotic Fate / Chapter 2: Chapter 1: The Strings of Fate

Read Fanfic of Arifureta and Danmachi: Chaotic Fate - Chapter 2 online

Chapter 2: Chapter 1: The Strings of Fate

???- Grandfather tell me a story please~

A boy with white hair and bright red eyes like a rabbit said as he pleads to the old man that is sitting and drinking tea.

As the old man looks at his grandchild he laughed and carried him to sit in his lap and said:

Allright Bell, Grandfather will tell you a story about a hero who travels aroud the world and saves people and rescue princesses.

Bell listens to his Grandfathers story until the end and said:Grandfather can i also become a "Hero"(lol)?

???- Hahaha thats my Grandson, of course as long as your a hero you could make your own harem. Says the old man as he pats bell in the head.

Bell: Really?~~~

Old man- Yes yes, In the future when you grow up you will become a "Hero"( As long as your memories in your past life is still sealed though). He adds in he's mind.


Present Time


Inside the Dungeon two silhouette can be seen. One is a human boy that is currently shouting and running away from the other silhouette that is chasing after him. And the latter that chasing him is a monter from the dungeon of the upper levels with human body and a bull's head, A monster that is called a "Minotaur". The other person that being chased is no other than our MC Bell Cranel that is running away for his life.

"AAHHHHHH" Bell keeps running while dodging the attacks of the minatour until, he reach a deadend.

Is this it? Am i gonna die like this? I was really naive that i could just become a hero, This is reality. I can't even move facing it. Grandfather, Kami-sama. Seems like i've let you down..Im Sorry.

The minatour raised its right hand about to crush Bell, he closed his eyes preparing for the impact to come...but nothing happened. Wondering why he didn't feel anything.

A beautiful and serene voice asked him: are you okay?

Bell opened his eyes and what greeted him was a beautiful woman with blonde hair all the way to her waist, golden eyes which look like calm and compose, while holding a long thin double edge sword. She looked like a goddess of war who descended from the heavens.

"I-Im fine thank you, for saving me" says Bell with his while his body is stiff.

???- Is that so. Be careful ne-

"Ais Let's go there's still minotaurs that went to the other floor levels"

Before Ais could finish what she was going to say; A demi-human with wolf ears and tail called her.

Ais: ...Alright then, lets go bate.

Ais took one last glance at Bell who was on the floor, covered by the minotaur's blood while himself doesn't notice the blood on his body and only gazing at Ais back in the distance.

"Ais..huh, Why do i feel that she's quite familiar even though this is the first time we ever met?"

Bell think's in his mind.


Far away from Orario City at the same time. There is a mountain that looks ordinary and peaceful... but, Its actually the most dangerous place for people to go in to. because the mountain is surrounded with high and dense trees and fog that the sunlight could not reach the ground. Also this is a place where monsters dwell on the mountain.

In this world there is a ranking system that in human society to determine the strenth of the monters. Just like the Adventurers in Orario City, From the highest to the lowest rank are, S • A • B • C • D • E • F • G • H • I •".

But the only difference it that adventurers grows strong and level up faster than monsters while monsters grows and level up slower and they also rarely turn into a variant monster. A variant monster is a evolved species of any kind of monster that grows their abilities twice from the original and there are only few of those variants that are rarely to be seen.

Deep inside the mountain

???: Damnit!!! its been 14 years since "that" happened and my powers is only of that close from being a demi-god. Fuck!!! I hate that mortal, A skinny man with golden curly hair and blue eyes with white skin, wearing a white robe with golden patterns, A face like that is sculptured to perfection, handsome that supposed to be a perfect figure of a mortal with his looks and perfect body shape. But the body of that person is actually disabled, Missing both of his legs and only left with his left arm. He was sitting in a throne full of bones and monsters aroud, The monsters around the man isn't attacking him and there eyes seems to be like reverence to the man like their treating him their king.

"aahh" The man sighs and think in is mind (It's a good thing that i left half of my soul in this world in the past. If i didn't, my existence could have been destroyed. I can't believe that boy could have grown to be that poweful by collecting the powers of those "Liberators"...but it doesn't make sense, just collecting the strength of the liberators how could he become that strong? is it because of those women that use their lives just to save that boy)

The man lost in his thoughts to thinking to find the conclusion how he lost..

"Could it be? He's own orgin skill...aahh i dont know what they did to that boy if they fought and killed him it would be a blessing to me, if not... I shouldn't face that monster again. if i were to fight him, I won't get another chance to survive with only half my soul left that boy seriously won't spare me if he finds me. Yet I still need to rest for a year to restore my strength to the level of a demi-god, Still... im getting bored seems like i have to contact "them" from the dungeon to entertain me in this world. heheh and i'll be expecting to see when that "calamity" happens again in this world just like what happened years ago. Chaos will spread in this world again and it wont take long from now. Im going to enjoy the show when that happens as long as its fun~, but it will also be more fun if this world also turns into a world of chaos and destruction, just like what i did to my world."

The man close is eyes and imagine the chaos that the "calamity" will bring and laughs like a madman... He's laughs echoed inside the mountain and slowly fades away in darkness...

oblivion oblivion

Fuhhh~~ I just only made the first two the prologue and chapter 1 and its already tiring(mentally)?. Still i hope you guys enjoyed the chapter and see ya in chapter 2.?

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